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Oct 20, 2021

Ummm... you guys broke all the records for prompt and efficient service. My online order processed on a Sunday evening was dispatched the next day and was delivered to Mission Beach (FNQ) Tuesday... the very next day!!!! In these trying times this is nothing short of spectacular!! Typically postal services take up to two weeks to deliver here. My thanks to you, your team and your couriers. Love your work! Top shop. Quality at a fair price. Hope all's well.

Geoff - Wongaling Beach, QLD
Oct 12, 2021

Hi Kelly, Yes thank you for following up, I have now received my order. I also want to thank Justin for taking the time to go through my concerns on Monday. He handled the call well and I have got my faith in Snowys, unfortunately not with the courier BUT hopefully on my next order it will work out better. Best regards

Nick - Kellyville, NSW
Oct 12, 2021

Hi Guys, Love the food and other gear I’ve bought off you over the last year or so. Excellent customer service as well, you always kept me updated on the delays if any etc which is much appreciated. Over all you’re all better than Bonza. You can all take an all expenses paid holiday to your most favourite destinations and your boss will pay for it haha. May your Dawns , Days & Nights bring insights and delights of the most divine that Mother Natural can ever gift us. Stay Wild, Stay Free & Stay You! Yeah Baby! Cheers

John - Tamborine Mountain, QLD
Oct 11, 2021

Good morning Guys and Gals, I though you would be interested in how impressed I am with this fridge freezer. Our big fridge freeze in the kitchen karcked it on Friday evening. We pull out the Brass Money, removed the centre partition and set it to -20. We filled it up with stuff from the dead freezer. Within 2 hours it was down to -13 and dropping. All weekend it ran quietly, steadied out at -18/-19 by Saturday mid-morning. The new fridge freezer is being deliver this morning (Monday) and not a thing lost from the Brass Monkey…Impressed! Regards

Stephan - Watsonia , VIC
Sep 29, 2021

Hi thanks again, how fast was that, not 24 hours since we received our faulty egg cookers and we have the replacements, I can't believe it, thanks heaps,if you would like me to somehow share my experience with others, I would be very happy to do so.

Michael - Ilarwill, NSW
Sep 14, 2021
hi,I would love to thank snowys for the best customer service I've ever experienced in retail.The communication with the helpline staff were absolutely brilliant.I would like to shout out to Caroline and Maddie for the their expertise in this business thankyou so much.
Mick & Jodie - King Creek, NSW
Sep 09, 2021

Hey guys, Just wanted to say thankyou for the prompt delivery of my order!!!! Fantastic service and all my purchases were delivered in top condition. Will recommend you guys to my crew for sure. Have a great day. Kind regards

Lisa - Winchelsea, VIC
Sep 09, 2021

Parcel arrived, thanks for the great service

Ray - Thabeban, QLD
Sep 07, 2021

Hello Guys, I got my second ever delivery from you guys today and the service each time has been incredible. When I brought my items it said 6-10 business days before it would arrive and that I would get an email the next business day with confirmation of shipment. I didn’t get this email as my delivery was already on my doorstop, both times I’ve ordered. Absolutely incredible, specially in a pandemic!! I’m also extremely happy with my products. I hope all of the team is staying safe, thanks again for your amazing service.

Tegan - Baldivis, WA
Sep 07, 2021

Hi Caroline, We received our replacement Swag skin today and it’s great, thank you. I just wanted to confirm what you would like us to do with the old one? I also wanted to thank you for all your help in getting this sorted out for us. You have been amazing and a pleasure to deal with. Kind regards

Nicole - Oxenford, QLD
Sep 06, 2021
Many thanks for letting me know the bottle arrived and for sending the replacement so promptly. Your customer service has been outstanding!
Jo - Wilberforce, NSW
Aug 20, 2021

Thanks Caroline, That is wonderful customer service from a great Australian company. Have a great weekend Kindest Regards

Scott - Lang Lang, VIC
Jul 23, 2021

Hi Snowys, I just wanted to say thank you. I've never used your site before, but you had

  • a difficult to find product
  • at the best price ( 30% less than others)
  • excellent service when I messed up my order
  • a real Aussie at the end of the phone who fixed the problem with a smile !!!!
  • very quick delivery.

Thanks for doing such a great job. Regards

Carolyn - Fairfield, NSW
Jul 22, 2021

Hi Snowy team! I just wanted to drop an email to say Thank you!! I ordered a road chef oven on Tuesday, I rang to check that they were in stock and what my chances would be to receive the item by the 30th July as it’s for my partners bday gift. I spoke to 2 different staff members (over 2 calls) who were both lovely and helpful and assured me they would get the order in the hands of the dispatch team, and I’m excited to say that my oven has just arrived 2 days after ordering!! Amazing service thank you and I’m sure my 4WD, camping loving guy is going to love this! Kind Regards

Kim - Penfield, SA
Jul 12, 2021

Hi Caroline, Thank you so much for this incredible after sale service. Very much appreciated. Best regards

Sarah - Mount Pleasant, WA
Jul 08, 2021

Hi Snowys! Thanks for your email – We’re really pleased with the headlamp but also wanted to let you know we were really impressed with the speed and efficiency at which the order was processed and received. Thanks so much! Cheers

Maree - North Melbourne, VIC
Jul 07, 2021

Hi, I wish to thank one of your team Maddy for helping me with a missing order I had. The courier delivered my Zoleo GPS communicator to the wrong address (ironic). I was getting no help from the courier company (via messaging or email) and Maddy went above and beyond in my book to help. With follow up phone calls and checking on the Zoleo's we finally had it delivered today I cannot thank Maddy enough for her help and support. It's great to find people in a business and also a business that care about customer service and satisfaction. Having worked in the same industry as a manager of 2 stores you guys shine brightly and we need more Maddy's. Cheers

Doug - Kilsyth, VIC
Jun 29, 2021

Just wanted to say that I had to post on fb my thanks for rapid service. Ordered my new Merrill’s late yesterday morning and they arrived half an hour after midday today. Well done and thank you. My third pair of Merrells and I don’t think I want to wear anything else. Cheers

Kevin -
Jun 29, 2021

Hi Snowys Team! I just wanted to send you a huge thank you for all you do.  We were recently told to check you out because you've got the best prices on camping gear in Australia, which is definitely true!  However, I've been more impressed by the fact that you've got the most detailed item descriptions online (with really clearly set out display formats), the best photos, and video reviews of many products.  The Q&A feature is also great - lots of other people have asked questions I wouldn't have thought to ask but I got useful information from the answers, and the couple of times I've submitted a question I've received a prompt, helpful answer.  In Q&A feedback and videos, I've found your guidance to be detailed and informative without feeling condescending or being full of jargon, which is perfect for our mixed experience family (I'm a lifelong camper, my husband is a novice). Keep up the great work, our family are big fans! All the best

Louise - Treeby, WA
Jun 22, 2021

Hi Snowy's, Just wanted to congratulate you on a very professional service in all aspects. I only ordered my shoes on Friday and they were delivered today - how good is that? Please keep up the great web service & extremely competitive prices. Your store is in my favourites. Thanks again

Craig - Gordon, ACT
Jun 15, 2021

Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you so much to your team for helping me with my order. There was an out-of-stock for one of my items that was going to delay the shipping till after the date I needed the gear for. So, I called one of your helpful team members (sorry I don't remember her name but she was incredible) and explained the situation to her, in which she actioned half my order to be sent and it arrived with 1-2 days of this phone call. The out-of-stock item also then arrived a few days later. All well in time for when I needed and well within the 2-week shipping time. I was absolutely overwhelmed with how quickly this was actioned. Your team is amazing and I'll make sure I spread the word. Thank you for going above and beyond for me. Kindest Regards

Claudia - Mission Beach, QLD
Jun 11, 2021

Thank you for the best online shopping experience we have had in a long time. The boots are perfect, my husband loves them. They arrived today, we were blown away. Great boots, great customer service, easy transaction. Thank you so much!

Regards Kate

Kate - Ocean Grove, VIC
Jun 10, 2021
Hi Just confirming that I received the new poles today and they are perfect. Kudos to you for exceptional service, and also to the supplier - I’m impressed. Thanks so much. 
Greg - Stirling, SA
Jun 05, 2021

Hi Guys Just a shout out to you for your brilliant service Ordered 10” spun steel camp oven and bag on Thursday Wow delivered on Saturday morning to Melton west Victoria Thanks

Harry - Melton West, VIC
Jun 03, 2021

Thanks Snowys, I’m always incredibly impressed by your service but this absolutely tops any customer service experience. I will continue to share my experience, recommend you to others and keep purchasing myself. Regards

Simone - Geelong West, VIC
Jun 03, 2021

I just wanted to let you know that my replacement head torch arrived the other day and to also thank Snowy's for being so awesome in sorting out the warranty. It is much appreciated! You guys are the best. Cheers

Andrew - Osborne Park, WA
Jun 03, 2021
Ordered Tuesday Arrived today What great service Thanks
Rob - Berkeley Vale, NSW
Jun 01, 2021
Oh wowsers .... you guys are BLOODY BRILLIANT!!! So pleased I stumbled across your website .... Thank you οΏ½οΏ½ 
Nicole - Bena, VIC
Jun 01, 2021

You guys are still the best customer service operation in Australia, if not the world.

Justin - Ringwood East, VIC
May 13, 2021

Hi Guys, Thank you for the updates on delayed stock. I was waiting for hardkorr crocskin 200w solar panels and I was advised of the delay and kept up to date on delivery. Today I received a text, drovein and picked it up no issues. Thank you again for your service I appreciate your efforts during this time of uncertainty on delivery times and out of stock issues. Regards

Matt - Brendale, QLD
Apr 29, 2021

Thanks Snowys staff for your excellent ordering process. Ordered last week and here today – great service and easy to use online website. My customers will be very happy to know I stock stuff to help them camping and to continue to enjoy their time in the Flinders. (though I don’t think they really need to be worried about getting wet – into 6yrs of a drought)Ive always been a very happy personal customer and now a happy business customer. Kind regards,Julia

Julia - Hawker, SA
Apr 22, 2021
Hi guys, Thanks for the follow up. Loving my new tevas, and I can honestly say I have never been more pleased with the service and communication you guys have given me sooner the day I purchased them online. I'll be back for sure. We are full time travelers and will get some good opportunities to spread the word about you guys. Big thanks
Chris - Coolalinga, NT
Apr 22, 2021
Hi guys, Thanks for the follow up. Loving my new tevas, and I can honestly say I have never been more pleased with the service and communication you guys have given me sooner the day I purchased them online. I'll be back for sure. We are full time travelers and will get some good opportunities to spread the word about you guys. Big thanks
Chris - Coolalinga, NT
Apr 21, 2021

I just keep getting blown away at the speed. Ordered late Saturday night in Melbourne. Arrived early morning Tuesday. Why bother leaving the house to visit BCF or Annaconda local to me. You guys rock... See you on the next 1.

Leigh - Mount Evelyn, VIC
Apr 19, 2021
I can't thank you enough for the result of this matter. I have been a Snowys' client for many years, and it is my first go-to place for all camping related items. The resolution of this matter as provided by you reinforces my belief that Snowys is the place for us to shop! I will contact the sales team for recommendations. Thanks again!
Oren - Bellevue Hill, NSW
Apr 16, 2021

Hi, Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for the great service and quick delivery we have received from our recent purchases, everything has arrived quickly, and in perfect condition. We only have BCF and Annaconda close by, and whilst they have some items, their choice is very limited, mainly to in house products. That is why we appreciate the service and selection of your online store. Thanks Again Regards

Bryan and Julie - Lucas, VIC
Apr 08, 2021
Wow... What awesome customer service.. thank you so much!
Ross & Michelle - Kincumber, NSW
Apr 08, 2021

To who does the mail orders, Thank you for for some off the quickest mail service ever. All my orders have being fast and exactly what I ordered. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

Peter - Healesville, VIC
Apr 07, 2021

Thank you that is amazing. You have got a very happy customer Who will buy from you again thanks  for your time and understanding

Graham - Iluka, WA
Apr 07, 2021

Hi Yes, received it. Thanks to all of you at Snowys and claims for a great replacement service. Not having to return the old canvas is a huge help. I wish all other retailers return policies were like yours! Thanks again, and I look forward to referring all my friends to Snowys and doing more business with you myself soon. : )

Omar - Kingsford, NSW
Apr 05, 2021

Snowy’s, Love the new sleeping bag, kept me warm all last week in the snowy mountains. I’ve found the canvas outer lining way better as well because it doesn’t move around inside my swag. The overnight delivery was a bonus too. 

Mark -
Mar 30, 2021

That was just utterly ridiculous. You’re in Adelaide, I’m in Melbourne, and somehow my new sleeping bag arrived on my doorstep less than 24 hours after ordering it. Half the retailers I order from can’t even dispatch my order inside 24 hours... let alone deliver it to another state in much less than a week.  I wasn’t even sure it would make it in time for my Easter hike - turns out I didn’t need to worry!  You guys are setting a new standard. Very very well done! I’ll certainly be ordering from Snowys again!

Ben - Cremorne, VIC
Mar 24, 2021
Thankyou Caroline πŸ™πŸΌWe have received our spare fly just in time for Easter camping πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Much appreciated 
Kate - Noosa Heads, QLD
Mar 17, 2021

Good morning Mark, Many thanks for the quick response to my claim. Great to know that the pole popping out is a design feature and not a fault, it makes total sense when you think about it. Your offer a replacement centre hub and eliptics is very much appreciated and totally acceptable as a resolution to the issue. I did view the video last night on how to carry out the replacement and it does appear very straight forward. My concern when attempting it the first time was which way do the eliptics sit in the hub prior to screwing down the cover plate as I didn't want to break anything. Again, thank you for the quick response and great service. I will be sure to post a positive review on your website. Regards

Erwin - Wilberforce, NSW
Mar 10, 2021

Hi Ralph, Thanks for coming back to me so quickly and appreciate the two options below. I'm happy to take the $100 refund and will fix the crack as you have suggested. I'd also like to provide some feedback on my service experience with Snowys as a first time customer. Clearly receiving a damaged item is great, but the service I have received from Snowys following this has been excellent. Both the woman I first spoke with on the phone and your response beklow has shown the importance that Snowyd places on customer srrvice. Something as simple as you both starting with "I'm sorry to hear that" makes a bigger difference than I think many realise. Your customer service will mean I make you my first stop for all camping gear in the future. I will also recommend you to my friends who are taking up camping with their young families. Buying gear online with the confidence that you will recieve good customer service in the case that something does go wrong provides a lot of confidence. Please pass this feedback on to management, I hope it gets you and the woman I spoke wiyh some recognition. Regards

Benjamin -
Feb 17, 2021

Thanks for the great service and advise. Very impressed with your staff for their help and knowledge of your products

Chris - Mill Park, VIC
Feb 05, 2021

Not into Surveys , but liked the service I got, and like the product – so thank you. Regards

Darryn - Moil, NT
Feb 02, 2021
Hi, order received. Thank you for your absolutely brilliant service. Second to none!! Regards
Suzanne - Maleny, QLD
Feb 02, 2021

Hello To You All, Even Better News!! The carton arrived safe & sound, in Excellent Order, yesterday afternoon!! Many Sincere Thanks & Kind Regards, Until Next Time, Take Care

Ronda - Nome, QLD
Feb 01, 2021

Hi team Just wanted to pass on some feedback as this was a super smooth, fast and easy transaction. I ordered this on Saturday, had a confirmation that it had been packed by Saturday afternoon and my package arrived Wednesday morning (Tuesday was the public holiday). Good communication and updates along the way. Love your brand voice too! Good work, will be telling my friends about you. Cheers 

Kat - Rozelle, NSW
Feb 01, 2021

EXCEPTIONAL! That is the one word that comes to mind when describing your excellent customer service. A close friend and I both ordered our Aquacube portable hot water service and shower stand from you yesterday morning. We both live in the regional Northern Rivers area of NSW. AMAZINGLY we both received our orders this morning, only 24 hours after placing them. I would have to say that your customer service is unprecedented and we both could not be more impressed! So thank you Snowy's. You are now our "go to" store for all of our caravan camping needs. And we look forward to not only using our new shower systems on our upcoming caravan trip but to also recommending your excellent company to all whom we meet on our travels. Thanks once again Snowy's. Best regards

Mark - Yamba, NSW
Jan 22, 2021

Better than that – It’s arrived!!!!! You guys rock, I only placed the order at 2.30 yesterday afternoon and I just received it 600kms away at midday the next day!!! Thanks for the great service. Cheers

Tony - Scotts Head, NSW
Jan 13, 2021

Thank you very much for your reply, I managed to buy one at the 4x4 show in October, I’m glad I did now as the show price was $799 for the new model. I have been a regular buyer from your store, my first purchase was back 20 years ago. Now my children and grandchildren purchase their camping needs from you. We have all found your after sale service is second to none and your price’s are more than comparable. One of my pet hates is when people tell me that other stores will match your price, I come right back at them with, look after the person that have the lower prices every day, if you don’t they will not be around and where do you think the prices will go then. Keep up the great work you are doing and I hope this will be a better year than the last one for you and your staff.

Shane - Morphett Vale, SA
Dec 23, 2020

I don't normally do reviews but had to with my latest order. I placed an order with Snowys on the Sunday before Christmas expecting the delivery after the New Year. The order was received two days later & we were delighted with the service & products. Once again Snowys have been outstanding, thank you. 

Jenny - Point Clare, NSW
Dec 23, 2020

Dear Snowy’s team, one and all I would just like to thank you for everything you have done for me this year. I have been absolutely delighted with the incredible service received. You have a wonderful range of products at great prices. I place an order and it is delivered in no time at all, mostly a couple of days later. Last week I ordered a Darche bbq fire pit as a present for my husband at Christmas. You notified me to say that they were out of stock and would be available at the end of the month, I completely understood. However, a couple of days later you notified me to say it was on its way! It arrived yesterday 😊. Again, thanks so much for the great service you provide. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the helpful videos πŸ˜‰ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone πŸŽ„πŸ₯‚

Kathleen - Brighton, VIC
Dec 17, 2020

Dear Snowy’s Very remiss of me not to THANK YOU straight away for organising to send me a replacement for the Victorinox that went astray prior to this replacement being sent . Collection was ‘a breeze.’ Once agin, many thanks for sending a replacement knife - it’s very much appreciated. To your wonderful staff that guided me through this process ` and all Snowy’s staff……… Wishing you a  "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” Best wishes

Stefan - Charlestown, NSW
Dec 09, 2020

Holly crap. My new goal zero solar charger turned up today. That was bloody great service guys ordered monday arvo. Delivered wednesssay morning. Its all ready charged up my goal zero flicker 36. Great product guys. Thankyou

Turtle - Heathfield, SA
Dec 08, 2020

Hi Fran I am so impressed! Ordered on Sunday afternoon and the sandals arrived Tuesday morning in Sydney AND they are the right size and colour. Well done. Excellent service and courier.  I shall pass on your details to my friends. Cheers

Sue - Five Dock, NSW
Dec 07, 2020
Thank you for excellent service. The keen sandals actually arrived here in FNQ
The Day after I placed the order!  Remarkable, how did you do it?
Mike - Cardwell, QLD
Dec 03, 2020

Simply brilliant. Ordered Tuesday 8pm, arrived Sydney northern beaches Thursday morning!!

Matthew - Bayview, NSW
Dec 03, 2020

Awesome love it and also appreciate your quick delivery and cheap price will be dealing with you again 

Lee - Kialla, VIC
Dec 02, 2020
Hi there I'd like to thank you all for continuing excellent service. Whether it's over phone, email, or supplying my goodies, it's always first class service. Just purchased a leatherman 300 for my son's 18th and it arrived within 2 days, fantastic. Also very helpful the reviews you guys do for so many things, they're really helpful. Keep being the best and open up over here in Perth (although with shipping that quick doesn't really matter but still enjoy coming in to a store) Kind regards
Janice - Bicton, WA
Dec 02, 2020

G’day Snowys legends, Just wanted to drop a quick line to say how much I appreciate your service. Living regionally provides some difficulties in obtaining goods and even prior to that checking them out to make sure they are a fit to what we need. Your product videos are just sensational. It absolutely helps in making decisions on what products to get when it takes about 3 hours to get to a Snowys store! Not to mention that but your delivery times are second to none. I just put an order in Saturday and already had the products rock up on my door Tuesday. Just awesome. Last but certainly not least is your customer service. How businesses don’t understand how important customer service is to everything is beyond me. Every interaction with different staff members has been nothing short of fantastic. Well done legends. And thank you. Regards

Andrew - Barmera, SA
Dec 01, 2020
Just received a Thank You from Ben. I decided to purchase new thongs am 30th November. Amazingly they arrived at 10.53 am this morning, all as requested. I don't buy enormous amounts on line but do so reasonably often. This is by far the best service I have ever had and hopefully if the need arises I will definitely use Snowys again. Kind regards
David - Hawks Nest, NSW
Nov 27, 2020

Honestly, I should be posting this on Twitter or Facebook. But I just wanted to say how incredibly impressed I am with your service and your quality product reviews. You are trustworthy and reliable. I would buy anything from you confident that it would live up to the durability and quality estimates you provide in your product reviews. And if you duck up, you wear it and accept returns without quibble. And that’s where the real trust comes from. You deserve to be a global super brand, and if you keep going as you have started, I think you’ll get there. I’m a massively satisfied customer. Just one tip; don’t change. I love you guys

Dave - Kew, VIC
Nov 27, 2020
Hi, I would like to pass on my appreciation to your service staff and Toll in a recent purchase from your SA Branch. The items were delivered overnight using Toll Express...absolutely first class service. Thank you Good luck in the Black Friday sale.
Neil - Alkimos, WA
Nov 27, 2020

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with the product and especially, your excellent service. Even in these COVID times, delivery was prompt, much appreciated as the Petzl is a Christmas present for my son (though I would dearly like to keep it for myself!) Best wishes to all at Snowys. Kind regards,

Robyn - Gundaroo, NSW
Nov 24, 2020
Hi, I purchased 2 Oztrail Resort Chairs from online back in October, you kept me updated all the way with 2 delays because of Covid and finally they arrived & 1 Chair had a broken arm, so I filled out Warranty & with in a week I had a lovely response & A New Chair Delivered.
Your Updates & Customer Care is Second To None. My Family & I have Brought a lot of things online from your store over the years & have never had any problems. I just wanted to let you & your staff know that you all do a wonderful job within your Business & By Taking Care Of Your Costumers. Thank you Everyone Regards
Jackie - Collie, WA
Nov 19, 2020

Hi, just a huge thank you for your brilliant service. Ordered Monday, at my front door Thursday. Excellent! Kindest regards

Julie - Katamatite, VIC
Nov 19, 2020

To whom, Just a quick thank you for these items. They arrived the other day and we have left them boxed until christmas as they are a gift to one another. Thank you for keeping us in the loop with the delay. It is gratifying the service you have provided. Stay safe to all your staff and have a safe and merry christmas. Regards

Noel - Port Lincoln, SA
Nov 18, 2020

Hi Snowy's, Just a quick note to thank you very much for getting my daughter's birthday present (Evo TS Tent) to us in Melbourne so quickly. Ordered Thursday, picked up at Tullamarine depot Friday. You got us out of a bind and our daughter loves the tent. Both Lauren, who took the order and Jen, who followed up on Friday were a great example of what all businesses should aspire to with their customer service. Well done. Kind Regards

Martin - Melbourne, VIC
Nov 15, 2020

It’s fantastic!!! Would like to say that your customer service and delivery was second to none. We had just  returned home from our break. A day later there it was. Amazing!! Will certainly shop with you guys again.

Leanne - Leopold, VIC
Nov 13, 2020

Gidday Snowy,Congratulations on your prompt delivery! We just received our new 450 tent.It was only ordered on Wednesday.Thank You.

