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Our story

From a pipsqueak shed in 1995,
to serving customers all over Australia

Our founder, Richard, opening our store in Keswick, SA

Photo: May, 1997

From small beginings in ‘95...

If we roll back the clock to the mid-90s, Richard, our founder, opened up a small shed-like storefront, selling outdoor gear to the locals living in the western suburbs of Adelaide. Within 2 years, the business outgrew the little shop and moved to Richmond Rd, Keswick (photo above) in a store 15 times the size! That big orange building has been the home of Snowys ever since.

Our first website

Image: 1999

In 1999, we teamed up with a bunch of wired-up computer experts and made the move to get Snowys online. Introducing our very first website (!

At the time, we thought it was the best website since sliced bread! 

Snowys hitting the TV screens

Video: 1999

After 4 years, it was time to kick things up a notch!

Launching our 30sec ad on primetime Adelaide-metro TV was a big deal at the time - and it didn't disappoint. The best bit, community & country stations replayed the ad for many years later... just too bad it was always at 2am!

Also to note, this was our first official ad promoting our website too (see closing credits). 

The whole gang in our Keswick store

Photo: 2011

This night will go down in Snowys history, as the start of something special. The night before we launched our online store.

After two years of website development and uploading our 5000 plus product catalogue, we all got together to officially kick things off over a few celebretory slices of pizza.

We're lucky enough to say that a good chunk are still part of the team today. 

To be continued...

Last edit: May 2022

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