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The name Darche and the Australian outback go hand in handStarting back in 1991 in regional Victoria, the Darche brand began their journey when they introduced the dome swag to the camping world almost three decades ago. 

Passionate, dynamic and motivated – the Darche team are just as involved in the outdoor lifestyle as their customers are, so they’re perfectly positioned to create some of the most rugged, comfortable and weatherproof canvas outdoor gear on the market.  

How the Darche dome swag revolutionised the traditional swag market

The name Darche, is a combination of the founder, Darren O’Dwyer’s and his wife Cheryl’s names – which are merged to form DAR-CHE.  

Darche began when the founder, Darren O’Dwyer sought to create a practical, easy to stow and quick to set up shelter for his own adventures – so he created the canvas shell and fibreglass pole prototype for his dome swag design.  

On his trips, he found that his creation caught the attention of other outdoor enthusiastsSo, he started showcasing his designs at local tradeshows, was inundated with interest from the public, and the rest is history! 

Awnings and shade for your vehicle set up

Whatever your shelter needs are, Darche has an option which will give you extra shade and coverage whether you’re on a longer stint or just setting up for a sunny day at the beach.  

With side awnings, 180° awnings, 270° awnings, and rear awning models, plus compatible side walls to act as a windbreak and mozzie annexes for insect protection– so you can kit out your vehicle to be as comfortable as your veranda at home. 

Roof top tents for shelter on touring adventures

When you’re exploring Australia, make it a breeze to set up camp every night with a solid and easy to use roof top tent from Darche 

With a range of rooftop tents to suit different vehicles and set ups, starting with the Panorama design which is perfect for those who love to stargaze, the Intrepidor which is designed for soft-roaders and SUVs, or for camper trailers or wagon set ups there’s the option of the Hi View models.   

Constructed from 320gsm poly/cotton ripstop canvas with 1500 PU waterproofing for weather protection, fine insect mesh for ventilation, and open-cell foam mattresses – plus premium quality and construction, the RTT range will inspire you to get out there and explore.  

Luxurious swags built for rugged Aussie conditions

Available in a single 900, king single 1100 and double 1400 sizes, ranging from the more affordable Urban AWOL models to the super luxurious Nebula designs  there’s a swag to suit every adventurer in the Darche range.

Dusk to Dawn Swags

Gaze at the stars while you drift off to sleep in the Dusk to Dawn Swag from Darche. With 180° views, heaps of air flow through the dome opening, and a simple to use adjustable ridge pole with a trigger locking system – you’ll be all set up for a night out in the great outdoors in this swag.  

• 180°stargazing views 

• Screened dome style opening  

• Freestanding dome style swag  

• Adjustable ridge pole with a trigger locking system 

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Dirty Dee Swags

The ultimate freestanding design in the Darche range, this model has near vertical walls for extra roominess and 6 ventilation points for air flow so you’ll be able to relax in spacious comfort on your touring adventures.  

• Freestanding design with near vertical walls 

• 420gsm poly/cotton 16mm grid ripstop canvas and 800mm PU waterproofing  

• Super-fine 125gsm insect mesh 

• Heavy duty HF welded 600gsm PVC bucket floor 

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Nebula Swag

If you like the space of a tent but the durability and comfort of a swag, then the Nebula is your ticket to snoozing soundly under the heavens. This freestanding hybrid provides comfort in 4 seasons, panoramic views so that you stargaze, and can be used without the fly depending on the conditions.  

• 4 season suitability  

• Space of a tent, durability of a swag  

• Freestanding hybrid design

• 360° panoramic views 

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Popular items from Darche

Tent Pegs 6pk

$ $6.95 $6.50

Telescopic Alloy Pole

$ $29.95 $24.90

Dusk To Dawn Swag 1100

$ $479.95 $397.90

XL 100 Stretcher

$ $189.95 $154.90

Nebula 1550 Swag

$ $859.95 $730.90

Dusk To Dawn Swag 1400

$ $569.95 $464.90

Shock Cord Bunji Loops

4 sizes available from
$ $12.95 $9.50

Dusk To Dawn Swag 900

$ $429.95 $358.90

DCT33 Camp Chair

$ $99.95 $79.90

Eclipse 180 Awning Gen 2

$ $1,099.95 $929.00

Eclipse Side Awning 2.5M

$ $399.95 $329.90

Dirty Dee 1400 Swag

$ $659.95 $519.90

Ridgedome Swag

$ $759.95 $564.90

Eclipse Side Awning 2.0M

$ $359.95 $299.90

Dirty Dee 900 Swag

$ $489.95 $379.90

Nero 190 Gear Bag

$ $199.95 $132.90

Cold Mountain Canvas 900

$ $249.95 $209.90

Dirty Dee 1100 Swag

$ $549.95 $494.90

Eclipse 270 Awning Gen 2

2 sizes available from
$ $1,399.95 $1,049.00

Eclipse 270 Awning Wall 1

2 sizes available from
$ $349.95 $245.90

Grill Gloves

$ $19.95 $18.90

Urban AWOL 1100 Swag

$ $299.95 $252.90

BBQ Charcoal Starter

$ $49.95 $44.90

Eclipse 270 Awning Wall 2

2 sizes available from
$ $279.95 $195.90
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