Geoff & Jacky - Maryborough, QLD
Nov 12, 2020

Hello Snowys,I ordered a Caribee beach shade on Monday evening, not long before 10pm and am completely amazed that it has arrived already (Adelaide to Traralgon). You could blow me over with a feather. I will definitely be choosing to shop with Snowys again.Great service and great product. Exceeded all my expectations on both counts.Thank you

Cory - Traralgon, VIC
Nov 11, 2020

Hi Snowys team I wanted to provide you with some feedback on my two recent experiences with your online shopping tool/website.In both instances, the ordering process was incredibly easy, and both items that I ordered in the afternoon arrived the following morning. This is the best shopping experience I’ve had, and I do a lot of online shopping… πŸ˜Š. Kudos and thanks to all of you for such a wonderful customer service experience.I have left a positive review on Google also, it is well deserved.Have a lovely week.

Michaela - Griffin, QLD
Nov 10, 2020

We would just like to thank you so much,for what you have done for us.Our tent arrived today ! We appreciate all that you have done.This is only our second order with you,but extremly happy and will be back!Thank you 

Karene - Blacks Beach, QLD
Nov 10, 2020

Hi Snowys I’ve tried to find where to do the review on Google and can’t find where to do it hence the email.Thanks so much for the excellent service we ordered walking boots on Sunday around midday and they were delivered today Tuesday.Unbelievably quick service even during Covid.Thanks so much Regards

Duncan - Highett, VIC
Nov 10, 2020
Everything is fantastic,and was delivered really fast.Also I have to mention you guys have the best website with all the informative videos.Helps alot when deciding.I don't understand why others don't do the same.Thankyou and I currently have 1000 worth of gear in the cart im wanting to buy.Cheers
Caleb - Corio, VIC
Nov 05, 2020
Hi, The service I have received from Snowys is absolutely brilliant.Thank you for your prompt delivery.Till the next time.Regards
Katrina - Woollahra, NSW
Nov 04, 2020
Hi.I recently bought a Swagger and sleeping bag from Snowy's.They are both great and thanks very much for their prompt delivery.I'm off camping in them soon.Kind regards
Shane - Koroit, VIC
Nov 03, 2020

Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop some positivity into your inbox!
I ordered a tent YESTERDAY & received it TODAY. I don't even live in a metro area, so my mind is blown. Thanks so much for amazing service, I will never shop anywhere else for camping & outdoor gear!
Jessica - East Ballina, NSW
Nov 02, 2020

Excellent snappy service. I have the boots on right now and they are almost as comfy as the last pair. Time to go for a test walk off road. I'm sure they will soon be my new favourites.Thanks Snowys.

Jakki - Weetangera, ACT
Oct 30, 2020

Hi thereI ordered a Nebo torch from you at 10.44 am yesterday (29 October) here in Hobart Tas and received it at my door at about 11 am today (30 October).Thanks for the brilliant service..I still can’t quite believe it was so fast.Cheers

Saffron - Mount Stuart, TAS
Oct 30, 2020

Hi,Just wanted to let you know I,m amazed how quick my order arrived . Ordered Tuesday, sent Wednesday and arrived Friday lunchtime. Thank you

Graeme & Bea - Tea Gardens, NSW
Oct 29, 2020

Hi Snowys :)The hiking poles I ordered yesterday are here! OMG in this day and age, there still exists a company who actually does what they promise :)  I wanted you to know that I am 100% satisfied with the service AND the product.  So this will not be my only order, I am sure. I am ancient, and new at this gallivanting around hills etc (my friend and I are both a couple years short of 70, and coming to grips with those hills in Cobbler Creek Park.) Well when I was 25 I could have danced up them, now I'm 68 and I need poles LOL. But we're getting fitter every week and thats awesome.Anyway, just wanted to express my extreme satisfaction, and I bet my friend will get a pair also :)Cheers and thanks again

Andie - Salisbury North, SA
Oct 27, 2020

I would like to Thankyou for you service it was wonderful and Toll guy who delivered my 
Parcel was friendly.I ordered my rechargeable 12vol Fan on Monday morning and received It Tuesday afternoon about 330 what great service from your company and I would order again Thought you company Thankyou again

Helen - Urangan, QLD
Oct 26, 2020
We’ll be back Snowys.Love your personalities and communication.Have enjoyed our shopping experiences πŸ‘πŸ‘Yes the matting was just what we needed and arrived when you said it would! Well done Snowys.
John - Club Terrace, VIC
Oct 26, 2020

Dear SnowysI received my Trekking Poles next business day and they are ideal.The short video on your web site was helpful in choosing the the right poles  for me.The woman that I called at Snowy’s was also very helpful in choosing poles and the correct size. I don’t recall her name but thanks.Pleasure doing business with you again and happy to recommend you for service, range & price.Cheers

Mal - St Leonards, VIC
Oct 25, 2020

Hi Just a note to let you know how impressed I am with your service.

Ordered some privacy screens for the van awning.Wasn't expecting them to turn up for this trip but in 2 days they were

here and put to good use.And this seems to be the norm with your team.Great service - a happy customer !Cheers

Owen - Elermore Vale, NSW
Oct 21, 2020

Hey guys,Thanks so much for my order very very fast delivery not even 24 hours later and i had it.Excellent service and communication. 10 out of 10 πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒRegards 

Charmaine - Nanango, QLD
Oct 20, 2020

Order placed 19/10 - arrived 10am 20/10 in Hervey Bay Qld Top Shelf Service Thanks

Merv - Hervey Bay, QLD
Oct 20, 2020

Hi Guys and Gals at Snowy’sIam impressed, I always try to buy local (Aus) but this is impressive.I ordered on Saturday 17th, delivery is today, Tuesday 20th.3 days. WOW that’s impressive.  The mail doesn’t come that quick in WA normally.Great work, will recommend you every day.Cheers

Ben - Parmelia, WA
Oct 19, 2020

To whom it may concern,

I want to compliment the owner, staff and even the message while waiting to be connected.
You could teach most organisations the art of service.
Nothing but praise.
Rob - Ellenbrook, WA
Oct 16, 2020

Hi,This is a quick e-Mail to say how impressed I was with me recent purchase from SNOWYS!The Item I was looking for, albeit small, was nowhere readily available other than at SNOWYS!!!I placed my ONLINE Order with extreme ease, from NSW, and within Days, the Package was delivered perfectly intact and exactly the Item that I had requested/purchased.Not only was my Purchase included but a lovely ‘Thank You’ Note from Rhi, who packed my Order as well as a useful ‘Camping & Hiking Checklist’ was enclosed. This was an extremely lovely gesture.I highly recommend SNOWYS and I highly commend Rhi on a well packed Order/Package.Well Done SNOWYS!VERY WELL DONE RHI!!!

Kevin - Bondi, NSW
Oct 15, 2020
I only ordered yesterday and was delivered today. That's outstanding service.
Irene - Red Cliffs, VIC
Oct 13, 2020
G’day Caitlin,
Thank you for your assistance with this order. You have been extraordinarily helpful. I look forward to receiving the items. I will definitely be shopping at snowys agains. Enjoy the remainder of your week.
Josh - Ropes Crossing, NSW
Oct 08, 2020

Hi Snowys,Just sending this mail to say thanks heaps for your products and your delivery service , my wife and I think your online store is second to none , we love the way that you have videos on your products and the free freight is awesome , we,ll be buying from you guys for years to come thanks Snowys regards

Paul and Hilary - TAS
Oct 07, 2020

I received my new Thetford 365 porta potti yesterday (Tues 6 Oct). It has always been a preference of mine to purchase locally here in Cairns QLD but no one could supply what l wanted. Not only did you deliver what l wanted in great time, it was at by far the best price. Also very happy with your courier service Toll, tracking was accurate and delivered to the exact location requested. Well done all round, l will be recommending your business to others and won't hesitate to purchase from you in the future. Thanks again Snowys.

Darren - Yorkeys Knob, QLD
Oct 04, 2020

Hi Oliver & the phone customer service team. Great service. great price and fast free delivery on my Dometic 42lt Icebox purchase. Arrived in time for our camping trip and worked a treat in keeping ice for the 3 day trip, still has ice a day later at home sitting in the garage. Thanks again Oliver from the wrap & pack team and the phone customer service lady who went over and above. You guys at Snowys deserve a big thumbs up. Loved the free delivery by courier to NSW.

Richard - Glen Innes, NSW
Sep 30, 2020

Thank you Eve for your prompt service, excellent! 

If only all Australian businesses were this efficient! Great job!
Nick - Gwandalan, NSW
Sep 29, 2020

Thanks for the prompt service. I received my item today and found the whole experience easy. I had looked for the beacon in stores around me and couldn't get the one I wanted locally as there was no stock. So was happy to get in the post swiftly and at a good price.

Celina - Glebe, NSW
Sep 28, 2020
Just wanted to say thanks for amazing service. I ordered some products late on Saturday afternoon. They were delivered just after 12pm today (Monday) and at the best prices too as well as being very well packed. 
I have also been to the physical store at Brendale and received excellent service there too thanks to Mary. 
Will definitely use Snowy’s again for all my camping needs and will recommend to my friends. 
Thank you so much. 
Shan - Woorim, QLD
Sep 21, 2020
Sorry havn”t got back to you earlier.
Yes the Ram mount is a great thing.
Thankyou for your prompt ,professional
service once again. Always a pleasure .
Craig - Caringbah, NSW
Sep 19, 2020

Dear Snowys, Thank you for our online order!I purchased on Thursday morning from Sydney and it arrived yesterday (Friday) afternoon!It was well packaged and exactly what I wanted. Much appreciated!

Jill - Sutherland, NSW
Sep 18, 2020
Hi team, My order received today, only ordered this Wednesday ans got this thursday same week.Thank you for your excellent shopping experience on line and for FAST delivery in these hard times. 1st time customer!!
I will definitely shop again via your company!!
Karen - Coorparoo , QLD
Sep 18, 2020

I just wanted to reach out about my recent purchase l was very happy with the quality of the pitcher and how it was packed and how quickly I received it so Thankyou very much and I’ll definitely be ordering from your company again .

Eva - Penrith, NSW
Sep 14, 2020

Hi I Just had to email you guys as I received my Thetford toilet this AM.Absolutely amazing 5 star service during these times of covid etc.Will definitely recommend to all my friends.Keep up the good work.You guys are the best on price and quick delivery.

Brian - Mandurah, WA
Sep 12, 2020

Hi Mick , Thank you so much the camp oven is wonderful, can’t believe it got here so quickly πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘will be recommending you to all my camping πŸ• friends .

Anne - Narromine, NSW
Sep 09, 2020

Hello,I just received a recent order and saw a little note within the package asking for feedback on my experience shopping with Snowys.It was easy to shop online, great website, product was supported well with images, info and a video with tips. Product was well priced  - the cheapest I could find! Delivery was great, it came really soon.This is my second purchase from Snowys (first was a 10 person tent, and this purchase was self inflatable mattresses) and the experience has been consistently awesome.I love the personal note in the package - the fact you hand wrote my name and yours (Brad) is a really nice touch and probably the only reason I am taking the time to write this email!Cheers!A Very Happy Customer

Corinne - Bronte, NSW
Sep 08, 2020

I received my Humangear Go Bites Duo very quickly once I placed my order..I can say Snowys is a reliable website to shop from..Thanks

Jarrad - Forrestdale, WA
Sep 07, 2020
Thanks for prompt service.Package arrived in a few days and all good.Regards
John - Bunbury, WA
Sep 03, 2020

Hi Kaylea my wife and I are pleased with the prompt delivery of our camping pantry.Very happy with the service will highly recommend to family & friends.Regards

Steve - Prospect, SA
Sep 02, 2020
to, whoever is in charge of sending orders,i placed an order online on Monday night 31st August and it arrived at my front door this afternoon, Wed 02 Sep - less than 2 days.!!No-one could ask for better service, especially in these Covid madness days.Thank you all, brilliant service.
Adrian - North Adelaide, SA
Sep 02, 2020

Thanks SnowysVery happy with product and speedy deliveryThanks also to Kaylea in Packing,Perfectly wrapped

Christine - Bondi, NSW
Sep 01, 2020

Dear Snowys Customer Support Team,Thank you for the prompt delivery of the item I ordered. This order arrived  exactly 4 days after I ordered it. This is the fastest delivery I have received in the last 6 months. I will find the Cobb liners very useful.

Margaret - Langwarrin, VIC
Aug 31, 2020
Dear Eamonn,We are very pleased with the service we have received from Snowy, I was very surprised to receive our order today as I only placed it on Friday.This is the 3rd time we have purchased items from your website and we have been very happy with the prompt arrival of each of our items, we will certainly buy through your company again and will highly recommend you to others for camping supplies.Regards
Helen - Burnside, SA
Aug 30, 2020

Hi Lisa.Thanks for the Thank You card. Very happy with the service I received atSnowys from the time of order to delivery.Must say my Darche fire-pit did take a while to arrive but we are experiencing trying times at present so very understandable.We will be traveling Australia (Fingers crossed) in 2022 with ourcaravan so will keep a keen eye out for some more items I am in the market for prior to departure from Snowys.Again thanks heaps for the great service from you all.

Frank - Clayton South, VIC
Aug 29, 2020

Hi there at Snowys, I have had several orders filled by you over the past few weeks, and I take this opportunity to thank you for your service.It has been a real pleasure to deal with you, and each order has been supplied and delivered safely and promptly.I will have no hesitation to use your products when needed in the future, and to recommend you to my friends.

Bill - East Fremantle, WA
Aug 27, 2020
HiJust want to say how impressed I was with the speed of delivery.When I ordered the item on Monday I was informed it was out of stock which was fine, I was willing to wait.Then on Wednesday morning I receive a notification it was on its way.What a nice surprise.Keep up the good work and have a great day!!Thanks
Cecilia - Woodchester, SA
Aug 26, 2020

HelloI received my shoes today & they fit very well.I just wanted to say thanks to all the customer service people who replied to my inquiries (as they were a bit delayed.)It is such a rarity these days to have quality customer service so it must be called out when it occurs so Thanks!A Snowy’s customer for life

Patrick - Marion, SA
Aug 26, 2020

Hi Snowys,I would like to thank you for my order which I received this morning. I placed this order on Sunday afternoon and have received it in 2 days.....absolutely unbelievable service, and I didn't even pay for the freight!! I have lived in Alice Springs for 30 years and have never received any online purchase so quickly. My canvas furniture bags are perfect and are of exceptional quality too.Thank you

Carmen - Gillen, NT
Aug 25, 2020
Thanks Snowy.Heater arrived today.Works great.Will be recommending you and your excellent service.Cheers
Lionel - Attadale, WA
Aug 25, 2020

Dear All at Snowys,

We are more than satisfied at the prompt outcome of the accident and the problem of the damaged goods.  We are totally amazed at how friendly, easy and trouble-free the process was, to sort out the problem. It’s a pity more companies don’t follow your example of an excellent display of courtesy and respect. Thank you for your amazing service and customer care. It’s been a pleasure to deal with you.
Warmest regards
Ellie - Northbridge, NSW
Aug 21, 2020
Thank you so much Snowys!The camp mat has just arrived in time for school camp.Kind regards
Tanya - Noosa Heads, QLD
Aug 20, 2020

G’day Snowys,Arrived all ready.That is Brilliant service.Not only are you cheaper than the manufacturer, you have free postage and super quick delivery.Definitely on my radar for any future requirementsThank you very much.

Rob - Sunbury, VIC
Aug 19, 2020

Hi Fran – thanks for everything sorting out my head torches that went to Falls Creek Victoria instead of Falls Creek NSW…good result and head torches all around…ta

Kevin - Falls Creek, NSW
Aug 19, 2020

Hi guys,

Just wanted to say thank you – I am genuinely impressed by the speedy delivery of my order (606192) especially given these times. I will absolutely recommend you to people and use you in the future for camping gear.

Alexander - Bonbeach, VIC
Aug 18, 2020

Hi i received yesterday the item I ordered from you and very surprise because it was fast delivery. Thank you and hopefully for another transaction for future. Cheers guys! Love the product.

Ronan - Wagga Wagga, NSW
Aug 14, 2020

Mick Thank you - our order arrived today.Tried to find where to review on google but couldn’t find it so…. Here is my feedback!Website - easy to use, great selection and prices.Ordering - simple and swift !Love your 'online store’ - wish there was a store in NSW!Regards

Kim - Balgownie, NSW
Aug 12, 2020

All the gear I have purchased has been great.Order tracking and delivery also great.Will definitely visit your website first for future purchases.Regards

Travis - Gympie, QLD
Aug 11, 2020

hello Emmet I would like to give positive feedback on my delivery which arrived today, a camp oven and toilet paper for caravanning.the prices were affordable and it is easy to navigate your website. delivery time was very acceptable in these uncertain times of COVID.I have another order on the way and used your company again because of the more-than competitive prices.I look forward to my next parcel.

Jennifer - Tacoma, NSW
Aug 08, 2020

Thank you for your brilliant online service. Ordered item on Thursday 6th and have received it at my door this morning. Definitely 5 Star Service.Thankyou

Elizabeth - Sunbury, VIC
Aug 06, 2020

Thanks for sending the camp oven so quickly, and door to door, fantastic service. Can’t wait to use it!!

Thanks again

Karen - Yarra Glen, VIC
Aug 06, 2020
Just writing to thank you. Package arrived yesterday in good order and I'm very impressed at the speed of delivery. Haven't tried it out yet but it looks like a nice unit.
Steve - Guildford, WA
Aug 06, 2020

Hi guys

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know of the excellent experience we had in your Brendale store.

We were looked after (mostly) by Mary, who was a delightful, helpful young lady for which nothing was too much trouble. What started out as a bit of a quick pop-in to pick up our order + buy a couple of extra bits, ended up being almost two hours of browsing, enquiring + helpfulness from your staff.

We recently visited Tentworld + the experience couldn’t have been more different!

Thank you Mary + the team for your attentiveness, patience + care today – we won’t buy our camping gear from anyone else but you!

Thank you team

Sueanne & Peter - Woolloongabba, QLD
Aug 06, 2020

I received my camp oven this morning and I am very happy with the service and the oven thank you.

Glenn - Swan Hill, VIC
Aug 05, 2020

Received my order very promptly all goods was as expected very pleased 

Gary - Esk, QLD
Aug 04, 2020
Just contacting you to say that your unit price and freight was the best I could find on the net. Your delivery time is up there with the best (ordered Sunday evening 2/8 and delivered Tuesday morning 4/8).
I’ll certainly keep you in mind for my future needs.
Greg - Loftus, NSW
Aug 04, 2020
Thank you to Mick and the Snowys team for such speedy service. No more smashing stemmed bubbly glasses! 10 out of 10Cheers
Dorrie - Burnett Heads, QLD
Aug 04, 2020

Just because I don’t have time to review on Google, I thought it will be good to send you an email.

VERY HAPPY WESTERN AUSTRALIAN customer. Placed my order late Sunday night and received my parcel one week later with an email to tell me it has been dropped off and a green delivery card from Toll to tell me where they left my parcel for me.  On my order it said “allow 2 weeks for delivery” was only one week.  WELL DONE SNOWYS!!:)

It is the second time we ordered an item from your shop, it is really a pleasure to know there are still companies looking after their customers.

THANK YOU and WELL DONE TEAM – service was excellent.

Petro - Karratha, WA
Aug 03, 2020
Thanks Snowys, we are currently camping at Limeburners Creek, N.P
And could not be any happier with our purchases the Darche shower tent is a breeze to put up, roomy and solid,the Coleman electric shower pump works a treat and the clothesline is just so handy.Thanks again Snowys, we will be in touch for our next purchase.
Don - Anna Bay, NSW
Aug 03, 2020

Hi Snowy’s,

Thanks for the enquiry about my purchase. The products worked well and performed as advertised.

I was particularly pleased with how fast you were able deliver them to me too.

Thanks again

Deirdree - Wentworth Falls, NSW
Jul 31, 2020

Hi there
Just a quick note about your service
I ordered yesterday about midday
And I have them on my feet already.
I buy a lot of stuff online but that’s unbelievable,fantastic
Keep up the great work
Happy customer

Dave - Bundeena, NSW
Jul 31, 2020

Would like to say Thank you for delivery our parcel so quickly (#594554).  Arrived next day, which is unheard of as we live in a rural area. I would also like to compliment you on the website, specifically the order confirmation page. I do a lot of online shopping and always wonder, what next.  You explained very clearly! I loved it.


Deborah - Officer, VIC
Jul 29, 2020

Dear Snowys,

Thank you so much for your fabulous service! 
Our beautiful Exped Duo bed arrived at our front door in Marino within 24 hours of me ordering. That really is a great service and will definitely be ordering again. 😁
Michelle - Marino, SA
Jul 28, 2020

Could you guys get any QUICKER?!!!amazing service again Thanks

Rebeka - Epping, VIC
Jul 27, 2020
What top service Nick - makes it feel really good to buy decent gear from a retail show set up for repairs and after sales service! I’m loving your walking poles I bought late last year, too! Thank you.
Gregg - Blackheath, NSW
Jul 24, 2020
Dear Snowy Team,
I am sending a thank you note because your store has to be the fastest delivery for an item which was literally ordered yesterday (even coming from interstate).
Thanks for the early delivery as it was an unexpected surprise!
Brad - Highton, VIC
Jul 24, 2020

Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of my order, I was amazed it came in two days!  Great service, one happy customer. 😊

Michael - Irymple, VIC
Jul 23, 2020

Thanks for such prompt service. The product was just what we wanted.

Kerrie - North Isis, QLD
Jul 21, 2020

Hi Guys,

Tested my gear out in the South West of Western Australia the past weekend and it performed great. The ease and convenience of the OZ Tent and accessories were noticeable and we came through some really cold nights extremely well. I will definitely be adding to my OZ Tent gear. A big shout out to you Snowys for your great service. We received all our gear in less time than originally indicated.

Dirk - Mindarie, WA
Jul 21, 2020

Hello to all at Snowys.

Just a quick comment to say how impressed I am with your service.
I recently ordered a set of collapsible containers and they were delivered within 2 days and exactly as displayed and described.
I have ordered from Snowy's before and really appreciate your company standards have been maintained.
Thank you to all  involved and I will be recommending your company to anyone looking for camping gear.
Jan - Wurtulla, QLD
Jul 21, 2020

Gee you guys are fast. We received our package today and in perfect order. 

You really are a pleasure to deal with. 
Rob - Narellan, NSW
Jul 17, 2020

Hi Team Snowy’s……thanks for super fast delivery and awesome communication. Stoked with my Buff gear.
Def coming back to buy through Snowy’s !!

Have a Great Weekend !

Mark - Wahroonga, NSW
Jul 16, 2020
Hi team,

I just wanted to provide some feedback on my recent order. My partner and I managed to get a hold of a second hand Oztent RV5 and were keen to grab some accessories to go along with it.

The price from Snowys was the best we could find and we didn't have to sign up to an email newsletter or become a member to have the benefit of those prices.

Ultimately though the primary reason we went with you guys is that we found your instructional and product infomational videos invaluable. The level of detail and clear communication was commendable. I have worked in customer service myself before and you guys certainly nailed it.

I'll definately buy products from you again.

Sara - Surry Hills, NSW
Jul 16, 2020

Hi there

I just wanted to thank the Snowy’s team for their great service in getting our order (Dometic Esky) here in such quick time as we are going away next week

We have placed several orders with Snowy’s and will always chose them over other companies for the prompt, reliable service and great phone support.

Well done and thanks so much as we really appreciate it

Gen - Crystal Brook, SA
Jul 13, 2020

Thanks for this order just received. Your excellent service has won me over for future requirements.
I had ordered a similar headlight as a click and collect order from our local Anaconda store. First negative was up to 48 hour turnaround for click and collect, this was for an item they had listed as ‘in store stock’
The second negative was after almost 48 hours from acknowledging the order was an email with a credit note included.
No mention of why, no offer of alternative and basically no customer focus at all. 
So rather than go to store I our lockdown I looked for alternatives and found you guys.

Irony is you delivered quicker than they quoted for click and collect.
Reece - Heathmont, VIC
Jul 10, 2020

Thanks for your excellent service,

Brendan - Cobram, VIC
Jul 10, 2020

Hi Snowys crew all the gear is great your servicean delivery is excellent a bloody good mob to dael with

Neil - Calavos, QLD
Jul 10, 2020

Hi guys and girls

I recently placed an order with you and had it delivered a lot quicker than I thought it would get to me.
So thank you very much for the great service, I’ll be shopping with you again soon.

