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Solar, 12V & 240V Power

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SolarPanel 5+

$ $149.99 $124.90

PWR Bank Small 3350 mAh

$ $79.99 $73.95

PWR Sound Skin

$ $109.99

Portable 200W Solar Mat Kit

$ $1,499.00 $1,219.90
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Solar, 12V & 240V Power

Some people like to unplug when they've headed bush, others still like to be able to power up their campsite, and with today's technological age, power in the caravan park is becoming a common thing.

There are a number of ways you can get this power, it can come from your car battery, or better yet, and auxiliary battery under your bonnet. This isn't always convenient in the campsite and a portable power pack could be a better solution such as the ones from Roman and Dometic. These are essentially the same batteries as you find in a 4WD, but can be taken anywhere, and come equipped with cigarette, USB, Anderson and numerous other inputs to suit just about any device.

Furthermore, you can use the sun to recharge these batteries via a solar panel, these too come in super portable formats such as those from Goal Zero, or larger units from Primus and Dometic. If you're looking at powering up your campsite, check out the range we have at Snowys, and if you need help with your set-up, make sure you give us a call.

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