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Lightweight Hammock

$ $39.99 $34.90

Sea to Summit
Hammock Tarp

$ $199.95 $169.90

Sea to Summit
Pro Hammock Double

3 colours available from
$ $129.95 $109.90

Sea to Summit
Pro Hammock Single

3 colours available from
$ $119.95 $99.90

Sea to Summit
Ultralight Hammock Single

2 colours available from
$ $149.95 $109.90


Snoozing in a hammock while enjoying a fresh breeze and a starry view has got to be one of the simplest yet greatest pleasures in life. 

With our range of laid-back Oztrail hammocks for catching some shut-eye in your backyard and more technical hammocks from Sea to Summit for the lightweight adventurer - you can snooze in luxurious comfort without the need for a complicated shelter.

We’ve also got gear slings so you can reach your essentials without toppling out of your hammock, hammock tarps to shelter you from rain and wind, bug nets to keep those mozzies out of your face while you stargaze, tree protectors to preserve the health of the tree that you’re snoozing between and hammock stands for freestanding and portable versatility - you'll find everything you need for catching sleeping in a hammock. 

Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
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