Thanks again

Matt - Branyan, QLD
Jul 10, 2020

The MSR 50th anniversary bottle and Coleman tub was received very quick! Shout out for the very fast delivery and thank you for the handwritten letter fron Ben! More power to the business. Very happy customer here.

Chet - Oakleigh East, VIC
Jul 09, 2020
Have just received my mirrows less than 24 hours later.
Very very happy with your service and will recommend to others.
Bruce - Ballarat, VIC
Jul 09, 2020

Hey guys,

I’m not sure if feedback is something you’re necessarily keen on checking up on, but I just really wanted to let someone know how stoked I was with my first Snowys experience yesterday. I headed over to the Brendale store which was absolutely booming with customers, but your team member Mary was really quick and eager to check if I needed a hand. I didn’t know anything about the products I was looking for, but Mary made sure she answered all my questions as well as she could, and asked another team member for advice when she wasn’t quite sure. She was an absolute weapon and definitely deserves some sort of gold star for her customer service skills.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know how happy I was leaving the store, and wanted to recognise her qualities.

Thanks again!

Anna - QLD
Jul 09, 2020
Hi Snowys!
I just wanted to send you an email in regards to my first purchase with you!
I'm a very happy customer!!!  The best prices that I have found online!!!!
I contacted your Adelaide store with a query about my order! The lady I spoke to was 100% genuine and she went above and beyond with my order!!!!
My order arrived so quick and in time for the weekend!! 
I hope the staff member that helped me when I contacted Snowys on Saturday 5th of July can read this email as her customer service was amazing!! 
Keep up the fantastic work!!!!! Look forward to my next purchase.  
Thanks again!!
Emily - Baranduda, VIC
Jul 08, 2020

Snowy’s staff.

I cannot believe that this has arrived already. I am gobsmacked.
Was worried about getting it too late!!!! Now I am ahead of schedule.
Thank you so very much.

Melanie - Gooseberry Hill, WA
Jul 07, 2020
Ordered a Sea to Summit hiking pillow.
Reasons I chose Snowy's:
1) Australian supplier
2) Quick delivery
3) Price wasn't cheapest, but was competitive
I was prepared to pay a few dollars more because of a quicker delivery from an Australia supplier with a solid reputation. 
I have purchased items from Snowy's before and your company is super reliable and the product quality is excellent. 
PS. I have an Anaconda store 15mins from home, but their pricing is ridiculously high for the same item😞.
Snowy's win again.
Cheers from a happy customer,
Gary - Greensborough, VIC
Jul 06, 2020
Hi Snowys team,
Just want to say how impressed I was with how quickly my order was delivered. I placed the order on Thursday last week 2nd July and the delivery turned up the following morning on my doorstep in Melbourne. So impressed with how quickly this was shipped and delivered from interstate.
Looking forward to hopefully NOT having to use my new PLB but very glad I now have it!
Thanks for the great service. First experience with Snowys and I will not hesitate to purchase from your company again.
Will be sure to give you guys a positive plug in one of the upcoming videos on my YouTube hiking channel:
Chris - Footscray, VIC
Jul 06, 2020

Dear Snowys,

Thank you so much for your help with my recent order, it was a great experience all round from the very reasonable prices on your excellent easy-to-use website through to your acknowledgement of the order, status updates and fast well packed delivery J
It was only a small one this time, I’m hoping to make some larger orders with you as things pick up – very much looking forward to shopping with you again.
Take care of yourselves meanwhile and see you next time J

Best regards and thanks again

Bruce - Mount Waverley, VIC
Jul 05, 2020
Just a quick reply to thanyou for the prompt service and delivery of the items I ordered and a special thankyou for the care in packaging to ensure no damage occured during transport.
Extremely happy and no doubt will be ordering from you in the future.
Thanks to Oliver and the team at Snowys.
Don - Anna Bay, NSW
Jul 05, 2020
Good Morning
I would like to provide a review for the service at Snowys.
The website is comprehensive, as is the order form.
I was pleased that the order form had an option to wait or send the package if one of the items was out of stock.
I was informed by the order form and a text message about an out of stock item ....and yet my parcel arrived to a rural area within a few days! Safely bubble wrapped!
The prices at snowys are unbeatable. The honest reviews on products are helpful for decision making.
The video links are clear and informative.
I purchased a Buddy Mr Heater and liked the website feature which suggests products to accompany the purchase. So purchased the gas lead to compliment the heater.
I have used the product and am happy with it so far - I am looking forward to taking it on a winter camp trip next week.
I camp a fair bit and am looking into taking my grandchildren with me, so I a keeping an eye on bunks and mattresses next.
Thank you
Jodie - Goonellabah, NSW
Jul 04, 2020

Thank you so much for such wonderful service!! I ordered a pair of hiking boots and they arrived the next day :)) was so excited to receive them and they fit perfectly - thank you!

Hailey - Carlton North, VIC
Jul 03, 2020


I have just today received my sleeping mat, which arrived in record time, considering I ordered it yesterday.
In amongst the package was a note from Brad saying thanks and asking for feedback.  Here’s the feedback.
Over time I have made a few online purchases from Snowys and what strikes me is the quality of service.  It’s simply brilliant.  The web site is easy to navigate even for an old dog like me, and no sooner is something ordered than an email hits my screen to confirm the purchase and this is soon followed by another email advising the item is on the way and I get a tracking number.
The other thing I like about Snowys is the use of Aussie language, and no American crap.  I phoned the other day and the line was busy and the voice message said “We’re flat out at the moment”.  I like that!!  The website is the same and even a camping checklist I got with my latest purchase says “Don’t forget the Dunny Paper”.
Keep up the excellent service and keep up the Aussie lingo.

See ya round like a rissole,

Glen - Perth, WA
Jul 03, 2020

Hi Snowys, loving my new gear. It’s all the little things that make a difference when camping. As usual great service, products as described, inexpensive and speedy delivery. Thanks and will be in touch when we need some more gear. πŸ˜„

Benita - Millars Well, WA
Jul 02, 2020

Just a quick note to say thank you on the great and prompt service on my order for the Kovea Observer Lantern.

Super impressed at the speed of ‘postage’ and handling. Keep it up .

So  happy to support Aussie based family company out there doing a great service and support.

I will give you a shout out on my Instagram @hunting_arete

David - Cardiff, NSW
Jul 02, 2020

Hi Team,

I went to a local camp shop to buy a camping Oven, carry bag and a couple of extra bits and pieces. I was absolutely appalled at the service I got, so walked out and advised I would take my Business elsewhere. 
My Wife sent me some details about Snowy’s and said your prices look good.
Unable to escape from work I decided to do the ordering On Line. The entire process was made so easy, as your website and information provided was perfect. Prices were amazing and to be honest the best prices I could find from any camping store. The items turned up within 2 days which was also fantastic. They way in which they were packed on arrival showed you cared for the items before they got to me. I am absolutely stoked with the simple service and way in which my items turned up. Little apprehensive about buying without seeing or feeling the items as I am a little fussy. What turned up was nothing but quality product. Down to the Thankyou card left in there by Emmet. Very Professional.
I am absolutely stoked with my purchase and have nothing but praise for Snowy’s.
Well done and I will be back for sure!!!

Tony - Sailsbury, QLD
Jul 02, 2020

Thank you for a job well done, the team were extremely helpful.
The delivery was very good, I could not believe my mat turned up at my door yesterday
Well done in these hard times,

Col - Putta Bucca, NSW
Jul 01, 2020
My Companion gas heater is the greatest. 
I will certainly be shopping with you again. 
Great service and very helpful staff.
Thank you Snowys. 
Ron - Broken Hill, NSW
Jun 29, 2020

Hello all at Snowys,

Thank you for my order, could not fault  the service and attention from placing the order to delivery to  my front door. I am very happy with my purchase and found the on line video on how to assemble a brilliant idea. Only had to watch once.

Teresa - Engadine, NSW
Jun 25, 2020
The Good Guys have nothing on you guys. Order delivered today. Amazing . A previous order delivered in super quick time also. 
Have a good weekend over there and stay safe ok.
Mike - Aveley, WA
Jun 24, 2020
I have just received my order today. I was very happy and impressed to receive it when I came home from work today as I only ordered it yesterday. Received what I ordered. Thank you Snowys.  10/10 from me. 
Kathryn - Seventeen Mile Rocks, QLD
Jun 23, 2020

Hi Jacob,
Thank you for a quick, easy and stress-free transaction. After 11 years of service, my old LED Lenser let go and I wouldn’t consider another brand to replace it.
The only issue I could highlight is that I never received the text message to let me know that my order was ready. Upon calling your 1300 number I was advised that it had been sent but there were some issues at the moment with your system which I definitely understand, happens to me frequently.
The store staff were all very friendly and I am very happy with my purchase.
Thank you for a great deal on an excellent product and great customer service.

Daniel - QLD
Jun 23, 2020

Hi Snowys 

You guys rock im over the moon with your prices & cant believe how quick your freight service is . Im 1 very happy customer .
Glenn - Raymond Terrace, NSW
Jun 23, 2020

Hey guys! Just got my order of Extreme Reactor bag liner...
Man you guys are fast on delivery !
I work in retail and know all the problems and excuses but you are top notch.
Thank you. I will buy more gear from you.

Neil - Hobart, TAS
Jun 21, 2020
Hi Snowys,
Love all of it. I unpacked it and tested it out. The mattress Inflates easily, is very comfortable (which is very important for me since I’m not that young anymore). It also is easy to deflate and to pack back into the bag. I love it.
I also unpacked the Screen house, but haven’t put it up yet. I was suppose to go camping tomorrow, but 😟 work called me back. I let you know as soon as I get a chance to test it out.
A happy customer.
Andrea - Newman, WA
Jun 18, 2020

Good evening,

I’d like to say a quick thank you for such a quick turn around on the delivery of a new Nitecore unit today.

I am happy to report the online order process was very straight forward.

I don’t buy a lot of camping gear but now that I realise you are local, I’ll be sure to visit for any future needs.

Tim - Eagle Farm, QLD
Jun 18, 2020

Hi thank you the delivery was great we received it on Wednesday morning, great service, have a great day. 

Lois - Whyalla Norrie, SA
Jun 18, 2020
Hi,  my order arrived today, very impressed with the service and help over the phone
Gerry - Berwick, VIC
Jun 18, 2020

Gear looks great, thanks for your help. Will definitely need more stuff, so you will be my first port of call πŸ˜Š

Janene - Temora, NSW
Jun 17, 2020
Hi Snowys:
I am delighted to own one of these tents again. I put it up today and found it to be as excellent as my first one which I had for 13 years. I am completely satisfied with your service, keeping me advised of when you expected new stocks to arrive and despatching it promptly once you had it. The delivery by Fastway arrived the next day.
William - Robina, QLD
Jun 17, 2020
Good Morning
I'm just writing to let you the service you have provided is A+.
Couldn't fault one bit,from ordering,communication by phone/email and warranty claims.
Delivery and Tracking excellent,giving 5 stars is not enough for the service you provided.
Thank you for the team who helped,greatly appreciated.
Keep up the good work.
Nancy - Bennett Springs, WA
Jun 17, 2020

Thankyou thankyou for amazing delivery. We are so happy to recommend Snowys to our friends or to anyone.Such a wonderful business to deal with.

Thank again
Donna - Grafton, NSW
Jun 16, 2020

Hi, I would like to thankyou for the quick delivery of my order anti condensation blanket. Thanks

Jill - Campania, TAS
Jun 16, 2020

Hey Snowys team,

I just wanted to write and thank you for such a great online shopping experience - I got the Sorel snow boots I'd been searching for super fast and they look exactly like the pictures on the site. I am really impressed with the whole experience, especially during a time when most parcels are significantly delayed for delivery - yours arrived in a few days. thank you!
Robyn - Toorak, VIC
Jun 16, 2020

Hey Snowys Team!

Just wanted to write to you guys to let you know how much I appreciate your store.

I’ve ordered online about 3 or 4 times now. Every single time, the service was nothing short of fantastic. Little touches that you add, after checkout, reminding you to check your order and delivery details, give you the comfort knowing that if you did mess something up, someone will be willing and able to assist.

Once, I had to order a non-stock item for my gazebo. I could probably have ordered it through any Coleman stockist, but Snowys was my first choice, and you guys did not disappoint! I received my replacement part within a couple of weeks (as promised), it worked, and my gazebo is back in action without it even having been the slightest headache to get sorted.

As (relatively) new migrants to the country, we love the true-blue aussie lingo in the emails! Even general email correspondence starts with “G’day”, and it really adds that level of authenticity to your store knowing I’m dealing with people that know the country and the conditions that the gear will be used in.

I trust Snowys for all my online camping gear shopping, and I make sure to recommend you guys to all my friends.

Keep up the good work, and be assured that you’ve won yourself a customer for life!

Phillip - Cobbitty, NSW
Jun 16, 2020

I recently brought a Colman cooker and hot plate and a few straps I believe I ordered them late Thursday early Friday morning last week and they turned up from toll couriers service in regional Victoria today I am so happy how easy it was to order and love how the company uses youtube to demonstrate products and your prices are bloody good , I just wanted to say keep up the good work and services, and will definitely shop again with your website would of let a review but wasn’t sure were to leave it without being a product review , I’m sure your business will survive with a great website and online clips reminds me of appliances online site another easy site to order from once again thank you,

Richard - Wonthaggi, VIC
Jun 15, 2020

Hello Mick,
A quick note to say I received my parcel today, very happy with the set and look forward to using it next trip. Easy to order and combine the different items to suit what I needed. I will be buying from Snowys again.
Thanks Matt.

Matt - Medowie, NSW
Jun 15, 2020
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your very fast and efficient service! I ordered my Gasmate portable bbq on the Thursday and found my delivery on the Saturday! Awesome prices and excellent service! 
Tanya - Maudsland, QLD
Jun 12, 2020

To the Fabulous Team at Snowys.

I would just like to thank Kirsty and her team for helping me deal with Toll and their ‘Parcel Point’ issues.

I received both parcels today- and I am extremely happy to finish off my trail running emergency kit.

Thank you for all your help, and for keeping me safe of the trails.

I look forward to shopping with Snowys again. :)

Jesika - Wentworth Point, NSW
Jun 12, 2020


I’m just writing to congratulate you on your fabulous quick service.

Everything arrived within a few days of purchase.

Quick, efficient, easy to use service.

Well done

Sue - Bega, NSW
Jun 12, 2020

Hi Snowys

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with both your advice and friendliness.
I phoned on Sunday to receive information about an Ozscreen tent and could not have been happier with the subsequent discussion as I was interested in getting tent flaps as well. 
To receive the tent on Tuesday after a long weekend and then the gas heater which arrived yesterday, a week earlier than I expected.
Would highly recommend you to anyone.
Special thanks to Emmet who packed the heater...have t opened the tent yet until the weather improves!!
Felicity - Mosman, NSW
Jun 12, 2020

Hi just received the rest of my order great fridge and cover super fast delivery thanks defently shop with Snowys again cheers Charlie.******

Charlie - Lightning Ridge, NSW
Jun 11, 2020

Unbelievable service - order placed 7/6,  item received 10/6. Wish your store was that close - love to visit your outlet

Colin - Iluka, NSW
Jun 11, 2020

Hi there. The pack has been delivered yesterday, I can't believe how quickly it was! 

Thanks very much guys, I will leave soon a review on Google, and if you need review on any particular website please let me know and I 'll do it.
Marianna - Drummoyne, NSW
Jun 11, 2020
Fantastic service all round.
I received my buffs yesterday morning, Staggeringly quick.
Please pass on my thanks to your customer services team and in particular Gen, who promptly followed up with the order minor hiccup.
Kate - Newcastle, NSW
Jun 10, 2020

So I found you online and I was a little skeptic (bad previous online buying experience)
I had never heard of your store so I did a review search and saw good ratings so I purchased a few items- two being preorders,

Here’s my experience:
•The website set up is easy to use on a mobile device
•The preorder option of either splitting your shipment or sending when all items are in stock is fantastic! Did not have to worry about why I had not receive any email in regards to shipping because I knew straight away when the preorders were due.
• The shipment arrived very quickly
Once preorder was filled
• everything was packages nicely and no products damaged
• great quality and fair prices!

I will be buying again!

Many thanks,

Sam - Waroona, WA
Jun 10, 2020

Thank for the BBQ.

Definitely value for money.
The best looking small BBQ in Australia.
Sam - Baringa, QLD
Jun 09, 2020

Gday crew-
Thanks heaps for the pronto service, looking forward to receiving the item.
all the best

Rhys - Corryong, VIC
Jun 09, 2020

Wow – I am seriously impressed!

Soooo fast, thank you πŸ˜Š

Tanja - Mount Gravatt, QLD
Jun 09, 2020
Hi  just to say my order arrived safely today and  there were no problems. All good.
we have had the resort 5 Chairs previously and found them comfortable .

Thank you
Val - Revesby, NSW
Jun 08, 2020


I really did not believe your claim of 1-2 day delivery, until my Caravan Mirrors arrived on the second day.

They are a good design, extremely well made and very good value when compared with the alternatives.

Thank you for good product and excellent service.

Martyn - Mill Park, VIC
Jun 06, 2020

Hi Guys

Thanks very much received my sleeping bag the other day and very happy with it. Also a pat on the back for whatever courier service you use, they did a great job in hiding it near the front door so it couldn’t be seen readily from the street.

All round a very happy customer.

Rob - Madeley, WA
Jun 06, 2020

Good morning, over the last few weeks I’ve had to order a couple of items last minute that I required urgently. Both times my deliveries have been done promptly, efficiently and overnight with absolutely no issues at all. I highly recommend Snowys for all camping needs. Keep up the great work Snowys.

Geoffrey - Shell Cove, NSW
Jun 03, 2020

Thanks snowys, my third order ,good service good price and on-time as always, thanks

Noel - Golburn, NSW
Jun 03, 2020
thankyou....received ontime and in good really well...
Josphine - New Park, NSW
Jun 03, 2020


Just sending you a message to say I have already received my order, super fast. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks. 
Diana - Wondecla, QLD
Jun 03, 2020

Hi everyone, I just received my order, Wow! what fantastic service, ordered Monday and delivered in Wantirna Wednesday lunchtime.

Graeme - Wantirna, VIC
Jun 03, 2020

Thank you.

Delivery is just WOW. 
I tried to find how to give feedback but could not find it on the web.
Mike - Maylands, WA
Jun 03, 2020

Hi snowys, experience with you ppl r great, good quality products and delivery is fast, keep up the good work.

Mark - Frankston North, VIC
Jun 02, 2020

Thank you so much for my recent purchase. It’s something I was looking for, for a long time. It suited perfectly, was delivered quickly and I’m very happy. Thanks

John - St Marys, NSW
May 28, 2020

Good day,

Just wanted to let you the order arrived today, fck that was quick. Thank you for your professionalism and prompt service.
And the heater is a great little unit
John - Boyne Island, QLD
May 28, 2020
Hi Rhi  in Brisbane officeStar
Hi Lauren in SA officeStar
Really appreciate the super prompt delivery of my order thanks heaps.
Terry Rainbow
Terry - Bensville, NSW
May 28, 2020

Hi snowys.

My order has landed and it only took 2 days.  I ordered on Tuesday and it got here today !  So impressed. I'm a happy hiker.
Thanks you!! 
Kellie - Ciccone, NT
May 27, 2020


Thanks for the great service products arrived today in good order and condition..

Arthur - Gledswood Hills, NSW
May 27, 2020

Wow!  Your service is amazing. I placed an order on 26 May and received it the next day. With the understandable difficulties of doing business at the moment with all necessary restrictions in place you’ve certainly surpassed my expectations. 

Deborah - Ettalong Beach, NSW
May 27, 2020

HI I am very  happy  as I recived  my fridge a about 2.30pm Monday thank u very  much  I had cold beer at 6.00pm thank you,

Robert - West Rockhampton, QLD
May 25, 2020

hello at Snowys , my heater arrived perfect, works perfect fantastic sales and delivery,,, fantastic prices ,,could not be happier ,see you next order

Richard - Sandy Beach, NSW
May 23, 2020

Hi Guys,

Love the new tent. Excellent quality. Really easy to set up and pack away. Love the darkness and having a sleep in. Felt a bit spoilt with the lighting strip.

Pegs could probably have been a bit sturdier but I have spares from old tents. The only thing I was a bit miffed about was that one of the tie backs for the lower air vents was missing. It wasn’t a big enough deal to worry about complaining or sending back or anything, just a little disappointing that it wasn’t completely schmick.

Overall though it was a fantastic upgrade from my 23 year old Blackwolf 7A dome. The online purchase was hassle free and delivery time was quicker than expected, especially for the timing of the purchase.

Cheers guys. I would definitely recommend you and will use you again myself for future camping needs.

Bob - Nikenbah, QLD
May 23, 2020


Arrived - excellent service
Mike - Toowoomba, QLD
May 22, 2020

Very happy with the items I purchased and the delivery time. 

Phillip - Lambton, NSW
May 22, 2020

Hi Bob + Snowys team

Thanks for shipping the Coleman tent out quickly, it had ETA 2-4 business days and I wasn't expecting it in 3 days. Looking forward to getting outdoors with the fam post covid-19! 

Ross - Unanderra, NSW
May 22, 2020

hi there , how are you , wow what a fast quick purchase great price and free delivery , dont know how your doing it but keep doing it , beating ebay sellers good on you , I am sorry it is so far to send it , I really appreciate it , matter of interest , I have had the big buddy 10 or more years with faultless operation every year as my main house heater with windows open ,this new one is for my shed , it does not get that cold up here for very long ,and these heaters work great ,  thanks for posting it to me,  please mark as fragile  maybe ?

Richard - Sandy Beach, NSW
May 21, 2020

Chair arrived, excellent product, very happy with purchase.

Bob - Montmorency, VIC
May 21, 2020


Review: 5/5
Petzl headlamp arrived within days. Reliable no fuss service. Recommended. 
Michael - Rose Park, SA
May 21, 2020
Dear Declan
I received my pack today, 2 days after I ordered it- this is amazing, especially as I've had items take up to 4 weeks via Aus Post recently. Despite the Toll hacking issue last week, it doesn't seem to have impacted their delivery service either.
This also goes back to Snowys for processing my order through your warehouse in a very quick and efficient method. Again I have had orders take up to 2-3 weeks to just leave a warehouse.
Fantastic service, thank you!
Karen - St Leonards, VIC
May 20, 2020

Just a very grateful thankyou for such a professional shopping and delivery experience of our annexe matting.

Order was placed late on Friday 15/5 and received at our door early 20/5.

Will definitely be shopping with you again in the future. Fantastic price, fanstastic service!


Sharon - Chinderah, NSW
May 19, 2020

Shoes arrived today and they are great !!!  Many thanks from a very satisfied customer.

Howard - Pimpama, QLD
May 14, 2020

Good morning Bob,

I ordered a Bedourie Camp Oven the day before yesterday and received it this morning. I was thrilled to find one of these as I have been searching for a camp oven such as this style and size for some time now and knowing that it is an Australian product is fantastic. Thank you very much for your prompt service. In future I'll be sure to check your store if I need equipment. 
Thanks very much for your time.
Roley - South Brisbane, QLD
May 13, 2020

Thank you for the very prompt delivery of my item. I ordered it on Sunday night and it was delivered on Tuesday morning, and at a very reasonable rate.
It could not have been easier and I will be ordering from you again for sure.
Thank you!

Janet - Dudley Park, WA
May 11, 2020

Hi all wish I could report on goods , but due to restrictions cant use them . I have however set all up for camping , thanks for your service , good pricing and quality products looking forward to using them soon .

Lyle - Mansfield, VIC
May 08, 2020

Hi. Love the boots, even sold another pair for you, unfortunately she got wrong size so she’ll have to swap but mine are great, I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen lolπŸ‘

Helen - Cooran, QLD
May 08, 2020

Hi Emmet

Just wanted to say how impressed i am about the very prompt service (especially given the pressures on deliveries during COVID) on my recent order. I received this the following day and products have been great.


