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Supa Peg
Tarp Saver

$ $24.95 $14.90

Supa Peg
Galvanised Tarp Kit 1

$ $434.95 $299.90

Supa Peg
Aluminium Tarp Kit 1

$ $589.95 $399.90

Supa Peg

Supa Peg is a manufacturer of quality camping goods and accessories. The company is wholly Australian owned, and their products are designed in Australia for Australian conditions, 90% of their products come from their Australian factory located in Queensland.

You can be excused for thinking pegs and poles are all pretty much the same, regardless of brand, but Supa Peg is actually different. Their pegs are designed with an extra level of functionality that holds guy ropes in place without the peg spinning around. The locking mechanisms on Supa Peg poles have a grip that feels positive and reliable, and their range of parts and accessories is extensive, all of which are also made with an extra level of functionality and durability that will enhance your camping shelter.

If you are putting together a custom shelter or replacing awning or spreader poles on an existing shelter, use reliable and long lasting parts from the Supa Peg range of poles, pegs and tent accessories.

Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
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