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Field Compass

$ $39.99 $34.90

Ranger Compass

$ $59.99 $52.90

Expedition Compass

$ $99.99 $87.90


In 1933 the Kjellstrom brothers, Bjorn, Alvar and Arvid, invented the first ever liquid filled compass, ir was at this moment that the Silva Compass was born.

This compass was the first of its kind and set a new standard for navigational equipment worldwide. Further to this, a few years later, Silva also invented the first headlamp. The Company has continued to evolve and produce high end outdoor gear ever since.

The Silva product range is focussed on equipment for three user groups-  Sports, Adventure and Work. Their products are made to the highest standards with the goal to ensure the user always feels prepared for their activity with a Silva Compass in their pocket.

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