Melissa - Maroubra, NSW
May 07, 2020

Hi Brock and the support team. I was so surprised to come home and find the shoes I ordered on Tuesday night had arrived earlier today (Thursday). For delivery to Tasmania I thought they would take at least a week. The shoes were a perfect fit and very comfy. All of this from a company I didn’t know existed until Tuesday. I will certainly shop with Snowy’s again and recommend you to my friends.

Wishing you all the best in these challenging times.

Elizabeth - Riverside, TAS
May 07, 2020

Hi Rhi

My name is Sonia and i am responding to your feed back request

I was looking for an Australian based supplier to buy 2 travel mugs and your web sight came up. Yours was
one of the best prices I found online so I ordered the mugs. This was done on Saturday and I received my order Wednesday.

I didn't get confirmation of my order so I emailed you and got a prompt response back. I applaud you for your excellent service and quick delivery.

Thank you

Sonia - Narara, NSW
May 07, 2020

Just wanted say thanks to whoever packed my order for the care taken to ensure it arrived in pristine condition (which it did),  I work in warehousing and logistics and know how easily stuff gets damaged in transport.

Trevor - Seaford, VIC
May 07, 2020

Got my order promptly and well packed by Kurt. Thankyou. I have ordered some more items because of this excellent service. Thanks

Evan - Cremorne Point, NSW
May 07, 2020

Hi guys, just to say thankyou for the delivery of my coleman northstar lantern .arrived today , very fast postage all things considered, a great little unit that Im sure will get plenty of use , fuss free purchase and great customer service , will deal again with you in future transactions without hesitation , keep up the good work guys , im off camping now , cheers ,

Trevor - North Richmond, NSW
May 07, 2020

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to say a big Thankyou. Service has been great received my Coleman tent bundle in no time. Set up tent in the back yard and love it. Thanks. Highly recommend you to everyone. Will buy more camping gear soon.
Thanks again.
Stephanie - Edmonton, QLD
May 04, 2020

Cheers guys what excellent customer service! I will defiantly keep shopping with you guys in future and recommend friends and family to do the same.

Jason - yagoona, NSW
May 04, 2020

Hi there,I was going to post a review on Google but I couldn’t access it for some reason.I just want to say how happy I am with the service I received from Snowy’s, I placed an order just after 11am last Monday for 2 Caribee sleeping bags (which are great), I received them around the same time the following day.Fantastic service which is rare these days, I will highly recommend Snowy’s to other people.

Wayne - Kirrawee, NSW
May 01, 2020
Hello there I ordered a camping stove from you on Sunday 26 April 2020 and it arrived yesterday late afternoon in Wingello rural NSW! I received the same wonderful service from Snowys with my previous orders but this delivery has to be a record, particularly in light of the Coronavirus situation in Australia! So, a great BIG thank you again and I shall continue to buy from you into the future!
Sue - Wingello, NSW
Apr 29, 2020

Thanks for the great service and unbelievably fast shipping.  Two days to regional town!!!!

Justin - Emerald Beach, NSW
Apr 28, 2020

Hi Folks I placed an order Saturday ANZAC day and it arrived today Tuesday 28th. Excellent products at great prices and very speedy delivery. Great service, 5 stars folks

Kelvern - Calwell, ACT
Apr 26, 2020

Hi Snowys,Just wanted to say thank you for the swag I ordered recently. It's a 23Zero Dual Swag 1400.I researched for ages and looked at a few stores but yours has what I wanted and I really liked your reviews and the video explainers. Those really helped to make my decision and to understand how to put up and pack down the swag.Even when Covid shipping delays, it arrived in good time.Really appreciate your service.

Kumi - Cremorne, NSW
Apr 26, 2020

Good morning Snowys,Well......can only commend and recommend you guys for your service. Product was exactly what i expected, quality, price and the delivery was so fast. I spoke to Sam and she correct an issue i created promptly (lol) and was very professional and a pleasure to deal with.Have no issue in ordering from you guys in the future.Well done Snowys!

Paul - Belmore, NSW
Apr 23, 2020
Hi Snowys!I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me out with my order!Your business has excellent prices and great phone service, also thank you for price matching. I love the website and your video product demos, they really helped sell me on your gear and gave me confidence in what I was buying.I am one happy camper.
Ben - Orange, NSW
Apr 23, 2020

To All the Staff at Snowys,THANKYOU, we have just received our Parcel (End Privacy Screen) today and are so very happy with it,not only the quality of the Privacy Screen but also the delivery time, wow 2 days...tick, tick.We will continue to do business with you.Keep up the great good, and the personal touches from your Wrap and Pack team - Thankyou.WELL DONE!Stay Safe and well.

Kevin - Bateau Bay, NSW
Apr 23, 2020

Good afternoon guys, Thank you so much for the follow up on such a simple order as mine - I was most impressed by the way the whole matter was handled from my initial difficulties with the site through the ordering prices and then the surprisingly rapid delivery. Additionally the Oztrail product exceeded my expectations for quality, design and construction and I’d freely suggest you have an excellent alliance with that supplier. You are both to be congratulated for doing what you do so well. I Thank you once again and wish you well put in these uncertain times 

Ken - Ashby, WA
Apr 23, 2020
Hi there,Just letting you know we received our Oztrail Jumbo Sun Lounge last week, and we're really happy with it. By the way, I appreciated being able to view the online video of the product. Great, friendly service and quick delivery. If I need other outdoor products, Snowys is the first place I'll look. Thanks.
Lorraine - Tura beach, NSW
Apr 22, 2020

I pretty much never write reviews but I did want to say, for a multi store retail business, you guys have an incredibly personal feel to the way you conduct yourselves. The little card made me smile but that in itself wouldn't have really done it, but the videos you put out, the posts on facebook, the way you answer all your questions in the products sections, and even just the pages on the website have a strong personal energetic and cheeky feel to it, and I have to say, for someone who, rarely ever is loyal to a particular business, I pretty much always go for the cheapest option (and I won't lie, that's why I have bought three sea to summit mats from you in the past, because you often are the cheapest). But I have definitely been caught by your contagious and delectable nature in which you conduct business. And I guess the thing I admire, is that it's not just one of you, it's not only on the website, or only at the front desk, or only the person in returns. it's all of you, even the order confirmation email had a non-generic nice touch to it...

Casey - Yeronga, QLD
Apr 18, 2020

Hello as a first time customer I Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the easy ordering and fantastic prompt delivery!

Kelly - South Hedland, WA
Apr 17, 2020

Hi,  I had to contract you guys,  ordered a mini camelbak for my daughter on Tuesday and recieved it today (friday).Great website, brilliant service and delivery time.  So, thanks heaps! 

Nathan - Amaroo, ACT
Apr 17, 2020
Hi Jarod,Thank you for the prompt delivery of the 19 litre Coleman Cooler I ordered from you.I am glad I found your website as I had been searching for this item available from within Australia and Snowy’s was the only merchant Icould find that had it in stock and at a fair price.I was impressed at how quickly the order arrived at my home given, 3 business days!Thanks also for the camping checklist which came with the delivery, when the travel restrictions are lifted I will be putting the cooler and checklist to good use.Please share this email on your website reviews if you wish to do so.
Hendon - Maroubra, NSW
Apr 16, 2020

Hello Jarod! Just wanted to send an email to you to let you know that we are so happy with our recent purchase of two Coleman camping chairs and Coleman air mattress. Our order was delivered in a day or two and the quality of the products is awesome.

Tiffany - Safety Beach, NSW
Apr 13, 2020

Thankyou Guys camp oven received all good. Service was great everyone was very helpful and fast with their responses.

James - Cambridge, TAS
Apr 13, 2020
Hi Snowys Team,We brought the 4-man Colemans tent from Snowys earlier in the year and the experience was amazing.We just want to let you know that it was such an easy and straight forward process with your online system and really fast delivery as promised. I believe we received the product within the week.We did not have any issues with the product itself so we did not have to reach out to the Customer Service team at all. However, if we had to I am sure our queries would have been kindly answered in a timely manner.Thank you to all the teams at Snowys that were involved with delivering the great product.
Cathy - Wiley Park, NSW
Apr 12, 2020

Hi,I just want to thank you for your excellent service when we purchased our items earlier this year. I was so impressed with the speed of delivery, competitive prices and variety of choice. Your videos are informative and very helpful. I prefer to see an item in action before buying it so those tent videos were great. I also found the staff I spoke to on the phone to be friendly and knowledgeable. We felt that Snowys is like what outdoor store used to be like - good value, good equipment and knowledgeable staff.Although we live in Victoria you will now be our first choice of outdoor shop. Disappointingly our 3 month trip to WA has been postponed due to Covid-19 and thus tent not used yet - so I can’t review it with any experience.Thanks again

Mel - Wallington, VIC
Apr 10, 2020

Thank you for your wonderful service and prompt delivery I will be back

Richard - Telarah, NSW
Apr 09, 2020

Hi, hope all is well I just had to say thank you and well done on some of the fastest service I have seen with excellent communication!! In the future you guys will definitely be my first stop when looking for anything outdoors! Thanks

Jacques - Peak Hill, NSW
Apr 07, 2020

Hi Snowys,I haven’t had a chance to use the Mat and mini pump yet due to COVID 19 lock downs.I will be using it later this month in my double swag when we conduct our next Dog Proof Fence inspection, this usually entails a few nights out in swags.Believe me the Exped mattresses I’ve used before in my swag are a great booster to the standard (tired!!) mattress and make for a great night’s sleep.Thanks again for ripper service, helpful staff who really know their products and the regular emails which we love out here on the station.

Jim - Broken Hill, NSW
Apr 06, 2020

Hi Bob, thanks for sending the mirrors I ordered via Toll they arrived today safe and sound thanks to your good packaging I’ve put them together and they fit the car perfectly. Until my next order best regards to you and the team at Snowys Keep safe everyone.

david - Wodonga, VIC
Apr 06, 2020

Hello Bob Thank you for the great service in delivering the Companion Portable Shower it arrived today Ordered on 01/4/2020 Arr: 6/4/2020 Your online service is easy to navigate very happy with the service Thank you once again

Ronald - Frankston Sth, VIC
Apr 03, 2020

Hi guys, We ordered 2 dog beds and their covers yesterday.Less than 24 hours later they arrived here in melbourne. We bought a tent off you earlier this  year and we got the same great service. You always have great stock with good prices and delivery times.

Louise - Hoppers Crossing, VIC
Mar 30, 2020

On Friday 27th I placed an order online with your company Congratulations guys it just arrived and I must say I am very impressed. At the difficult times we are all going through now I feel it is so important to support any businesses in Australia and to keep them going. I have been planning an outback trek for a year now, of course it’s on hold, but this gives me the opportunity to work on my trailer/wagon (which will be pulled by donkeys) . In view of your top quality item, your speedy and efficient delivery, I will be ordering all my camping gear through you now.I have given you a huge recommendation on my facebook site with many people asking for your will be hearing from me. Keep up the good work .

Angela - Bowen, QLD
Mar 29, 2020

Hi Guys, Love the new awning for my ranger, such a easy and effortless set up.But even more then that the missus loves, has a large coverage and fits the whole family under it πŸ€™ Thanks for the fast delivery and great price πŸ‘

Ryan - Fletcher, NSW
Mar 27, 2020

Hi Snowys I just wanted to say thank you for our order and the lightening speed it got here in. You guys are legends!Good luck and good health in these extraordinary times

Helen - Maddington, WA
Mar 26, 2020

I would just like to express my absolute amazement and gratitude for the service received by your company.In the height of the Covid19 crisis I ordered a product two nights ago from Perth, and I received it today. Wow! It was a birthday gift for my Son (his birthday was yesterday). I’m so impressed with the service, you have earned a loyal customer for life.Thank you so much.

Kylie - Eden Hill, WA
Mar 25, 2020

Hi Snowys team,Received my order in quick time, packed perfectly with not a mark on the box, the items look like I took them off the shelf myself. You make it easy to support Aussie business and I will order again from Snowys for sure.

Peter - Corrimal, NSW
Mar 23, 2020
Hi, would just like to let you know that we received our ladder today.  Thank you the service was excellent.

Maxine - Beechmont, QLD
Mar 20, 2020

Hi,I received my shoes yesterday around 1pm.The service provided was excellent and to receive the shoes just over 24 hours after placing the order was amazing.  Thank you.I will certainly recommend your site to all my friends.

Cheryl - Lammermoor, QLD
Mar 20, 2020
I ordered two Lifestraws from you.  They were not even in stock at the time.I could not believe it when they were delivered to my door only a few days later.Such fast and incredible service.I was so impressed that I have just ordered another four as gifts.Well done.  I am not used to such efficient service.I forgot to log in when ordering, but your website still allowed me to go ahead.I thank you.
Mel - WA, WA
Mar 18, 2020

Hi Snowys Thank you once again for your prompt service. I tell everyone I know who likes camping,  how great you are with your goods and services. I can't wait to use these items at Easter.Thanks again

Deborah - Albion Park, NSW
Mar 16, 2020

Pop up tent is fantastic.Managed to put up and down by myself.Best thing fo an 80 year old.

Ellen - Redbank Plains, QLD
Mar 16, 2020

Hi, Thank you for getting my order out very quickly it's much appreciated. Your a credit to the online store industry.

Albert - Dapto, NSW
Mar 15, 2020

Hello Snowys,I am writing to give you feedback.  How awesome was my first interaction and transaction with you.    I had had some poor experiences dealing with other companies recently and decided to boycott and searched for what I wanted on-line.   I found you guys, great pricing, delivery, no hassles.. it all seemed too good to be true, but I gave it a go.The whole thing was seamless, communications were great and my goods delivered to my door as ordered and expected.   So a very very happy camper right here now.

Kris - Beaconsfield ,
Mar 14, 2020

To whom it may concern, I would like to thank Kirk (kurt) from the Brendal store for his excellent customer service! We came in tossing up between the 23 Zero and Darche roof top tent's and with his help it was a very easy decision for us to pick the 23 Zero. He was more then helpfully through every step of the way and even allowed us to measure the ladder and ask 100 questions coming back with answers for every one. Please forward this to his store and manager as not enough people are told of the great job they do. So great job we were very happy and look forward to coming back to you in the future! =) Kind Regards, 

Brydie - Brendale , QLD
Mar 13, 2020

Hi There,Like to thank you for the wonderful  service. Both to the lady on the phone and the delivery of my order. The delivery time is unbelievable  ,thank you.

Rob - Charlestown, NSW
Mar 12, 2020

To the Customer Service Manager, I just wanted to offer a quick thankyou to your team after my recent experience shopping online with Snowys.On 9th March 2020, I purchased a tent from your website and found the site was extremely user friendly. I also loved  the quality products and great prices available at your store .The delivery time for my order was simply outstanding. It was truly exceptional to have my purchase arrive at my home in NSW,  just a few days after I had placed my order. I would very much like to congratulate Snowys for providing me with such delightful customer service. My shopping experience with Snowys has been fantastic.Thankyou again

Kylie - Medowie, NSW
Mar 05, 2020

Dear Snowys,My order arrived today, in country NSW, just over 24hr since ordering online. That's extraordinarily quick turnaround !Prices were good. Free postage. Package arrived without issue. Ordered a single Sea to Summit Alpha pot as a trial, to see if they were suitable. They look good. Will probably order a set This was our second order from Snowys.I expect we'll be using you more.

Charles - Armidale, NSW
Mar 05, 2020

Hey there just wanted to let you guys know how much we think of Snowys, Every dealing we have with your company is a pleasure. Great service and Great products will keep us coming back. Thanks so much 

Justin - Londonderry, NSW
Mar 05, 2020

Hey there just wanted to let you guys know how much we think of Snowys,
Every dealing we have with your company is a pleasure. Great service and Great products will keep us coming back. Thanks so much

Justin - Londonderry, NSW
Mar 05, 2020
Hi Snowys Thankyou so much for our delivery of camping goods, was very fast, competitive prices and great products.
When ordering online you always hope you get what you ordered and actually get your products, and you guys did an awesome job.
Thankyou again
Alissa - Kookabookra, NSW
Mar 04, 2020

Hi Snowys Very happy with the swag and stretcher, which I note are your top sellers in their categories. They are well matched for an older swagger like me who likes to get off the ground.As usual with Snowys price was competitive and delivery prompt.Keep up the good work. 

Ross - Willetton, WA
Mar 02, 2020

Hi Eli,

Thanks for the terrific service - my parcel arrived within 2 business days. You make shopping so easy, you have a quality product line, and your advice is so accessible and invaluable. Snowy’s will be my first port of call for any outdoor equipment in future.

P.S. Love the personalised, hand-signed note in the package.

Sue - Galston, NSW
Mar 02, 2020

What great service !! Only ordered Friday and my parcel it was here Monday morning,
very happy !!
Thank you everyone at Snowys.

Julie - Urunga, NSW
Feb 28, 2020

Hey guys recently bought a stove of you guys. The stove had warranty issues. After a very quick and easy process I have a new stove. Just wanted to say everyone I dealt with from snowys was a huge help and I’ll definitely be coming back thanks again

Alexander - Woronora Heights, NSW
Feb 26, 2020

I’d like to say thank you and it’s been a pleasure dealing with you the communication with your team at snowys was easy, polite and very helpful I will not hesitate to shop with you again and would definitely recommend you to anyone 

Ken - St Albans Park, VIC
Feb 24, 2020

Have just received our tent and camp stretcher and could not be happier with the products service and prompt delivery. Many thanks you are a credit to the industry.

Martin - Normanville , SA
Feb 23, 2020

Hi Snowys,I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our recent purchases. We purchased two Northstar 6p lighted tents and a minipresso. Your website is fabulous and easy to find things (even things we didn’t know we needed!), you have a great selection of products and the service and delivery was exceptional! We received our goods in regional NSW within two business days of ordering. Very happy with our purchases and we’ll definitely be back to expand on our camping equipment!

Claudia - Kelso, NSW
Feb 21, 2020

Thankyou it arrived yesterday , and it’s been pumped up and a bed made up in the back of my car, I’m on my way to Tassie, and I’ll be car camping , so hopefully it’s comfortable, thanks for being so quick to get it sent to me. 

Diane - Coopers Gully, NSW
Feb 21, 2020

Ordered one day arrived the next. Since slowly building up my camping gear I've had nothing but exceptional service. Quick delivery and great prices. Really glad I've found Snowys.

Bob - Paget, QLD
Feb 16, 2020

Hi Rhi,I wanted to let you know that I received my Korr Solar panel not only in a very short time frame, but in excellent condition due to the packaging.I ordered the panel on Wednesday night and was amazed that is arrived safe and sound on Friday. You Guy’s ROCK.That is some seriously good service.Ive had a play with the panel and must say im extremely happy with how it performs and how easy it is to use.Thank you again for a wonderful experience and fantastic service.Talk very soon.

John - Paget, QLD
Feb 14, 2020

Thank you I received my treasures today.  An absolute pleasure dealing with you, thank you 

Taylor - Fyshwick , ACT
Feb 13, 2020

Your excellent, cheerful and efficient online service is really appreciated.I was so surprised to receive my order within 24 hours as well as the refund for the order I botched so promptly!

Pip - Tweed Heads, QLD
Feb 13, 2020

THANK YOU.We have just taken delivery of a WAECO CFX75DZW COMPRESSOR FRIDGE AND FREEZER plus cover AND a Coleman LITHIUM ION FAN 12IN.Both appliances arrived in the same condition they left your business- completely damage free. TOLL Transport should be commended for their delivery.We are most impressed with your prompt supply of our two orders which were only placed late last week.It has been a real pleasure dealing with your company.

Gabrielle - WHITE BEACH, TAS
Feb 13, 2020

I was amazed that my Helinox Chair order placed yesterday, arrived today.Very happy with product and speed of delivery.Fantastic service. Well done. 10/10

Ellie - Buttaba, NSW
Feb 07, 2020
Hi Thank you Ben for the cheery note that arrived with our order which took less than 2 days to arrive.  I felt special when the note was addressed to me personally with my name.Thank you to Genevieve for being so cheery and helpful when I placed the phone order.  We received exactly what we wanted.It is people like you 2 that help businesses to survive in these tough times.  I will be recommending my friends to look on your website for all their camping and caravaning needs.
Genevieve - Mildura, VIC
Feb 07, 2020

Oh thank you Paul! Such wonderful service - I’ll be sure to continue shopping with Snowy’s.

Catherine - Wangaratta, VIC
Feb 06, 2020
Fastest delivery ever. Will always shop at Snowys in the future ,based purely on postage speed. Thanks so much
Simon - Lake Munmorah, NSW
Feb 06, 2020

Hello Snowys Customer Support Team, I have just received my order delivered to my door. Wow I have to say that was quick delivery, ordered late Tuesday and arrived in Hobart Thursday morning. I’m impressed, and very happy with my choice of shoes I ordered. Thankyou, until next time.

Vicki - Howrah , TAS
Feb 05, 2020

Thank you for your prompt delivery and courteous conversation on the phone Snowys

Elizabeth - Woody Point, QLD
Feb 04, 2020
Nick, this is by far the best customer service I've received in a very long time. Thank you so much for all your assistance.
Sharni - Richmond, VIC
Feb 04, 2020
Thank you for your time, Fly has been received with many thanks. What an awesome warranty service you run.
benjamin - Ashmore, QLD
Feb 03, 2020

Excellent customer service once again! Snowy’s is the first place I send all family and friends for this exact reason. Your communication and professionalism as a company is second to none. Your understanding in this situation is greatly appreciated.

Chris - Hampton East, VIC
Feb 03, 2020
I rang you last Tuesday and ordered a Queen Double-High Quickbed and Pump. It arrived last Wednesday and we put it to good use on Saturday night in the family-room with the air-conditioner going and the temperature was 30 degrees celsius.  Just a breeze after setting up the sofa-bed!!We are very happy with it and thank you for your prompt service.
Elizabeth - Waratah West, NSW
Feb 03, 2020

Once again thank you for an easy online experience and fast freight. Your goods are always the very best quality. Looking forward to using my Anywhere bed. Kind regards

Sue - Harden , NSW
Feb 03, 2020

Hi Nick,Just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding customer service snowys has.  We received our clamp for the chair yesterday.  Your staff need to here good feed back,  I couldn’t be happier with our service not just with this claim but with the other times we have used snowys for buying some of  our camping gear. So just a huge thank you to you and your  staff their either online or on the phone I can’t fault them in anyway. Thanks again,

Sue - Eagle Vale, NSW
Feb 03, 2020

Hi Nick, Thank you for your timely assistance. We appreciate the polite and professional manner of all the Snowy's staff we have encountered. This is a big part of the reason we patronise Snowy's and will continue to do so.

Mike - Adelaide , SA
Feb 03, 2020

Hi team, Just a quick email to pass on some feedback in relation to the order below. It’s my understanding that our order was placed on Thursday morning and arrived at our place (Coffs Harbour) on Friday afternoon. We couldn’t be more impressed with the speed, service and follow up in relation to our order. Please pass on our appreciation to the order and fulfilment team.

Jonathan - Coffs Harbour, NSW
Jan 30, 2020

Thankyou for your kind assistance and explanation re the products I have purchased.  It makes a big difference to me as I rarely order online and only if it’s an Australian company where I can consult by phone due to living in a remote part of Australia You made the purchase easy to do Once again thank you 

Paula - Point Samson, WA
Jan 29, 2020

Thanks for the email. We have the joiner, but have not used it due to the bushfires. Our daughter took the 2 x rv5 tents away (before joiner arrived) and used ingenuity and ropes to join them. She was beyond happy with the tents and said there were lots of people passing and checking them out. She had to set up and pull down 3 times before finally being evacuated and did all this by herself in record time - what a testament to the tents! Anyway, we are looking forward to actually using them ourselves.
Thanks for great service and products

Diane - Wilberforce, NSW
Jan 29, 2020

Hi Snowy’s Team, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received on the online order below. I placed the order just before lunch yesterday and received my order (in Newcastle NSW) just after lunch today. That’s very fast service, and the product is exactly as I expected. Well done!

Matt - Charlestown , NSW
Jan 23, 2020
My wife and I received our purchase and want to take the time to say a big thankyou for your outstanding service and the great quality of the product. Your candid “Aussie” approach is refreshing and feels personal, a big tick. Your product description and price and mail service are impeccable.Overall a cheery thankyou and we look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
Paul - Moruya, NSW
Jan 22, 2020

Hi Snowy’s Team,Your service is fantastic. The order I placed yesterday was delivered today in Melbourne. A big thank you to Susanne for her excellent customer service in assisting me to amend my online order.

Graeme - Ringwood East, VIC
Jan 21, 2020
Good afternoon team Just wanted to let you all know how happy I am with your service. I only ordered my oztrail bunks on Sunday evening with the hope they would turn up by Friday befor I go away and they have turned up today. Can not thank you or recommend you enough great job
Gavin - Westdale,
Jan 20, 2020

Hi Snowys, A quick note to say how great we think you are.  We've both bought walking boots from you.  It's only a coincidence that you had our sizes, but that's beyond the point. Your range is excellent and delivery, even to the Blue Mountains where letters from Sydney can take 5 days, is speedy and efficient.

Jan - Blackheath, NSW
Jan 19, 2020

Hi Snowys Team,I recently discovered your site in a web search for a Coleman blow up mattress. I easily shopped and checked out. I chose your site over others particularly because it said 1-2 days delivery and loved the fact that it was only $10!The single good I purchased arrived before the day I expected it and that was great as we had to rush to solve our bedding challenge with niece and nephew staying over for the school holidays. We recently reminded ourselves are last bed was done with and we didn’t replace it yet. So thanks for coming to the rescue so quickly, efficiently and with a great overall price.Your couriers and package tracking is also easy and they should be commended. I think you have a great business partner there.The Camping & Hiking Checklist along with the Thank You card within the package is a nice touch too. Keep up the great work!Although we are not camping, I would be sure to keep your store in mind for our needs next time.

Charles - Pyrmont, NSW
Jan 17, 2020

Hi guys, my order arrived two days after ordering it and that is astounding, thank you very much. The actual item is hard to comment on as it is for emergency use only and we hope we never have to use it. Item is as advertised. This is the second time I have ordered from you guys and likely to do so again in the future. Also loved your Christmas video of Santa picking the order, we had a great laugh.

Verna - Edensor Park , NSW
Jan 17, 2020

Just to Let You know my order arrived safely today, 1st Class Service & Delivery of 5 *S*T*A*R* Items, Highly Recommended 2 ALL... With Many Kind Thanks..

Andrew - Lethbridge Park, NSW
Jan 17, 2020

Just wanted to say I love your service!  Ordered my boots yesterday and am wearing them today!!  Arrived in good condition and exactly what I thank you!

Annette - Wahroonga , NSW
Jan 14, 2020
hi I made a order on Sunday and it arrived today Tuesday, just wanted to let you guys know that is A1 service in mu opinion, keep up the good work guy's 
Michael - Epping, VIC
Jan 14, 2020

Just a quick note to say thank-you for your brilliant customer service.It’s the first time that I have purchased from Snowys and I am thoroughly impressed with: 1. The usability of the website for easy online ordering - fast efficient effective 2. The price, payment options and quality of products available 3. The accuracy of delivery information as well as the speed/receipt of parcel delivery.I will definitely visit Snowys again and will highly recommend.

Gavin - Yaroomba , QLD
Jan 13, 2020

Thank for the great service the product I brought was very accurate and fitted perfectly 

Karen - Hamilton , VIC
Jan 09, 2020

Hi Snowys team, I received my package yesterday and wanted to say I am really happy with the service and the low prices. I was very surprised to get it so soon - ordered Monday at 5.30 and it arrives in Tasmanaia on Wednesday.  Will definately purchase from you again.

Michelle - Aberdeen , TAS
Jan 08, 2020

Hi Snowys, I just want to say thank you for getting my order to me 2 days after I placed my order.This is particularly impressive because I'm in the midst of the bushfire affected areas of the south coast of NSW and we'd been told no couriers would come to our part of the coast. Australia POst hadn't recommenced delivered but when I got home today, there was the Snowys package at the front door.I am especially grateful because I'd ordered a headlight to replace the one I'd lent to some other evacuees who needed it more than me. Now, I've upgraded and I have my new Black Diamond. Thanks for delivering great service at a time when we need it most.

Deb - Batemans Bay, NSW
Jan 07, 2020

Great price super fast delivery and fantastic chair to watch the sunrise with a coffee every morning.Thanks Jarod for the personal thank you

Phillip - Sunnybank Hills, QLD
Jan 01, 2020

Thank you for your prompt delivery and providing a great product at a great price . I would highly recommend Snowys and will definitely be purchasing more items in the future.

Steve - Norman Gardens, QLD
Dec 31, 2019

Hello and shorty Happy New Year, Thank you for our recent delivery from Snowys. We were both amazed at our quickly the order arrived in North Queensland. Utilisation of your website was extremely easy and well organised. Payment system was secure and relatively quick. We are both looking forward to our next purchase with Snowy. Thanks for your assistance and support.

Alene - Mt Louisa, QLD
Dec 30, 2019

Hello ,Just received my order today and would like to thank you for your great service ....I will certainly be shopping with you again.Happy new year to all.

Theo - Eumundi, QLD
Dec 22, 2019

Hello Rhi,I appreciate the fast delivery of my online purchases. They are intended to be gifts to my friends. It was way ahead of schedule which is always good especially this festive season. Your online store is easy to navigate. Receiving the email confirmation right away also gives you a sense of security that you are purchasing something from a bogus site. Thanks again and Happy Holidays! 

Synmark - St Leonards, NSW
Dec 20, 2019
To the team at Snowy's, a massive congratulations! I am not normally one to write reviews but you deserve this one.I placed an online order for 2 things at the start of Dec. One item was shipped straight away and i received it the following day. The other item was on pre-order and was surpose to arrive in your warehouse today but instead I got an email yesterday saying it had been shipped. I live in N.S.W and it has just arrived at my house today just in time for christmas! I can't thankyou enough for the excellent customer service you have provided and i will be definitely recommending you and your products to anyone in the future. Your prices are very competitive and beat all my local camping stores.  I will definitely be ordering off you again!Keep up the great work and Merry Christmas to all, especially Dale who made my day with his smiley face on my thankyou card :)
Shannon - Horsley, NSW
Dec 20, 2019

Hi Rhi You asked me if I would give a review. All I can say is FANTASTIC!!! My items I bought all arrived when you said they would. I also like the little notes about there may be a delay which there wasn’t. I’ll be shopping with you again. Also all prices were lower than I could buy locally.Thank you

Pauline - Edensor park, NSW
Dec 20, 2019

Hi Guy’s,I ordered a camp chair for my Grandson, I cannot stop bragging how professional you guys are. The thankyou note from Mick added a personal touch.The updates as to when my parcel would arrive was spot on and the packaging was excellent.Considering it is the week before Xmas it still only took 3 days , as you promised. You guys Rock 


Narelle - Maitland, NSW
Dec 20, 2019

Good morning all, I would like to say thanks for my recent transaction. I purchased two Zempire enduro 300 lamps they arrived promptly, but unfortunately one was damaged. I sent your team an email on the weekend and first thing Monday you replied. Damaged article was replaced and received Thursday! Brilliant service you should all be proud of your business, and all this a week before Christmas. I wish all businesses could be as efficient and courteous as your team.Many thanks and best wishes for the season. Kind regards Steve.PS. Will shop again and be sure to tell all my family and friends about this positive experience.

Stephen - Toothdale, NSW
Dec 19, 2019
I just wanted to let you know how absolutely thrilled I am with your company. I have only recently found you online and have been utterly impressed with your service, from the website itself, the selection, the price, the helpful reviews, the easy ordering, the option for free delivery, the swiftness of delivery and the attention to detail with packing to ensure my products arrived in perfect condition. Wow, just wow. I will be visiting your site as first option in future as for every item I purchased you were significantly cheaper than other camping store online and locally. I actually recieved my order faster than I could have made it to the shops if I were to buy locally.  I cannot say enough complementary things about Snowys. Feel free to use my review online. 
Amanda - Holloways Beach, QLD
Dec 17, 2019

The product I ordered from you on Sunday, has just been delivered to me.  I was watching out for any tracking information but here it is already.  I am very impressed and will not hesitate to refer my friends and family to you.

Fran - Winston Hills, NSW
Dec 14, 2019

Exciting news this end too it arrived safe and sound Thank you for making sure it arrived and so well packaged.

Sandra - corio , VIC
Dec 10, 2019

Hi Just wanted to say thanks for the quick prompt service , goods arrived as ordered and very quick delivery! Thanks

Andrew - Boambee East, NSW
Dec 09, 2019

Hi to the team at Snowys,Received the Hill Billy Bushranger kit 2 today, thanks for awesome quick freight and a great price.  Would recommend you guys without hesitation, once again thanks.

Mary - Esperance , WA
Dec 04, 2019

Hi Lisa, Thanks for the Thank You note. I’ve purchased a couple of things from Snowys & have found the range, pricing and customer service & communication to be excellent. Keep up the great work Cheers 

Mike - Kallaroo , WA
Dec 04, 2019

Just a quick not to say how happy I am as a first time customer with my new vest. Service and delivery were exellent.

Jeni - Golden Beach, QLD
Dec 04, 2019

Hello thanks for the excellent service with no fuss place the order was keep fully informed what was happening and had the item within two days fantastic thanks again

Russell - Sunshine , VIC
Dec 03, 2019
I just wanted to thank you for the great service I always get from the Snowys crew.  I have bought a number of items from you guys and its always on time and great gear.  Thanks for the service and have a great xmas
Louise - Mount Hawthorn , WA
Dec 03, 2019

Thankyou for delivery of camping bed used it last weekend all good service was excellent

Gloria - Kelso , QLD
Nov 29, 2019

Dear Snowys Amazing service! 24 hours for 2 jars of Sno-Seal to arrive at my front door. Pretty incredible.Thankyou Rhi and the team.

Phil - Valentine, NSW
Nov 29, 2019
Hi Guys, Just like to say how impressed I am by the service. I received the order in what I can only call record time so a large number of brownie points earned! I'll certainly have you at the top of the list for any other outdoor needs I might have and will definitely recommend the company to friends and associates.

Martin - Captain Creek, QLD
Nov 28, 2019
Hi i was so surprised my order arrived in 2 days So thank you Snowys good job and keep up the good work 
Gary - South Gladstone, QLD
Nov 27, 2019

Hi. My kettle arrived safely this morning.I bought this for my daughter to take travelling overseas, she is thrilled with it Thanks for super fast and safe delivery.

Marion - Dasyure Place, QLD
Nov 27, 2019
Boots turned up on Monday. Perfect, fantastic service - thanks very much. We'll be sure to buy from you again - Keep it up!
Peter - Lindisfarne , TAS
Nov 25, 2019
I would just like to say thank you for your last transaction. Your service was excellent, your communication was above average and your delivery was outstanding. I will get another chair off you as soon as I can afford it. Its a bit hard on the Pension. Once again - Thank you!
Barrie - Sun Valley, QLD
Nov 22, 2019

Just to let you know how pleased we are with the Beachkit beach umbrella. Arrived this afternoon so from order ti delivery 3 days ago!!! Amazing! The umbrella is great. Thank you so much.

Caroline - Ilkley, QLD
Nov 21, 2019

Thank you. Your service and delivery(next day)  was terrific. Would recommend you to everyone

Robyn - Kippa-Ring, QLD
Nov 21, 2019

Just a quick, mega thank-you for my Keen hiking boots, which I ordered yesterday and which arrived in Sydney less than 24 hours later. I had rung one of your staff members (Kirsty?) yesterday because I was worried they wouldn’t arrive before I go away on Sunday, and she did warn me that fires in NSW might impede delivery. So you can’t imagine how thrilled I was when they arrived this morning, pristine in their packaging and feeling just as comfy as the 8-year-old pair of Keens I’m replacing them with. I was also pleased to pay $70 less than they were going for everywhere else.

Catherine - St Ives Chase, NSW
Nov 20, 2019
Hello,I received a thank you note from Nev with my order today asking for a review or email.This is the first time I've made a purchase from Snowys, and I just wanted to say great job!I placed my order on Saturday, and it arrived Wednesday (which is earlier than expected as I live in Perth and most things take forever to get here).Also I'm so grateful that you sell the Teva womens Tirra in a size 5 :) Everywhere else only stocks from a size 6-10. Please continue to sell size 5, I'm sure there are others like me with small feet who will continue to buy footwear from you if you regularly stock size 5.Your price for the shoes was competitive too. Overall 5/5 :)
Lisa - Dianella, WA
Nov 20, 2019

Hi Taylia,Just wanted to say a BIG 'THANK YOU' for the Coleman Queen Size Airbed.Delivery was superfast and product is awesome. Shame they don't have asingle or double in this make with the dual inflate system. Wouldreally like a double size as well.Just thought I would let you know how super pleased I was with theservice from Snowys.

Pam - Mount Cotton , QLD
Nov 19, 2019

Thanks the fridge stand was here basically overnight,sellers in Wollongong ,can’t even do that,the price and freight was right,you’ve got me l will now look if you have what l need and the price is right ,l will order it from you.Thanks again

Lou - Tarrawanna, NSW
Nov 19, 2019

Hi Ben,I just wanted to say I'm very happy with my Leki walking pole and your excellent customer service.  I can see why you get so many 5 star reviews.

Jennifer - ANGLESEA , VIC
Nov 18, 2019

Hi All Just want to say thank you for your excellent service in respect to my online order. Love dealing with your store.

Anna - Cambridge, TAS
Nov 17, 2019

Hi Snowys Team all my gear that I have purchased is fantastic Trekking 250k in the Andes was unbelievable My bed mat sleeping bag were perfect especially because it came with a pillow They called me the five star Camper Will always use Snowys for all my Trekking equipment

Margo - Strathfield, NSW
Nov 17, 2019
I was very impressed with the speed and regular updates regarding my delivery. Also the quality of the Coleman 4 person pop-up tent. I have already erected it by myself, including the fly cover, and I am a 67 year old woman. It's just like the video on your site. Thank you and best regards
Wendy - Camden South, NSW
Nov 15, 2019

Hi guys my Oz Tent arrived today, now that is what I call good service ,I tried to price one at our local camping store same day I ordered from you but he could not even give me a firm price and here I am with my tent sitting on my floor , I will be sure to put out a good word for you  . Thanks again 

John - Pymble, NSW
Nov 14, 2019

Hi Snowys You people rock! – Best price in Australia (I searched), free delivery, very quick delivery. What more can I say other than that I will order all additional camping requirements through you. Best wishes

Alwyn - Witta , QLD
Nov 13, 2019

Hello to Bob and Rhi,Just a short note to thank you for your personalised cards. The service I continue to receive from Snowys has always been A1.Looking forward to dealing with you again.

Ken - Jacobs Well, QLD
Nov 12, 2019

Thankyou so much for my trail running vest - amazingly quick service, quick delivery, perfect product.

Monique - Red Hill , ACT
Nov 12, 2019

Hi Bob Thank you for getting my Oz Trail mattress delivered so quick. This is my 4th purchase from Snowys and always very quick delivery, great prices on good quality gear.

Bruce - Narellan Vale,
Nov 12, 2019

I have today received the Grand Aero3 Towing Mirrors that you sent and all is in perfect condition. I would like to thank all involved as the service was second to none. I will be putting them on the car later today before we leave on Saturday for 2 weeks in our van.

Roy - Vincentia,
Nov 08, 2019

Hi received my order you guys are awesome only orded yesterday and got it today going camping tomorrow so perfect timing will definitely be getting all my camp trailer pole parts and other stuff from you guys from now on will also tell all my mates pleasure doing business with you. 

Scott - Port Lincoln, SA
Nov 07, 2019
Hi Snowys, Your service is great. You were transparent with your delivery tracking and the delivery time was better than expected. I would easily recommend you to my friends.
Calvin - Burwood , NSW
Nov 07, 2019

Thank you so much, I received my order today, you are always so prompt it is wonderful.

Christine - Badger Creek, VIC
Nov 07, 2019

Good Evening Nev, Just a quick email to let you know about my Snowys experience. Yesterday afternoon I googled for ages trying to find some suitable & affordable Women's Hiking Boots. Having found nothing suitable in my own state, I settled on the Hi-Tech Womens Hikers from Snowys. They looked good and were at a good price. I sent my order and expected to wait a couple of weeks for delivery to rural Tassie. I could hardly believe it when I got home today, my boots had already arrived!! It took less than 24hours!! This is the fastest on-line shopping order I ever received and free delivery too! So I am now wearing my boots tonight to try them out and so far they are very comfy. I will test them out on a dog walk on the weekend. Thank you so much for your easy ordering and excellent fast delivery service. Now my husband wants to see what else you sell on your website! From a very happy customer

Lynette - Nubeena, TAS
Nov 07, 2019

Hi,Just wanted to say thanks for the very timely delivery of the trekking poles I purchased from you this week.  Great price and delivered, as promised, within a couple of business days. Many thanks Snowys team for a very smooth transaction!

Glyn - Endeavour Hills, VIC
Nov 07, 2019
Hi Snowys,I would just like to thank you for your wonderful service and help with the books that we ordered and a great big thank you for your prompt and excellent delivery of our order.  We will be recommending you to our friends when they talk about camping.
Julie - Rossmore, NSW
Nov 06, 2019

Ordered on Monday afternoon. Delivered on Wednesday afternoon. Excellent service, as usual, and great price. Thanks Snowys. I will be back.

Damien - Ocean Grove, VIC
Nov 06, 2019
Hello Folks I only ordered my multi Nikwax products yesterday – Tuesday November 5th and I received them earlier this afternoon – Wednesday in the Blue Mountains West of Sydney.Thank you for the prompt delivery of all products which were received in good condition as expected.
john - Blaxland, NSW
Nov 06, 2019

Thank you for the promptness of your replies and postage service. I have received my items and am very satisfied will shop with you again.

Curtis - Woolgoolga , NSW
Nov 05, 2019

Hi Mick,Received my order today what a fantastic store you have. I was there last week for the first time.It's a pity you don't have a store on the South side of town, but would not hesitate to purchase online from you as the service was excellent.

Bernie - Forestdale, QLD
Nov 05, 2019

Hi I received my order today and just wanted to pass on my feedback.  I placed my order Sunday afternoon and fully understood that current stocks were out and that you were expecting an order mid November.  That was fine so i purchased anyway.  Your web site was so easy to use and making my purchase a breeze.  Today 5/11/19 i received a message saying that my order was on the way :-)  When i got home it was there waiting at the front door.Thanks for the excellent service and prompt delivery.  I’ll be buying more from you guys in future.

Neil - Mount Cotton, QLD
Nov 04, 2019
Dear Team Snowys,I have just returned back from my Nepal trip where all our gear (4 sea to summit sleeping bags+liners+ dry sacks) were put through use on a 9 day trek upto 4380 mts elevation. I would like to thank the entire team for helping us with the decision on the sleeping bags. They served us really well, keeping us nice and toasty through the chilled nights. The sea to summit liners were something amazing on their own, which has kept us pondering till now as to the abilities of such a thin piece of cloth. With temperatures ranging from 10 deg to -2 deg we manage to get the best warmth and peaceful nights with this gear. Looking forward to many more treks & adventures with our gear.Snowy's is now my no.1 recommendation to anyone looking for outdoor gear. Thanks a million, cheers
Oswin - Junee, NSW
Nov 04, 2019

Hi guys, just received the Roman swift x4 gazebo. Love it!!!! Now can't wait for our Tassie trip in Jan to use it. Although I'm sure we're going to be putting it up many times before then, like right now lol. Soooo easy, even by myself, out of the box and straight up.
Thanks again for another perfect shopping experience. What I ordered, in good order and shipped extremely fast!.
Looking forward to thinking of the next camping item we will"need"

Donna - Duncans Creek, NSW
Nov 04, 2019

Hi Snowys team, Just wanted to give you a shout out. Your products are always competitively priced, and arrive quickly. My order arrived today and I only ordered it on Thursday night. Thanks again for another great experience!

Rhea - Plumpton, NSW
Nov 04, 2019

Received both lots of camp chairs today. Very efficient delivery times and right to my door. Great products, price and service, Thank you

Christine - Ingham , QLD
Nov 02, 2019
Hello Team Just wanted to say thanks for the speedy delivery and assistance I received when placing my recent order.  Everything is in great condition and the mirrors are awesome.  We pick up our new van in a couple of weeks and we are looking forward to trying the mirrors out on the road.
Craig - Buccan, QLD
Nov 01, 2019

Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of my chair.  It is exactly what I was looking for.  Can't believe it arrived from Brisbane to Central NSW within 2 days.  Well Done!

Nov 01, 2019

The order was delivered yesterday afternoon. I could not believe the order was delivered so quickly. Well done guys

Alan - Dawesville , WA
Nov 01, 2019

Hi, and thank you, to everyone working at Snowys, for their prompt delivery of my parcel. I could not believe it when the delivery truck arrived this morning, as I only placed the order on Wednesday afternoon and it was here early Friday morning.Thank’s again.

Nick - Orchard Hills, NSW
Oct 31, 2019

received my order yesterday thank you, the swiftness of delivery was amazing, once again for great service

Lorraine - Long Beach, NSW
Oct 30, 2019

Hi Team & Ben What I thought? I am very excited to receive my goods so quickly and left by my front door. It can be a bit of a gamble when ordering online and not actually seeing the product. We always hope that it’s what we imagined it to be but it’s not necessarily the case.Gladly for me today it was. The cupboard is stable, easy to erect and exactly the cupboard that I wanted and I’m so happy and can not wait for our next camping trip to use it! So delighted with your prompt service.

Vicky - Highton, VIC
Oct 30, 2019

Dear Michael (and the Snowys team), I live in Northern NSW and occasionally get to Brisbane where I enjoy wandering through your store. So when I chanced upon a pair of Keen shoes at a generous price and I could purchase them without leaving home I was stoked. I then received my shoes in two days, left at the back door. Excellent!Thank you for your efforts and your service. It is appreciated.

Ern - Alstonville, NSW
Oct 29, 2019
Thank you Snowys.  Inflatable coat hangers ordered on line whilst we were driving back from Melbourne yesterday have been delivered already this morning to our country location.   Unbelievable!!!!  Such quick service.  Really appreciate it. Cheers
Craig - Wellington East, SA
Oct 29, 2019

Good Morning. Many Thanks for the prompt service. The Beautiful picnic rug arrived well packaged yesterday, and, although I haven't unrolled it ( Christmas Gift) it looks perfect. Many Thanks.

Rhonda - East Tamworth, NSW
Oct 28, 2019

Hi there Just wanted to say thanks for your fabulous service...I ordered an item on your website last Friday morning and received it Monday afternoon.It arrived in pristine condition, speedily and exactly what I ordered!This was my first experience with your company and would definitely recommend and use you again.Well done team Snowys!

Maria - Chatswood, NSW
Oct 28, 2019

My order arrived correctly and on time.  If I need other supplies I will certainly be looking to you to supply them.  Thank a lot 

Ian - Gorokan, NSW
Oct 28, 2019

Thanks for a very good service!!!!! My Roman chair arrived within 2 days and I was able to use it in my painting trip  I have recommended it to friends  Thanks again

Avril - Mount Martha, VIC
Oct 24, 2019

You guys are insanely good. I placed the below order yesterday and it has arrived at my office this morning! I don’t know ow you do it but keep it up!

Caitlin - Canterbury, VIC
Oct 24, 2019

Hi Dale, just a short note to thank you for your amazeing efficiency, after speaking with you young lass in adelaide she said your office in brisbane would courier the product to me. Well early afternoon the following day my daughter rings me n said, there is a package here from snowys, wow, we cant even get couriers to deliver overnight from sydney. That is the quickest product delivery i have ever had, thankyou, your an amazeingly efficient company, cheers

Peter - Narooma, NSW
Oct 22, 2019

Hi Snowys Team, Recently I purchased a “Zempire Jetset 5 Air Tent” from you and enclosed was the attached customer order feedback card. Well my whole experience with everyone I have spoken to at Snowys has been outstanding for the following reasons; Very polite and courteous team, and I mean both Adelaide & Brendale. Very knowledgeable about every product that I  have enquired about over the last month. All staff keen to find the right solution for the customer. Whilst I have not yet used my new tent to date, I am very happy with my purchase (Based on Ben’s outstanding U Tube videos). Ben’s videos are so good! He does a outstanding job showcasing the range and promoting setups/installs and product features. (He is a champion) My package was well wrapped and arrived on time from the Brendale team. I am a new customer to Snowys and so far I found dealing with the Snowys Team an absolute pleasure! 10/10    πŸ˜Š I am now looking at other products to purchase that you have and will continue to support Snowys and recommend you to others. WELL DONE TEAM!   Thank you..

Dan - Hollywell, QLD
Oct 22, 2019

This is my Second Engel Fridge Purchased through Snowys Online.  Excellent Communication. Excellent Delivery with Toll. Package was received in good condition. Very happy. Thank You. 

Darren - Singleton Heights, NSW
Oct 20, 2019
Thanks for the prompt and efficient service. It was just as easy shopping online as it is in the Snowys store. My back is causing me grief, and the Coleman’s chair is by far the most comfortable I have found. I thought you might find the picture amusing. It was taken 15 seconds after I unpacked the chair. Perhaps Coleman’s could run an ad along the lines of “Better buy two...” In fact, the one one I bought online was the second one, after getting the first in the shop. Thanks again for excellent products and service at a very reasonable cost.
Ken - Balaklava, SA
Oct 19, 2019
A fellow 4WD-er told me about you guys so I ordered a Zipboil from you. It was a painless process over the net and the product turned up on the 2nd day after ordering. Some of the most painless and quick buying experiences I have had.
Jack - Grange, QLD
Oct 16, 2019

Thanks heaps…both of my orders came next day…great service by great people with great products.

Paul - West Haven, NSW
Oct 16, 2019
Just wanted to say thank you to the team for getting my order out so quickly. I ordered online right on the 2pm cut off and I received it 9am the next day which was amazing as we decided to last minute hit the road on our holiday earlier than intended. So thank you! We used all the items and they were fantastic - the kettle is super handy! We appreciate your great service.
Dimity - Earlwood, NSW
Oct 16, 2019
Just received my OZTENT screen house mesh floor saver and the three screen house (SQ) walls.. I'm so grateful and thankful for the great Customer Services and thank you and your team at 'SNOWYS' for such a speedy delivery. Much appreciated 
Helen - Merrylands West, NSW
Oct 15, 2019

To The Team at Snowys, I have been asked to supply some feedback on my purchase of a 3.0m Oztrail canopy, from the time of first purchase I have found each person I have dealt with to be helpful and friendly. Although I Had a warranty claim on the item that also was handled in a professional manner. I received my replacement canopy yesterday, 14/10 ahead of the projected delivery date. I spoke to Nick during this time and was very happy with the way I was treated. Again thanks to all at Snowys and I would and have sung your praises to my camping/fishing buddies, I will certainly be shopping with you in the future.

Mike - Thornlie, WA
Oct 14, 2019

Good Afternoon I just want to let you know we absolutely love the service from Snowys. This definitely won’t be our last order. Well done to all of your team πŸ˜Š

Marie-Anne - Geraldton, WA
Oct 14, 2019

I am just emailing as I feel it is important to tell you how impressed I am with the service I got from ordering a pair of hiking boots online. I live in Karratha W.A and since moving up here everytime I have ordered something on line it has taken for ever and complicated and painful. My experience with you has been the complete opposite. I actually bought the boots as I am doing the Everest base camp trek in December and really need to start purchasing my stuff. I am always hesitant ordering things online but you have made it such a great experience that I will be purchasing most other things I need for the trek through you.

Rebecca - Pegs Creek, WA
Oct 11, 2019

Hi Snowys. Thanks for your great service, i ordered 2 bunkers on Tuesday was told 2 to 3 days for delivery which is great. Got home from work Thursday night and they had been delivered. Thank. 

Glenn - Hodles creek, VIC
Oct 10, 2019

Ordered my products on Tuesday 6pm, express delivery, arrived early Thursday. Great product, great service, I’ll be back!!

Chris - Wheeler Heights, NSW
Oct 09, 2019

Hi We were very happy with our first interaction with Snowys, so thought we should let you know!!We were looking to buy a large esky for our sone and his family for Christmas and us being new to this camping thing, decided to check out the store in Brendale.The gentleman in store was great…patient, very knowledgable and keen to help…and no sales pressure.It was an easy choice to make in the end…Dometic 110litre…with very competitive pricing Our car was full from being away so decided to purchase on line with free delivery.Another great service….carefully wrapped and protected….arriving only 2-3 days later.(Thanks Mick and team)n summary, thanks for a great, all round experience at Snowys.Highly recommended.

Peter - Jindalee, QLD
Oct 09, 2019
Hello Nev.I recently purchased a pair of Salomon XA PRO 3D trail running shoes from your webstore and wanted to say I am very impressed with everything and couldn't be happier!First of all, they arrived in less than 40 hours, wow! They were marked down to a very reasonable price, you had exactly the colour and size I was looking for and the ordering / paying process was well designed to make it as easy as possible. So easy, I made the order on my phone.From one happy customer.
Tim - Epsom, VIC
Oct 08, 2019

Thank you for supplying a great set of caravan mirrors, I have been towing a van since 2006 and I can say these are the best I’ve ever used and your delivery service was first class

Ray - Dubbo, NSW
Oct 06, 2019

G’day Snowys:  Once again you’ve provided excellent – outstanding - service.  I placed a small on-line order with you last Thursday at 11.25 am – it arrived the next day before 8.30am.   That is truly amazingly quick service.  Thanks.

Gordon - Belmont, NSW
Oct 05, 2019

Thank you for the service ordered the mirrors on Thursday and received them on Friday the next day. When placed the order it stated 3 to 5 Days on the invoice so congratulations on the service as I didn't expect the mirrors to be delivered for at least a week.

Brian - Sawtell, NSW
Oct 04, 2019
Good morning Guys &Girls..............received my Deuter Transit40 Pack on Wednesday morning, which was pretty impressive since I only ordered it last Saturday Lunchtime. Nearly half the price of any opposition and perfect for Overhead Locker Storage. Thanks again for the as previously/ongoing fantastic service.
Sean - Toormina, NSW
Oct 04, 2019
Hi, just wanted to say thanks to Snowys for my delivering my new sleeping bag so fast. You guys are unreal! Very reliable and always competitive on price.I have used a few Sea to Summit sleeping bags and this one might be my favourite. I'll be heading to Tasmania to test it soon enough but I love the weight of this bag and the more relaxed fit compared to my older model Spark 2. Should be easy to boost some layers inside if needed. Tasmania here I come. Have an awesome day.
Jason - Burleigh Heads, QLD
Oct 02, 2019

Hi to all, and Nev! Thanks for the superb service when buying my HiTec Ravus shoes. You have a great website, easy to navigate, and I love all the camping/travelling information. Prices are always competitive, and the fast delivery blew my socks off (just as well I was getting new shoes). I recommend you to all my friends as better than Anaconda. Thanks again, until next time

Ian - Garran, ACT
Oct 02, 2019

Hi Snowys Team, Just a short message regarding my most recent order. Once again, thanks for the prompt service! All the gear arrived today and it's looking great. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to heading outdoors again soon with the new cooking unit.

Trev - Mafra, VIC
Oct 02, 2019

Team at Snowys, What a fantastic job, I placed the order Friday afternoon and received it Tuesday morning.  A big thank you also should go to the courier. Nothing normally gets delivered earlier than expected. Especially to the Far North of Queensland. Thankyou again, will gladly do business with you again and will recommend you to others in the future.

Brenda - Mareeba, QLD
Oct 01, 2019

Thank you for letting me know so promptly I received my order today. Would recommend you 

Pat - Taromeo, QLD
Oct 01, 2019
Shoes arrived this morning. Thank you so much for your fantastic pricing and prompt delivery.
Dave - Newport, NSW
Sep 30, 2019

Snowy’s digital content is excellent, from the newsletter through to the videos. Great to see an Australian company delivering world class online retail!

Andrew - Geelong, VIC
Sep 28, 2019

Good afternoon, I had the pleasure of shopping at Snowys at Brendale today and just want to provided some feedback. I myself work in an industry were people and Quality customer service have a Direct impact on our successful and I must say your team at Brendale are brilliant. The staff are extremely helpful and know what they are taking about. They are not only helpful, but you get the sense that they genuinely want to assist people with the products and ensure their customers are making the correct decision for their needs. Great staff and great service, given the shear amount of business that sell outdoor gear these days, your staff; especially the team at Brendale are the reason my family, friends and myself recommend Snowys.

Andrew - Brendale, QLD
Sep 27, 2019

Thanks for having the best prices on jetboils and freeze dried food. I just bought the sumo tonight and next pay im ordering a bunch of servings. I wouldnt have got these without your low cost thanks heaps keep the specials rolling

Gabriel - Kamerunga, QLD
Sep 25, 2019

Thanks snowys for the quickest order delivery.  I ordered on Saturday night and the order turned up today.  The quickest delivery ever to Tasmania.  Thanks again I will be ordering more from you and will recommend to friends

Liz - Rosny, TAS
Sep 25, 2019

Hi Snowys, Just want to thank you for the sending my order so quickly.  I am so impressed πŸ˜Š.  It was a last minute order for my daughters Duke of Ed Camp – forgot they needed a compass! Thanks again for the quick turn around.

Carmel - North Epping, NSW
Sep 24, 2019

Hi all at Snowys, Just a quick thank you for my order. It turned up super quick ready for our next camping trip. It was well packaged and in great shape.

Jeff - Chittaway Bay, NSW
Sep 24, 2019
Hi All, I would just want to say thank you for you prompt delivery time and the product i purchased was exactly as per your website, i could not be happier
Bryan - Gymea Bay, NSW
Sep 24, 2019

Hi Snowys team,I just wanted to say thank you for terrific service im blown away.I had been waiting 5 weeks for a swag from a supplier so cancelled my order and found your website.From the time I ordered your team has been I would say the best customer service I have ever experienced and im 41  so I just wanted to let you know your miles in front and I look forward to being a returning customer and also recommending you to friends and family.Cheers

Michelle - Mansfield , VIC
Sep 23, 2019

Tauylia,Don’t know if I spelt your name right but my BBQ has arrived and it is everything your staff said it would be. Thanks Snowy’s you did a great job will purchase again even though I am in NSW.

Graeme - Villawood, NSW
Sep 19, 2019
Hey guys!Just letting you know that I have received my order and was superfast!! Fitted perfectly and will keep your name on reference for anything else I may require
Justin - Morley,
Sep 19, 2019
To the team at Snowys. Thankyou for the excellent service. My solar blanket arrived today. Great service. 
Peter - Minyip , VIC
Sep 19, 2019
Hi "Snowys",I appreciate very much how quickly you attended to my order which arrived last Tuesday!
Val - Donvale , VIC
Sep 18, 2019

Hi Bob My wife ordered these mattress' on, I think, Thursday night with me telling her that she'd probably just get them, before or on the day her family arrive from Japan, but lo and behold, here they are on the Monday afternoon, 16th of September, well before they've arrived, I'm impressed!!! The Coleman mattress' are great, just a little bigger that I thought they would be but no problems, will make them both fit in the tent!!!! Thanks again

Andy - Manoora, QLD
Sep 18, 2019

Hi Tahylia (I hope I spelt that correctly)I just received my order which i placed a couple days ago, wow great service and for delivery this quick to where im located is very impressive.Much appreciated and will definitely recommend and look to place other orders.Once again Thank you

Shaun - Barkers Vale , NSW
Sep 18, 2019

Hi there,I ordered a Leatherman Wingman knife from you guys last weekend – the process was seamless, and I received the item today – just as Toll said they would.So I guess I am saying that you guys  doing a great job – and Toll to as it was easy to track and Afterpay is also great and not that I need to tell you but keep this process simple and we will keep on ordering.Great work and keep it up.

Kim - Albury, NSW
Sep 17, 2019

Just wanted to say thank you for the great service. I recently bought a sleeping bag online for my son’s school camp. It was a bargain at less than half price, postage was free and it arrived the next day. I have spread the word with the school Mums and I’m sure you will be selling a few more. Many thanks,

Felicity - Cherrybrook, NSW
Sep 17, 2019
Thanks for the fabulous service.  Very impressed.
Greg - Kelmscott , WA
Sep 17, 2019

Hi there,I wanted to say a very big thank you to Snowys and Suzy (i so hope I've got her name right) for going above and beyond in getting my hydration vest to me, literally overnight. I am completely blown away and really could not be happier. Thank you so very much. Thank you

Keryn - Chambers Flat, QLD
Sep 15, 2019

Just a quick note to say thank you for the great service and fast delivery of my sea to summit tk2 sleeping bag that came yesterday at 1.00pm, i only ordered on sunday night late. I made the choice after watching the video with ben and then speaking to one of the girls on the phone at your shop in adelaide for advice. looking forward to many a trip on my bicycle with it, and more shopping from you.

Paul - Wauchope, NSW
Sep 15, 2019

Hi there, all going very well with my gear. My last purchase of the heater is a real win.

Dennis - Paddington, NSW
Sep 15, 2019

Great product, fast delivery, very happy.  

John - River Heads, QLD
Sep 15, 2019

Hi Bob, Just thought I would let you know that the Thetford Porta Potti arrived safe & well! Great website, watched your video of the product and then ordered, you beat all the local dealers here in Cairns by quite a margin especially with the free delivery. Will certainly gives you guys a look next time we are after some more camping gear…

Phil - Cairns, QLD
Sep 15, 2019

O. M. G. I ordered this PLB Thursday evening and you have it delivered next day before lunch. WOW! Best service ever. THANK YOU.

Richard - Bassendean, WA
Sep 07, 2019

Hi I would like to thank you on the prompt delivery of my shoes I recently purchased online. They only took a couple of days and were also on special, so I saved quite a bit and delivery being free was a bonus. Thank you

Lynette - Prospect, TAS
Sep 06, 2019

Hi,I would like to thank you and your delivery service for being so prompt in my delivery. I ordered on Wednesday 4th September in the Afternoon and recieved Thursday 5th in the Afternoon. I will be recommending your company. 

Julie - Lynbrook, VIC
Sep 04, 2019

Hi guys, excellent service. Easy to order and fast delivery, placed order thursday, delivered monday, great stuff.

Dave - Cronulla, NSW
Sep 04, 2019

Just received another great product and fantastic service from the team at Snowys. thanks again

David - Capalaba, QLD
Sep 04, 2019

Hi guys,just want to say thank you for the order that we received this morning when it was was only ordered the day before - Brilliant....We are happy with the goods we purchased and I really can't beieve that we already have them...Thanks again so much - we will definetly order through you again. The tape on the box says ripping customer service, well thats spot on.

Pat - Mudjimba, QLD
Sep 04, 2019

Thanks again Snowy’s,  I received my order really fast and great products and prices. Much appreciate. Very regular and satisfied customer

Bea - Brisbane, QLD
Sep 04, 2019

Omg IT IS ALREADY HERE.. You guys are so amazing.. Guess whose going glamping with the girls this weekend!

Rachael - Singleton, NSW
Sep 04, 2019

Thanks. Received in good condition. Happy

Michael - Tewantin, QLD
Sep 04, 2019

Good morning Snowys, I just wanted to provide some feedback to the recent order I made this week. I wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with ordering through your company. I have never been in store nor ordered from you, but on Monday this week around mid afternoon I created an an account and ordered an icebox and a few thermal ice packs, and it was dispatched and delivered the very next day, exactly where we asked. That's fantastic - ordered one day, delivered and received the very next day and delivery was free! This is outstanding customer service, and I wanted to let you know how appreciated and what we thought of your service. We are still yet to test our Evakool icebox and thermal ice packs but we will in a few weeks time when we go away ..... and i am sure it will be great! Thank you again for your outstanding service, and good prices as it seemed everything i ordered was on special :)

Karina - Evanston, SA
Sep 04, 2019

 Cheers Guys ....Got chair 10.45 am today ...ordered on Monday night ...Great service ,great product

Jim - Oxley Vale, NSW
Sep 04, 2019
Hi Guys, My order [sleeping bag] arrived safely today whilst I was at a medical appointment. I haven't yet taken it out of its' own bag, will do that some time tomorrow and get back to you. Thanks for such great service and products. I am over the moon with my previous order the Coleman stretcher bed! By the way I am not on Facebook or such media.
Raymond - Murgon, QLD
Sep 04, 2019

I received my duffle bags in great order and time, exactly what I wanted to thank you.

Mark - Ipswich, QLD
Sep 04, 2019
Amazing service! The order arrived to our big surprise this morning! So impressed with your service & will definitely order from you again! Thanks for a great online shopping experience!
Rebecka - Albert Park, VIC
Sep 04, 2019

Thankyou so much what amazing service can't believe our parcel arrived already.Ordered Saturday on my doorstep Tuesday awesome.

Donna - South Grafton, NSW
Sep 04, 2019

Placed on order for a Tourer 9 tent am Tuesday and received it pm Wednesday. Fantastic service. Haven’t tried it out yet but have used one in the past and we were very happy with it.

Janet - Lismore, NSW
Sep 04, 2019
I ordered three pairs of socks and a mosquito net and I just wanted to thank you for the extremely quick delivery and excellent communications regarding the order. Very impressed and look forward to shopping with you again.
Andrea - Yarralumla, ACT
Sep 04, 2019

Dear Lisa,

Thankyou for your note with my latest delivery. Being quite impatient, I must commend Snowys on their prompt delivery ! Order before lunch, receive the next day (Adelaide metro anyway.). Just fantastic !If there is ever a way to successfully compete with Ebay/Inet pricing, Snowys have found a way that will keep me coming back. Pricing is important, of course, but delivery service is one that will keep me coming back ! Thankyou for your excellent, pompt, customer service.

Mark - Wynn Vale, SA
Sep 04, 2019

Package arrived today!

Freakin' incredible delivery time!! That's a (5)Thumbs up from me, Outstanding service guys&ladies that beats anything I've previously ordered online by a mile(?) 
Tim - Goondiwindi, QLD
Sep 04, 2019
I have purchased from Snowys a couple of times now & absolutely wrapped in their service & pricing. I have purchased goods from Snowys, paid for delivery & still paid less than if I had purchased locally. Best prices, reasonable freight & super fast delivery. Then to top it off with my last purchase a thank you note & a camping & hiking checklist.
Keep up the good work Snowys.
Ed - Unknown, SA
Sep 04, 2019

Hi team,

Just wanted to send a quick message to thank you for an amazing first time shop experience!!

From ordering, a query via messenger, email updates and delivery - I can’t fault the service and support.

Thanks heaps - I look forward to shopping with you again!


Jess - Norlane, VIC
Sep 04, 2019

Again we are delighted with the service we received from Snowy's. Thank you!

Joyanne - Bubndaberg North, QLD
Sep 04, 2019

Awesome service Sam.  Shoes have arrived and on my feet!!! Thanks heaps.

Maureen - Nords Wharf, NSW
Aug 16, 2019
Hi All,Great job and service to provide me the Coleman Packaway table and bench set.I’d like to mention I was going to go with another set up, but after watching the small video on your site that I changed my mind....It was turned up today(Fri) ready for the weekend!! As well....Top job!
Chris - Tumut, NSW
Aug 16, 2019

Hi Marley and the team,I bought 4 bottles of Debugger from you last week and I've never been more impressed with customer service ever! Not only was the online ordering process quick and easy, but I had confirmation of my order straight away, and an invoice. But then the product came THE NEXT DAY!! That's unheard of when you live in Rockhampton!! I think you guys must've driven up overnight yourselves! Couriers are not that fast! And there were nice touches. Like the handwritten address and the little thank you note that was enclosed with my order. I would get all my shopping with you if you sold groceries and clothes! I couldn't be more impressed! Thank you sincerely.

Margaret - Park Avenue, QLD
Aug 15, 2019

Hello, Absolutely delighted with both the service and the toilet. In the past we have only used Thetford but, after continual problems we decided to change brands after seeing your informative video. It has turned out to be a very good decision.Thank you.

John - Moore Park, QLD
Aug 15, 2019

Hi I have bought a lot from Snowys in the past and have always found shopping on line to be effortless. The prices are good and the help if required is great. Always a great experience. Will spread the word . Thanks

John - Panania, NSW
Aug 12, 2019

Hi Lisa My four items from Snowys arrived today in mint condition.  Snowys always has competitive prices and THE best service.A few weeks ago I received another item that wasn't quite right.  I contacted the warranty section and with hours Nick had a replacement (which he personally checked) item on the way.  It was extraordinary service for a warranty issue!

Peter - Stony Rise, TAS
Aug 09, 2019

I am so impressed with the service from Snowys. Communication about my order and fast delivery was excellent. Very happy and I look forward to buying more from you.

Karen - Cooroibah, QLD
Aug 08, 2019

Hi I recently had a product replaced under warranty I spoke to both staff in the the store and the warranty department Staff were extremely helpful. The online warranty process was simple and quick Staff in the warranty department went out of their way to resolve the matter quickly Thanks again for your help 

Tony - Seaforth, NSW
Aug 07, 2019

I rang yesterday with a problem paying on your website. It was great to get a cheerful, trained operator. The boots arrived on my doorstep this morning! Unbelievable. Great service

Bruce - Don, TAS
Aug 05, 2019

Just a quick email to let you know that I really appreciate your friendly phone service and speedy delivery !! I ordered on Friday at lunchtime and it was delivered to my door Monday lunchtime !! 11 out of 10 Snowys Have a wonderful day!

Ken - Byron Bay, NSW
Aug 03, 2019

Hi, thank you for the very fast delivery of our Companion LP Gas Heater. What a fantastic little heater, certainly gives out some heat. We looked elsewhere at the same heater, an then online, and Snowys was $50 cheaper, and with free postage. What a great buy. Even our friends comment on what a little ‘ripper’. Thanks heaps and will continue to check out Snowys for future buys.... 

Joe - Russell Island, QLD
Jul 31, 2019
Received today ....... bloody ell ..... only ordered them yesterday, fantastic shipping service that is worth every cent of the shipping fee. Gasmate adapters are well made and perfect for the job. I will be back for sure, you have to support a business like this that supports it's customers. Premium service matters in this world.  
Nick - Rockhampton City, QLD
Jul 31, 2019
Good Morning Nev.I just bought some Scarpa Terra GTX boots from you.I wanted to thank you for your outstanding service - I ordered them in Brisbane around 2pm on Monday and they had been delivered by the time I got home yesterday evening.Also, Kirsty (I think the lady's name was) who assisted me on the phone on Monday was most helpful and delightful to deal with.So, thanks for your great service from start to finish and they are exactly what I hoped for and everything was outstanding.Have a fab day.

Amanda - Warner, QLD
Jul 30, 2019

WOW! Absolutely blown away at the prompt delivery service not to mention the quality of the sleeping bag i purchased. Just as shown & described online. Thank you very much I will be doing more shopping with you guys in the near future. Will also be recommending you to friends & family.

Rebekah - New Town, SA
Jul 30, 2019

Thank you I have already received my order. That was the fastest delivery I have ever experienced in my 12 years of buying on line! Thanks again

Nikola - Yatala , QLD
Jul 30, 2019
My parcel just arrived, and all looks good and fits well! Super excited to start wearing them for my upcoming holiday through the Kimberleys!I have been searching for the Teva sandals in my size for a couple of weeks now and that is how I finally ended up on your site. Browsing through your catalogue also reminded me I need a new pair of Keens. In all, a very easy and pleasant experience.
Audia - Macquarie park, NSW
Jul 26, 2019

Hi Marley at Snowys,Fantastic service and delivery speed.Ordered on Wednesday afternoon and delivered on Thursday afternoon at my home in Sydney. Thank you guys so much.Plan to tell everyone about Snowys great service and best pricing.

Gary - Baulkham Hills, NSW
Jul 26, 2019
Dear Snowys, received the box this morning with the cooler in it. Thank you so much for the very good service. Love the cooler, that is the fourth one we have bought, the other three were from Freddie’s in Townsville. My husband and 3 sons use them as their lunch boxes as they all work very long hours and there is plenty of room in the cooler for food and drinks.The best feature is they don’t have zips to close the cooler as these often break after a short time. So thank you again. We have certainly recommended them to our friends.
Deanna - Ingham, QLD
Jul 25, 2019

I just wanted to say how awesome your service is. I have ordered online a few times from Snowy's now and without fail my orders have arrived correct, undamaged and within 1 or 2 days from ordering. Awesome service, great prices and always a polite friendly note in the box. Can't fault the experience.

Chris - Gympie, QLD
Jul 25, 2019

Thanks so much for my Oztrail deluxe compact.  Arrived Tuesday and I’ve just unloaded and checked it – all good thank you so much. Good price and efficient delivery, couldn’t ask for more.

Liz - Kurrajong Heights, NSW
Jul 24, 2019
Thank you very much for sending the larger clips- they were a perfect fit for my application. I was surprised to see the overnight priority on the parcel- well over and above service. A very happy customer! 
Greg - Geebung, QLD
Jul 24, 2019
This showed up yesterday which was 6 days after ordering. Since I live in WA, this is very efficient, I was not expecting this so soon. I haven’t even opened the parcels yet but was very happy to get them so soon.Thanks again.
Shane - Beldon, WA
Jul 24, 2019

Hi Leith, thanks so much for the order. My Keen shoes arrived at about noon today. This is amazing service. Ordered lunchtime yesterday and it arrived lunchtime today. Fantastic 

Phil - Geilston Bay, TAS
Jul 23, 2019

Hi people, this is just a quick email to let you know how impressed I am with your service. I have purchased quite a few items from you and your prompt deliveries and ease of purchasing process will keep me coming back for more. I have recently taken up bushwalking/ hiking at 50 years of age. Mostly day walks with my two Border Collies where they are allowed of course. The plan is to gradually increase the size of our/my walks and then do some overnight and perhaps even some longer walks. So I still have a few things to purchase, tent , mat etc . But I will definitely be shopping with you in the near future because it is so easy and that comes down to how your shop is run. Thank you again.

John - Wyoming, NSW
Jul 19, 2019

Thank you so much for your fast service.I ordered the flask Tuesday afternoon and it arrived yesterday..I am thrilled with my purchase and your wonderful customer service. Thanks again 

Elizabeth - Dorrigo, NSW
Jul 19, 2019

Hi, I would just like to say how wonderful and efficient you guys are there at Snowys. I have purchased from you guys on a few occasions and I could not praise you enough for your speedy delivery and customer service. I've mentioned to all my friends about how great you are and to check you out if ever they need anything camping. 

Thankyou again for making this customer 100% happy and I hope that you have a wonderful day.
Amanda - Wingham, NSW
Jul 18, 2019

Hi Snowy, We are very happy with our Oztrail de luxe 3.0m that we received from you within the promised time and we like the price and the cost of delivery.  We put it up today for a practice and found it looked great.Dealing with you was easy and very worthwhile.  We might need some sides in the future and will be in touch.

Lorraine - Wondecla, QLD
Jul 18, 2019
Hi Thanks you for the unbelievably prompt service ... I placed my order late morning yday and the epirb arrived (less than 24hrs later) at my doorstep in Bundaberg a few minutes ago. Thank you for your efficient service once again. Cheers
Rob - Branyan, QLD
Jul 18, 2019

Good afternoon Just wanted to say thank you for your exceptional service and delivery of our order. It was exactly as described. Thanks again.

Dennis - Echuca, VIC
Jul 18, 2019

Thank you for the stove and stand I received this morning. Great product and even greater service from Snowys.Will definitely recommend your store to my friends.

Xerxes - Sinnamon Park, QLD
Jul 16, 2019

Hi snowys Received my delivery today. I was a first time purchaser. Absolutely excellent service and the informative texts and emails were so reassuring. Congratulations and thanks heaps.

Graham - Port Macquarie, NSW
Jul 16, 2019

I just wanted to commend Snowys on their amazing service. I ordered a camping mat last Wednesday and it arrived on Friday, delivered to my home on a rural property in regional NSW. Never before, as a rural customer have I ever experienced such fantastic service. Well done Snowys and well done Toll. I was so used to waiting weeks, or having to go into town to see where the delivery ended up; maybe at the local stock feed merchant, the Council offices, service stations etc. I was stunned with how prompt and convenient your delivery was and how easy it was to do business with you. You have raised the bar locally for me. Well done Snowys!

Heather - Boorowa, NSW
Jul 12, 2019

Unit arrived today. Just want to thank you for great service. Very impressed with your efficiency.

christopher - Salter Point, WA
Jul 11, 2019

Just received Merrell walking shoes I ordered just a couple of days ago. Cheers, arrived super early. Great shoes, fit like a glove.Thx again.

John - Uki, NSW
Jul 10, 2019

Hi Bob, I ordered the Oztrail Mega hooded cotton canvas sleeping bag -12 last month and just wanted to say a belated "Thank you" for such a top quality product and speedy delivery. Great service! Best wishes,

Fiona - Florey, ACT
Jul 10, 2019

G'day Snowys, just wanted to commend you on the great service, communication and speed of delivery. We ordered the 40L Engel on the 2nd and it arrived on the 10th. You guys offered the best price on the product and kept the shipping costs super low. Thanks again.

Matt - Pilbara, WA
Jul 09, 2019

Hey Team,Thanks Fast delivery times and great product, really happy.

Richard - Stafford, QLD
Jul 06, 2019

Hi Snowys, Very easy purchase process, lightning-quick delivery and the products look great. Very impressive, thanks for everything.

Rhett - Canberra , ACT
Jul 05, 2019

To the lovely lady who walked me through computer when i ordered stretcher swag ,arrived pm today, things just happen like this nowdays ,service like this is very rare.THANKS AGAIN .

lloyd - Walkerston, QLD
Jul 05, 2019

Best shopping experience ever  Loved the website, so easy to navigate and find all sorts of things you might need. Having video’s detailing and explaining items was fantastic also it was very useful reading reviews. Only went online to buy a self-inflating mattress and ended up buying 2 self-inflating mattresses, a fridge/freezer and heaps of other stuff. Prices are very competitive. Living in a regional area delivery is often hit and miss but Snowys had the items delivered very quickly, in one instance the item was delivered the next day. Very impressed. The hand written Thank You note is a wonderful touch and we are putting the Camping and Hiking checklist to good use. Would definitely recommend Snowys and will definitely be a return customer.

Ria - Urangan, QLD
Jul 04, 2019

Dear Marley My cooler box arrived today in perfect condition after only 2 days since ordering. Even the delivery guy was friendly and happy. Great service thankyou.

Larry - Caringbah , NSW
Jul 04, 2019
Just thought I’d drop you guys a line, to thank you for your great service and quality gear. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.
John - Bowral, NSW
Jul 03, 2019

Would like to thank you guys for your excellent service and prompt delivery of my Coleman 6P Gold Dark Room tent. I have shopped with you before and will continue to do so. 

Rodney - Angledale, NSW
Jul 03, 2019
Snowy's, I recently had the pleasure of dealing with you guys. Your pricing and service is second to none. The delivery of the products were faster then estimated, all the way to North Queensland! You will definitely be my first port of call for anything camping related in the future. Keep up the good work!
Pat - Clarkson, WA
Jul 02, 2019

You guys are awesome il continue using snowys for all the gear i need the delivery time is super quick.

chur chur - Clontarf, QLD
Jul 02, 2019

Outstanding service Snowys, thank you very much!

Jan - Clear Island Waters , QLD
Jun 27, 2019

Hello there We dropped in yesterday for a last minute hiking boots purchase, and I wanted to give feedback on the excellent product and on the helpful guy serving us.  I was really pleased with the outcome, and the service and my son loves his boots! After that we wandered around the store and encountered a second awesome staff member who also gave excellent advice despite being very new and unfamiliar with the products.  All in all a very fun and rewarding experience and we will certainly return.

Sarah - Adelaide, SA
Jun 26, 2019

Hi Bob, Just wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with the sleeping bag I ordered from Snowys recently. Your prices were comparable with other stores however your dispatch and delivery were exceptional! For this reason alone I will certainly order from you again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your company to friends. Thanks 

Karen - Killawarra, NSW
Jun 21, 2019

Just wanted to say parcel has arrived , Thanks  and will be buying lots more , love the website.

Jason - Kingston , QLD
Jun 20, 2019

Hi, I purchased a double camping chair and was impressed by the service provided and the prompt delivery of my order. Thank you very much 

Madeline - Urraween, QLD
Jun 20, 2019

I received our Mr Heater yesterday morning in accordance with the delivery instructions, 3 working days after ordering it last Sunday. Thanks for the prompt, efficient and service to all in the “chain” including Ken for making this happened so quickly. The heater is working fine, as expected.

Bill - Farmbourough Heights , NSW
Jun 19, 2019

Hi Snowys,I just wanted to send you a quick note commending you on your excellent service.I recently made my first online purchase from Snowys and the experience was fantastic. Your website is excellent ... the best online retailer I’ve seen in Australia. Your communication through ordering and delivery was at just the right level; informative and simple. And your delivery was on time and well packaged. Thanks again for doing a great job. I look forward to using your services in the future...a shame you don’t have a physical store in’s hoping?

Seth - Breakfast Point, NSW
Jun 19, 2019

Hi Snowys Just wanted to say thank you. The mirrors I ordered arrived safe and secure within 48 hours Very happy with the purchase There are loads of other companies selling similar gear but none can match your service Thanks again

Jeff - Hoppers Crossing, VIC
Jun 18, 2019
Hi, incredible service. I ordered my product on Sunday and received it today (Tuesday) in morpeth, NSW.I Want to waterproof some canvas prints to go on an outside wall in my courtyard.Thank you,
Allan - Morpeth, NSW
Jun 18, 2019

Fastest delivery ever!!! Recieved today! Thanks heaps Snowys! 

Meg - Tweed Heads, NSW
Jun 18, 2019

Received my 2 chairs and I am very happy with them, the delivery was very quick and the camp chairs a great value and very comfy.Will be recommending you to my friends who are also campers.

Joseph - Narellan Vale, NSW
Jun 17, 2019

Hi Eli, Just some feedback. I ordered my new tent Coleman instant up 4p gold vestibule blackout tent. Awesome. Arrived this morning to Buttaba NSW. Tents great & fantastic delivery time.

Steve - Buttaba, NSW
Jun 14, 2019

Guys thanks for the amazing service. Ordered Thursday mid morning arrived Friday afternoon. Qld to Syd. You guys are setting the benchmark for service and turnaround. I don’t know of any one that can match that and great prices to boot. Thanks, I don’t mind spending money for service like this.

Simon - Kings Langley, NSW
Jun 13, 2019

Hi Snowys WOW....that's what I call good old fashioned service. From talking to the staff as to which tent would be just right for me, (the girl I spoke with was soooo informative). Then the tent was delivered about 17 hours later. You just don"t get that type of service these days, so thank you very much.

Robyn - North Balgowlah, NSW
Jun 12, 2019

Hey guys just want to say how impressed i am with the service you guys provide. I have ordered alot of zempire stuff off you guys including the aerobase 4 shelter. Im impressed with how fast things come. And would love to represent your brand in all photos posted. Thanks guys

Matt - Hobart, TAS
Jun 12, 2019
Thanks a lot guys, I received my camping recliner today , thankyou for such prompt service n delivery. It’s wonderful size and suits me down to the ground. I’m very impressed. Thanks n cheers Chrissie 
Christine - Traveston, QLD
Jun 12, 2019

Hi, just wanted to pass on some feedback. I was extremely impressed with the speed of your service and how easy your website was to navigate. The reason I am actually giving feedback is that I like the inclusion of the handwritten feedback request note. I haven't seen this before and just seeing a little bit of a personal touch rather than the generic computer generated request I appreciated. Will be shopping again.

Amanda - Grovedale, VIC
Jun 05, 2019

A BIG thank you for delivering our purchases very quickly and efficiently. Will come in very handy when we go to Willowbank this weekend and use them on the steel seats in the stands or on our picnic blanket on the grassy side!Thank you again and will not hesitate in recommending "Snowy's" to my friends and family.

Belinda - Woodridge, QLD
Jun 05, 2019

Just a note to thank you for your excellent & speedy service regarding the above order. I received the goods 24 hours after placing it! Well done... 

Pat - gymea bay, NSW
Jun 04, 2019

Hi Marley Just wanted to say a big thank you for your prompt service. I online ordered a Thetford 335 Porta Potti on Monday afternoon and received it, 200ks away, before lunch on Tuesday. Keep up the great work.

Graeme - Cooloola Cove, QLD
Jun 04, 2019

Hi, To let you know the sun lounge has just arrived and is great. Thank you for the quick service and delivery. All is well … very happy! Enjoy your day …. 

Irene - Twin waters, QLD
May 31, 2019
G’day, I recently bought a pop up electric kettle and honestly couldn’t be happier with the experience of dealing with you guys. I’m not one to right reviews or post feedback, good or bad, but after opening my parcel and seeing a little hand-signed “thank you” card (signed by Bob, cheers bud), I just wanted to say it’s nice to feel like I’m actually dealing with real people and not just pressing order on a phone screen. I’m about a week away from going to Italy and a lot of the motel rooms don’t come with anything to make a cuppa with so I figured I’d buy a little kettle to take with me. I’m sure it will treat me well and thanks again for being a genuine and easy company to deal with.
Matt - Wyongah, NSW
May 31, 2019
Hi Guys, Just wanted to say that I am absolutely amazed with the service you provide. Ordered a headlamp yesterday afternoon and it has arrived this morning. Considering this was with free shipping I am blown away! I have made several other purchases in the past and have consistently had an amazing experience with your store. I have just recommended you to several mates. 
Stefan - North Mackay, QLD
May 30, 2019

Hi there Eli,Just a quick email that let you know that our product arrived very promptly and intact. I love the Australian slag! Will be ordering from you guys again for sure!! Warm regards. 

Jenene - Peakhurst, NSW
May 30, 2019

Thanks Marley and the team once again very happy with your service , products and lighting fast free delivery looking forward to doing business again cheers 

Mick - Hyland Park, NSW
May 29, 2019

My name is Lynette and I purchased a camping shovel from your online store a few days ago. Just letting you know that we are happy with your service and fast delivery, I have purchased from your store before and that’s why I have done so again. So yes once again THANK YOU.  πŸ˜Š

Lynette - Jimboomba, QLD
May 29, 2019

I would just like to thank you for you service. My purchase arrived this morning great, and I look forward to dealing with you again . also a positive Toll is great as I live in a rural area delivered to my door keep using this company Austpost should adopt Tolls ethics . thanks again  yours sincerely

Robert - hampton, NSW
May 28, 2019
Dion - Nerang, QLD
May 27, 2019

My name is Maree and I ordered a kti safety alert to take with me on a 6mth trip from Vic to WA and back. I was told there was none in stock but would be sent asap, I received my PLB in 2 days. Great friendly service!!! 

Maree - Cowes, VIC
May 27, 2019

G'day, Just a quick note to reply to your request for feedback re my recent online purchase of a 22l Dometic ice box: I couldn't be happier and am very impressed with: the box ordered or Friday and delivered next Monday: the speed at which the box was shipped : all aspects of the purchase experience. Many thanks

Bob - Mirrabooka , NSW
May 27, 2019

I just want to thank you and the Team at Snowys for your very efficient and prompt service with my recent order.The items arrived on time and in good order. The delivery was placed at our front door as requested.We thank you and assure you that we will use Snowys in future should the need arise.

Patrick - Clarkson , WA
May 26, 2019

HI there… I love my new boots and your service was fantastic…... and they will soon take me around the circuit Mont Blank 12 day hike! Thank you

Lisa - Arthurs Seat, VIC
May 24, 2019
Hello,Received the items today and wish to submit the following review which you're free to use:The items arrived very quickly, are as described and of good quality, and had been packed very carefully in order to prevent damage in the event of rough handling during delivery. I received excellent customer service throughout (had to make a change to my order and they dealt with it in their stride), and dealing with Snowys has been a hassle free and good experience. I'll be back. 
Paul - Orange, NSW
May 23, 2019

Dear Sir, am writing to thank you for such wonderful service we received on our purchase. 
I would also like to say what a lovely experience it was to speak to Xan on the phone, she was so helpful to me and I am so appreciative. We will be telling our friends about Snowys and the great service.

Robyn - Bellbird, NSW
May 23, 2019
Hi Guys/Girls Just a quick thanks from a happy camper. Ordered a Mr Heater Portable Buddy Heater on Monday from you. Loved the way you kept me in the loop on the delivery. It turned up today (Thursday). One day earlier then advised. Works great & I got it at a price no other supplier could match. Keep up the fantastic work & I'll be ordering more equipment from you in the future.
Rhonda - Bega, NSW
May 22, 2019

Give Snowys a go for an easy and worthwhile experience. Quality products and service. You make camping fun!

Mark - Terrigal, NSW
May 22, 2019

I sat in the comfort of my lounge chair reading through travel blogs. A great tip appeared regarding a dry bag that doubled as a wash bag. After a quick Google search and a few clicks of the mouse I had placed an order with Snowys late on a Sunday evening. Monday my order was sent and Wednesday it was received in perfect condition 100’s of kilometres away. What could be easier? The Scrubba kit is amazing and I am sure it will be highly used as our family discovers the big wide world. My shopping experience was so easy, convenient and speedy…. I am very impressed! Congratulations to this team that provides such excellent service 10/10

Kay - Nowa, NSW
May 22, 2019

Items were delivered early this morning. Many thanks for the excellent, friendly service you provide. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you

Georges - Ingleburn, NSW
May 21, 2019

I don’t often provide feedback on purchases made via online sites, but I will this time.I have just received delivery of my purchase of Teva sports sandals.  I ordered and paid for them online last Friday and they were delivered today on Tuesday.  I live in country Victoria, so the 4 calendar day turnaround was exceptional.This was the first time that I have used your services, but the fast delivery, coupled with the excellent price on the goods, means that this will not be the last time.

Pete - Morwell, VIC
May 16, 2019

Hi Snowy’s;Just wanted to thank you for the receipt of my order above. I just happened to find “Snowy’s” after searching for that particular model online.I’m very pleased with website purchasing process, tracking information, prompt (and free) delivery, robust wrapping which ensured item quality on arrival and the online fit-chart that assisted the sizing decision. The shoes are as described and I am aware of the returns policy. I’ll will now regularly follow your online store for my future outdoor gear purchases. Thanks again.

Chris - Pambula , NSW
May 15, 2019
Loving the new spare parts page. Another reason snowy’s is my favourite outdoor shop.Well done guys!!
Ian - North Haven, SA
May 14, 2019

Hi Snowys. I wanted to say thank you. We ordered online and the item arrived in 2 days. The packaging was terrific so there was no chance of our items being damaged. This is the 2nd time we have purchased from you and the service was terrific on that occasion also. I would certainly recommend Snowys to my family and friends. Well done Snowys. 

Vicki - Bobin, NSW
May 13, 2019

Hi Team, I just want to give a big Thank You for my 2 orders that you filled so promptly. I'm really happy with the items so far - not used them yet, but have unpacked them and had a look. The internet pictures and descriptions were really useful in making my choices. I look forward to walking the Camino in Spain with your gear. I have already recommended you to other people.

Shelley - Tanunda, SA
May 13, 2019

WAECO CFX28 travel fridge paid, free shipped Adelaide > Melbourne,received - no hassle, unbelievably quick and friendly. Toll delivery guy was on the ball. Product came as described and expected, well packed, even had little carry handle fitted to box plastic strapping as carry aid. Nice top off was a thank you card from "Alex". That's what I call Customer Retention! All the very best team and kindest regards. 

Colin - Glen Waverley, VIC
May 12, 2019
Thank you for the excellent service, I placed the order on Wednesday 8th of May & received the goods on Friday 10th of May. WOW that's excellent services. I would highly recommend family & friends who are interested in any type of camping gear to go to Snowys on line, for a great prices & quick delivery.
Sue - Forestville, NSW
May 11, 2019

We have previously bought a sleeping bag from you and now the solar panel as mentioned in the subject line.In both cases your service was extremely quick and the goods arrived securely packed and as described on your internet website.What made us even more impressed with the solar panel was that we were buying a slide-on camper on Friday, and the vendorordered the panel for delivery to our home address. Monday was a public holiday but still the panel was delivered on Tuesday!As we live in a small country town around 100km from Brisbane that is amazing service by any standards!Thank you Snowys, we will definitely shop with you again.

Michele - Esk, QLD
May 10, 2019

Thank you for the companion washing machine that I received today. I just want to to add what fantastic customer service you have. All your parcels seem to arrive ahead of time even when I use a remote address and staff are always a pleasure to deal with over the phone. The great service you provide if hard to find these days. I am looking forward to placing my next order. Keep up the good work.

Richard - Ainslie, ACT
May 08, 2019
Hey Snowys,My order arrived today and I just wanted say thanks again for the great service. This is the third time I have ordered equipment from Snowys, and I'm always impressed with how quickly my order is completed. I pay for the stuff online, and two days later I have new gear waiting on my door step - fantastic! In addition to the speedy delivery, I just wanted to comment on a couple of things which I think are very helpful on your website:  1: The reviews section and the Q&A section for each product is super visible, easy to find, easy to read, and very helpful. I thoroughly read these (the good and the bad reviews) before deciding on a purchase, so kudos to Snowys for helping me make an informed decision . 2:The video reviews you do occasionally are honest and informative, again helping me make an informed purchase. So thanks!      Keep up the great work guys and thanks again!
Patrick - Bargara , QLD
May 08, 2019

Hi Folks, Received the beach chairs today, very speedy delivery and product is just what we wanted, awesome chairs...

Keith - Casuarina, NSW
May 07, 2019

A massive thank you for my chairs! I ordered Wednesday 1 May they arrived here in Perth on Monday 5th pm!!! Absolutely amazing service thank you

Helen - Butler, WA
May 02, 2019

Dear Snowys I got home last night to find my order waiting for me on my doorstep. I had placed my order the previous morning. This is truly the fastest service I've ever received from any company, either inside or outside Tasmania and was well above and beyond my expectations. Keep up the outstanding service. Thank you and well done.

Robina - Mountain River, TAS
May 02, 2019

Hi, Ordered a kids camp chair from you,so Easy to order,fantastic that you have afterpay,packaged perfectly,product is quality and arrived so fast. Absolutely stoked as is my toddler,thankyou! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜

Sim - NSW
Apr 30, 2019

Thank you, just received my products, arrived quickly, and products meet and exceed expectations. Looking forward to using the jaffle iron, and very pleased with the X180 lantern/mozzie zappie.

Sandra - Airds, NSW
Apr 26, 2019

Gday to the team at Snowys. I just wanted to say how happy I am with the service from you guys. I ordered some guy ropes on Sunday and they arrived at my place in Cairns on Wednesday. That is great service.

Rick - Redlynch, QLD
Apr 26, 2019

You guys are legends, thanks once again for the awesome service. Wish everyone I have dealt with was as good as you people

Tony - Tanilba Bay, NSW
Apr 24, 2019

Gday to the team at Snowys. I just wanted to say how happy I am with the service from you guys. I ordered some guy ropes on Sunday and they arrived at my place in Cairns on Wednesday. That is great service.

Rick - Redlynch, QLD
Apr 24, 2019

Dear Snowys Thank you so much for your fast and prompt service and delivery. I thought the cupboard would arrive this week when my husband was back at work, as it was his birthday present for the end of May. When it arrived on Friday afternoon and I got home from work and my husband said, Please explain what this is? I said, Happy birthday it’s your birthday present! :)There was no hiding it now!! ;)Very happy Hubby!! Thank you again for your prompt service and we will definitely be buying from you again in the future.

Tereza - Hope Island, QLD
Apr 18, 2019

Hi I have just received my order of an extra large duffle bag and wow, I'm so happy with the bag and the speediness of its arrival! 
Love the Thank you card as it really personalises the experience. Will most certainly be back! 10/10.

Angela - Albion Park, NSW
Apr 17, 2019

Hi I just have to write and thank you for the awesome service I have just received. I spent the weekend researching what sort of new tent I needed and the size. After a really helpful phone conversation with a member of your staff I settled on a Zempire Aero TM tent which was on your website at a great price and also a Colman All Terrain Queen Size double height airbed. Once again the product was at a great price. The order was placed at 13.08 on Monday. The order arrived here in Mount Gambier just after 8.00am Tuesday – awesome service and a huge thank you to Toll for the speed with which they transported the order.The weather was perfect yesterday so I was able to pitch the tent and try the air bed. The tent exceeds all my expectations and the air bed is as comfortable as my real bed. Therefore I can say that you score five stars on every aspect of this transaction. I now know I will be using Snowys for years to come.A huge thankyou.

Craig - Mount Gambier, SA
Apr 16, 2019

Hi there , just wanted to leave feedback about this purchase. Very happy with the quality of the tables/stools. The freight was inexpensive & fast, I only ordered it on Sunday & received it on Tuesday here North of Bundaberg. Very happy & I will definitely be buying from your store again. Many thanks from Teresa. 

Teresa - Bucca , QLD
Apr 16, 2019
Thank you very much for the Women's Black Diamond Trial trekking poles which arrived today. My wife will be very happy.
I have posted the following review on Google:"Always friendly, helpful and quick service. I wanted trekking poles and rang their Adelaide store on a Sunday to make sure the particular brand and model was in stock which it was. I was asked to make the purchase on line through their clear and easy to understand website. The poles arrived the following Tuesday (free delivery). Great service - highly recommended. Prices are very competitive. I will buy from them again".
Michael - Bli Bli, QLD
Apr 13, 2019

Hi Snowys, Just wanted to email and say thank you so much for your excellent and prompt service in delivering my recent order. Your website was incredibly easy to use to make our purchase. You guys have an excellent selection of stock available in general. Your delivery process was easy and the delivery person left my parcel exactly where I specified - that was awesome and very convenient! Thanks again for the great service.

Ashley - Kedron, QLD
Apr 11, 2019
Thank you arrived today. Extremely impressed with you service. Will pass it onto all my caravanning friends 
Carol - Glenning Valley, NSW
Apr 11, 2019

I purchased the Oztrail Discovery purple swag recently and I would like to thank Snowys for their great service provided to me.The time from ordering to delivery was quick and efficient, plus communication via email and tracking system helped me to know what was happening with my order. I am very happy with my purchase and looking forward to using my swag very soon.

Susan - NSW
Apr 11, 2019
Hi,I received my Bush Dunny yesterday and just wanted too say thank you what great service you have less then 24 hrs and it was here and looks great.
Robyn - Ferrells , QLD
Apr 10, 2019

Thank you Snowys, very impressed. I placed my order on Monday 8 April 2019 (Adelaide), and it was delivered to my Sydney address this afternoon Wednesday 10 April 2019 No doubt of course Toll Ipec are partners in achieving this impressive service.Thanks again, and I am delighted with the quality of the product, well done.

Peter - Rozelle, NSW
Apr 06, 2019

Good morning, We would like to thankyou at Snowys for your fantastic service.Ordering and delivery of our camping equipment to our address was both fast and hassle free. Will be recommending your company to others and dealing with you in the future.

Vic and Trish - Kyabram, VIC
Apr 06, 2019

Delivery and service outstanding, Simple online order system that works well.

Troy - Largs North, SA
Apr 06, 2019

Thank you all at Snowys for your speedy courteous and efficient service. The eco billy I ordered to be delivered to New South Wales arrived the next day in perfect condition !! Thank you very much.

Julie - North Arm Cove, NSW
Apr 05, 2019

Hi Snowys We recently purchased and received 2x OZtrail Sun Lounge Jumbo! Love them! We may purchase 1 or 2 more as we have a 24 hour relay for cancer coming up next month and these chairs are perfect for relaxing in after our long laps on the track. Thank you for the no fuss service from your store to our front door (Sydney)

Graham and Cherie - Matraville, NSW
Apr 02, 2019

Hi there Snowys team I just wanted to express how impressed I have been with your service. Your website is easy to navigate, ordering simple, and delivery has been prompted. Well done to you all! And a special big thanks to Bob who was responsible for sending my last order:-) Many thanks 

Lucy - Dalmeny, NSW
Apr 01, 2019
Just like to thank all at Snowys for the great service and the quick delivery of my order. Great to deal with you.
John - Toogoom, QLD
Apr 01, 2019

Hi guys, just wanted to say thankyou for your easy internet buying and fast delivery. I purchased a Engel fridge other day and already received fridge. I have purchased other items from you and will always use you over other companies. AAAA++++++

Brent - Merbein, VIC
Mar 30, 2019

Good morning Snowys,Thank you for your email, unfortunately we haven’t had the opportunity to try out our new Fridge and cover.  But I would like to say the service in sending out our order was very quick and prompt. Great service.Thank you

Craig - Gladstone, QLD
Mar 30, 2019

G’day, I recently purchased a couple of items from you.  ALL EXCELLENT. Thanks for the great service, communication and approach you take to customer service.

Gavin - VIC
Mar 29, 2019

Dear Snowys, I must tell you how impressed I was with the promptness of my last delivery. Can't read the name on the thank you card very well, but can you thank Riley or Riky. The process was smooth and efficient from order to door. Thanks you so much and I look forward to doing busy again

Lillian - Preston, VIC
Mar 28, 2019

Hi Guys and/or Girls Just received my delivery from the courier today and though you might like some feed back Cheap Prices 10/10 Free shipping on my order 10/10 Prompt delivery 10/10 Quality items as described 10/10 Your my first, second and third preference when I shop online for camping equipment, keep up the good work and look forward to ordering more gear in the future.

Trevor - Orange, NSW
Mar 27, 2019

Hi there In regards to my purchase of an oztent oxley 5 I can safely say it was a great decision. Customer service provided by snowys via phone was excellent. Combined with great you tube review videos makes the online choice a whole lot easier. Keep up the good work 

Hugh - Woodford Island, NSW
Mar 27, 2019

Re your helpful videos. I have to admit to being a mature aged female and new to backpacking I found the video on packing a sleeping bag invaluable, I’d almost given up, thinking I’m the only person who couldn’t pack a sleeping bag. Thank you.

Frances - Rosemeadow, NSW
Mar 27, 2019
Hi Riley, Thank you so much for the fantastic and excellent service we have received. You guys have been the best online company I have ever dealt with, package arriving so swiftly and free too!! Well done and keep up the great work team!
Jessica - Willoughby, NSW
Mar 26, 2019

Hi,Thank you so much for your fantastically quick delivery of this item. Really appreciated.  10/10.

Maureen - Northshore , QLD
Mar 26, 2019

Your service has lived up to your promise.We ordered 2 x Directors Chairs Friday 22/3 PM, they arrived via courier Monday 25/3 AM.We thank your staff for their polite and efficient service.We have been customers over many years of camping and caravanning and you have always satisfied our needs.

John - Victor Harbor, SA
Mar 25, 2019

Good afternoon Snowys I received my torch today, wow fast delivery again and exactly the right product I required.This is my third purchase from Snowys and bloody excellent all round Cheers again


Bruce - Narellan Vale, NSW
Mar 25, 2019

Just want to thankyou for a fast delivery. I ordered it last night and it arrived at 11 am today. It was wrapped with so much bubble wrap I get to pop the bubbles as well. The thankyou card was just fantastic.

Sharon - Morayfield, QLD
Mar 24, 2019

Hi,I have only good things to say about my purchase through your store. The product is fantastic and the turnaround between order and delivery was exceptional.Thank you so much

Alison - North Ipswich, QLD
Mar 24, 2019

Thank you for asking about my purchase.I’m very Happy 😊 with my new camp stoveEven though I haven’t used it yet.I’m off camping in three weeks and am Looking forward to using it.I was very happy how the purchase went.Recurved it in the time frame you mentioned.And also how careful consideration went into the package if.Certainly looking forward to making more purchases fromSnowy.All the best

Clive - Emu Plains, NSW
Mar 23, 2019

Hi Snowys, I’ve bought from you guys a couple of times now and your service is impressive; with next day delivery!!!!  I’ve recommended you to friends and I will continue to shop with you. Well done Snowys.

George - Beaumaris, VIC
Mar 22, 2019

Hi I received my parcel today and was blown away from the service and speed of delivery. Thank you so much will definitely be using snowys again. 

Blake - Atherton, QLD
Mar 21, 2019
Dear Snowys, thanks once again for your excellent service. I rang yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) to order an MSR Guardian water purifier which I wanted for the weekend. Lauren answered my call and immediately checked that they had one in stock in Brisbane and that it could be delivered to my address in Sydney before the weekend. I now have the purifier and it’s Thursday morning! Not only that, it was the best price by far  I could find even with express delivery! I’ve used Snowys many times now and have always been happy with pricing and service but this is the first time I’ve been so impressed that I sent a review! Well done.
Steve - North Narrabeen, NSW
Mar 21, 2019

Hi Snowy's.Just wanted to say a big thank you for the super efficient delivery of my camping shower recently. I believe you guys are over east and I am in Western Australia. From ordering to safe delivery to my door it was only one week and I am blown away. As recently new owners of a camper van and novices to camping, we'll definitely think of you first for all our future needs. Once again,  thanks very much, we're sooooo impressed with your service.

Renate - Dawesville, WA
Mar 20, 2019

Hi Guys Just a note to let you the above order arrived in great condition and in record time from order placement to delivery.  The whole ordering/delivery process was seamless. Well done.

Peter - Templestowe Lower, VIC
Mar 20, 2019

Dear Snowys Just to thank you for my recent purchases. As usual, the delivery process was excellent – I was kept informed of its progress all the way and received notice on the day of delivery. The Campfire Coffee Percolator (5 Cup) is quality material and well made. Took it camping recently to show it off – friends were suitably envious. I’m still working out the best place in my campervan to put the Companion Twin Cup Holder. However can recommend this product as cups are  very solid with a strong suction cap.I have to restrain myself from looking at your webpage – I’m always so tempted asI love your products,  can trust their good quality and with the delivery service, it’s always a pleasure shopping with Snowys.

Martin - Manning, WA
Mar 20, 2019
Excellent quality Price and Delivery time !!!6 out of 5 stars!!
Rad - West Hindmarsh , SA
Mar 20, 2019

Dear Snowys, Thanks for your email. We have been camping since buying both billy , cook set and kettle. We're very pleased with all purchases, they have given my partner more confidence in their usage. Previously she was reluctant to come camping due to the use of aluminium utensils. Thanks, they're great! The experience of buying through Snowys was seamless. 

Martin - West Ulverstone, TAS
Mar 19, 2019

Received my order in super fast time. Very good prices too when I compared with other suppliers plus free shipping. I have yet to unpack & try out my tent, sleeping mats & sleeping bags. Maybe a sleepout in the garden this weekend! I will always check Snowys before purchasing elsewhere. Thankyou for great service

Jean - Spearwood, WA
Mar 19, 2019

Thank you for my scrubba washbag.  I was most impressed with the efficiency in which this was delivered so quickly after ordering. Thanking you again and I will be passing on your details to friends and family.

Maxine - Port Macquarie, NSW
Mar 19, 2019

Hi Eli I received Coleman chair yesterday - delighted with product and even more delighted with the service!  So easy to order, very prompt delivery (with progress report emails) and free delivery!  Brilliant shopping . . .  I'm sure I'll be back!  Many thanks again.

Lorraine - San Remo, NSW
Mar 19, 2019

Hi Guys,Just a quick note to provide feedback re my recent purchase. First time I’ve shopped online with Snowys and I found the service to be super quick and efficient, product exactly as described and price very competitive.All in all in an easy transaction. Well done!

Justine - Islington, NSW
Mar 17, 2019
Hi there! Sorry I didn't get round to writing back earlier. Thank you so much for the free delivery and I absolutely loved the unique touch of the thank you card in the parcel, along with the careful packing of the package. Haven't seen such value given to a customer since 97! Keep it up!
Sana - Auburn, NSW
Mar 16, 2019

Hi all, on Wednesday evening I ordered two inflatable mattresses from you as I have visitors coming next weekend. I opted for free delivery 3 to 4 days. My mattresses arrived at 9.20am on Friday and perfectly packed. Very well done, outstanding service, thank you πŸ‘ 

Mark - Redland Bay, QLD
Mar 16, 2019
Hi, I recently received my Dometic 33L ice box. It was such a seamless fast process and I was kept up to date the whole way through. The product is great and so well priced.  Thank-you will be recommending you to friends and family. P.S. The thank-you note is a really nice touch πŸ™‚
Lisa - Williamstown, VIC
Mar 16, 2019

I would like to say thankyou for the fast delivery of my scrubba wash bag. I ordered lunchtime Thursday and it was at my door Friday morning!! The whole process of dealing with Snowys  was exceptional. Will definitely use your company in the future. Satisfied customer

Michelle - Somerville, VIC
Mar 15, 2019

Hi Lisa, Received my granddaughters sleeping bag yesterday and will be giving it to her tomorrow for her birthday- her first sleeping bag ready for her first school sleepover. I’m sure she will love it. Thanks for the great service - from the initial phone call to Snowys through to the free speedy delivery! 

Judy - Junortoun, VIC
Mar 14, 2019

Thank you so much for the prompt service. We are extremely happy with the product, surprised at how quickly it arrived and happy with the price. Once again well done and thanks. 10/10.

Kath - Gympie, QLD
Mar 14, 2019
Hi Mick I am very very pleased with my item, very fast delivery, I never new about your site till i gooled camp toilets very pleased i paid $29 from you & my sister paid $50 from BCF in the last two days I have told 10 people about snowys & like me they haven't heard about your store but now they do & I'm sure they will tell there friends about you as well, I will shop again love the free delivery Thank you 
Kim - Moruya, NSW
Mar 14, 2019
Just wanted to say Holy Shit that was quick!! Everything looks great, service was unbelievably fast, and I am looking forward to find a weekend to use it all! Great service guys, and the prices are really decent also!
Yannick - Tamborine , QLD
Mar 14, 2019

Hey Snowys!Just a quick thank you so much for your amazing work! The cute handwritten notes, amazing prices and extremely fast & free shipping - you are impossible to beat! Recommended you guys to my sister and she purchased with Snowys as well and loved you guys SO much!! Not one to review but was so happy with it! Will definitely buy again and let lots of people know! Thank you so much, have the best night!!

Emily - Freshwater, NSW
Mar 14, 2019

I just wanted to say thank you for my first order it arrived the following day (wow) packaged great! I’m so so impressed that I did another order and told everyone in my mother’s group ( you’ve sold 4 more too them)Thank you

Jade - Manly West, QLD
Mar 14, 2019

To the Snowys' team, a big thankyou for your very prompt service and delivery of our Engel fridge slide, couldn't believe i ordered Thursday afternoon from country NSW and it arrived the next day free delivery and all, once again thankyou.

Sue - Gloucester, NSW
Mar 13, 2019

Good Day Just a short email to express my gratitude the goods I purchased from you were well priced, packed properly, and delivered in a short time. I will shop again.Thank you

Gary - Mooroolbark, VIC
Mar 13, 2019

Just an email to thank Snowys for wonderful service and good quality of the product (240v pop up kettle) received. I would also like to thank Tara for her help with returning my original pop up kettle (.8L pop up kettle). Both products were received within 2 days of ordering which is wonderful. I hope the .8L one which I returned by post yesterday arrives back safely. Once again thanks, your company is great to do business with and if I need to, I will not hesitate to order from Snowys again and also recommend to others

Gay - Seven Hills, NSW
Mar 13, 2019

Morning Team.Just sending you this email to let you know about our experience with Snowys.We are so very happy with the 10 man Coleman tent we purchased and the care taken with the packaging. (My cats are now enjoying the box). The delivery was super fast from the time of the purchase to the delivery.I wish we knew about your services sooner fantastic range and price. My sister in-law told us about you as she buys all her camping stuff for you.Thanks for all your hard work making sure your customer is looked after

Krista - Richardson, ACT
Mar 12, 2019

Hi Snowys. Thanks for prompt delivery. Ordered on Friday arrived Monday. Product as described very happy. 

Mark - Southport, QLD
Mar 11, 2019

I rang last Friday to ask if an order (Petzl Aktic headlamp) would get to Cairns for the following Saturday as I needed it for a race. I was told it would, but still paid for fast delivery. I should have just trusted you guys Ordered Friday arvo, delivered Monday – awesome!!Love the store, there’s so much crap online and living up here online is the best option.You’ve got good prices and fast delivery. I always feel confident when I hit the pay now button.Feel free to use/post any of these comments. I’ll be ordering again soon.

Carl - Cairns, QLD
Mar 11, 2019

Hi Bob I just want to let you know we received our Black Wolf Turbo 300 Extenda Awning (canvas) - brown this morning. We were recommended to buy from Snowys by a fellow camper.  Your website to order goods is fast, efficient and just excellent.  The service by Snowys was second to none along with the price.  Everything Snowys said would happen from sending emails with the tracking number, the suggested time of arrival etc etc happened like clock work and once more there was no delivery charge.  We would not hesitate to use and recommend Snowys to anyone who asked.

Anne - Coopers Plains, QLD
Mar 07, 2019

To the Snowys team Thankyou so much for my recent order. Loved your site and was very impressed with the speed of postage. I will definately use you again for future purchases.

John - Gundagai, NSW
Mar 07, 2019

Just wanted to say a great big thank you to you and your team.What fantastic service and deliver only ordered it two days ago and have it already.I have brought items from you guys before with the same fantastic service.Definitely recommend your company for anyone who is looking for camping and caravan equipment.Cheers and Have a great day.

Heather - Leumeah, NSW
Mar 07, 2019

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great advise and for all the help in getting my fabulous tent to me in Sydney in such a short time- I ordered it on Sunday and it arrived this afternoon!!! I’ll be camping this weekend yay!!Thanks again

Rachel - Double Bay, NSW
Mar 07, 2019
Hi, I had a faulty product, 1 email and I have a replacement...awesome service absolutely no hassle shopped there before and will be again.
Tracy - Collombatti, NSW
Mar 06, 2019

Hi Snowys Team! I got my order today!  Yeah!  Well in time for camping on the long weekend.Thank you so much for your fabulous service - on the phone, order processing and delivery.

Ingrid - Aspendale Gardens , VIC
Mar 06, 2019
Hi, sorry for the delay in replying; I was waiting until we actually used the equipment.We recently went on a camping trip and used the screen tent, which worked out fabulous.  We are so happy we purchased it and have recommended it to to a couple of friends.Thank you very much.
Denise - Rockingham, NSW
Mar 06, 2019

Thank you for your great service. Just received our SPOT tracker which was ordered last weekend online. Love the cost of postage! Also quick and efficient. With our big trip through the Centre, Too End and WA coast fast approaching, I have made good use of your informative blogs. I would definitely recommend you to my friends.

Janeen - Mount Austin, NSW
Mar 05, 2019

Good afternoon I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service your company gave. I only placed my order yesterday and this morning I received the goods – exactly what I had ordered. How efficient! I would definitely recommend your company to others. Keep up the good work.

Carol - Lake Cathie, NSW
Mar 05, 2019

I would like to thank Snowys for the speed and delivery of our orders last week. We had absolutely no hassles unlike some firms we have dealt with. It has been a pleasure dealing with your firm. Thank you

Dawn - Goolwa, SA
Mar 05, 2019
Good day Snowys Online Staff,Online shopping at website was a breeze. The products are well presented and well-priced; what I was searching was the best priced at Snowys. The impressive part is; as in time of reading and tracking the shipping notification via email, the item ordered was already by my doorstep. It literally took 24 hours from ordering to complete delivery with a thousand kilometer journey and it was free delivery-I think that is unbeatable.I will not hesitate to order again and recommend Snowys to my friends and relatives and to everyone. Wish you all well especially the staff.Thanks and warm regards,
Wilson - Wattle Grove , NSW
Mar 04, 2019

Hi Snowys, My order just arrived, I wasn't expecting it this fast, Great service and great packaging, I'm very happy with the way you conduct your Business. kind regards

Bob - Yagoona, NSW
Mar 04, 2019

I would like to say how pleased I am to have received my order that was only placed on Thursday evening 
The shopping on line experience was easy for me and the product was exactly what I ordered 

Carmel - spence, ACT
Mar 03, 2019

Thank you Snowys for excellent and speedy service for an online purchase. Item arrived earlier than advised. Highly recommended.

Monica - The Slopes, NSW
Mar 02, 2019
Attention Mick! Wow!  I can't believe how fast you get products out to your customers.  I have ordered two products over the past few weeks, and both have been at my doorstep within a couple of days.  Outstanding.  Cheers for now.
Mac Whitaker - Yungaburra, QLD
Mar 01, 2019

Thank you so much for your excellent customer service! The delivery speed was amazing to good to be true!! Can not fault you guys in anyway! The little personalised touch was just what I needed thank you!Will recommend to everyone I know

Hayley - Griffin, QLD
Mar 01, 2019

Hi People, after a bit of confusion with my order initially, ( my computer is the devil) I rang up and found a really nice person on the end of the phone, who not only sorted the issue out in 30 seconds, this really nice person also gave me a laugh. (for free ) can't do better than that. My package arrived safe and sound today (1/3/19) after re- placing the order on 27/2/2019. I am now thinking that, I really don't live out in the back and beyond, as I was expecting my package about next Thursday at the earliest. Thank you team

Annette - Narrandera, NSW
Mar 01, 2019

Wow, just received my order from you much quicker than I expected. I'm very happy with the item and the service. Thankyou

Robyne - Duncraig, WA
Mar 01, 2019

Dear Snowys How good are you!Thanks heaps for excellent delivery of ordered goods! Amazingly swift service. I score you at least 120/100! Happy new customer

Jim - Caves Beach, NSW
Mar 01, 2019

Morning Marley ,  just last week I did my first online order at Snowys.We were very impressed with the range of product and most of all the friendly amazing service and delivery process. Quick and on time !! Thanks very much , will shop again !! 

Lyndall - Fingal Bay, NSW
Feb 28, 2019

Dear Snowys Team, Thank you for the great online experience.Great price point for the Camelbak Chute Mag 1.0L water bottle and the delivery was super fast, arriving sooner than expected.Appreciate the PayPal option, making the whole process hassle free and so worthwhile.

Feb 28, 2019

Hi there,Great service, fast delivery and loved the personalised touch with the card.

Didi - Spring Hill, QLD
Feb 28, 2019

Hi Guys Have just received a Camp Oven @ 2.00pm, only ordered @ 10.30 yesterday morning.Outstanding service - Will certainly be coming in store to view your complete range.Cheers and thanks

Graeme - Rocklea, QLD
Feb 28, 2019
Hi All at Snowys Just a quick note to Thank you for a Great Service. You sell good quality products at a very competitive price and fantastic delivery times especially for me in Western Australia.Thanks for the helpful video reviews and the product tutorials as well. It all helps.
Stewart - Rockingham, WA
Feb 28, 2019

HI This was my first order and I would like to thank you and congratulate your company on your professionalism

Bernadette - Glen Waverley, VIC
Feb 28, 2019

G,day to the mob at Snowys, I just placed an order two days ago , And it arrived the very next day ! Struth you mob are good. It was very easy dealing with you, and you seem to have most gear l need, So thanks 

John - Deloraine, TAS
Feb 28, 2019

Hey guys, Just wanted to say a huge Thankyou for your fantastic service! I ordered yesterday afternoon and my parcel arrived this morning, Well done! So so impressed! Will definately be using your company in the future.

Stephen - MEDOWIE, NSW
Feb 28, 2019

Hi,  this is just a call to say how good your service and delivery is, we ordered on Tuesday the parcel arrived Thursday the cooker and bag just what we wanted,we will use Snowys agian...Thanks

Brian - Delacombe, VIC
Feb 27, 2019
Hi Snowys A quick email to thank you for your prompt service & quality product.I am very happy with the  Supa Peg Big Foot T-Nut Steel Tent Pole 275 cm & Supa Peg Double Rope & Light Trace Springs.I will certainly recommend Snowys.thanks
Kirby - Molendinar, QLD
Feb 27, 2019

Hi Service team,You are legends!  Service is always exemplary, great communication, parcel is packaged extremely well and delivery fast and efficient.  I have bought online from Snowys on a number of occasions, the standard of professionalism and service never varies and to add to that prices are always the best.  I will remain a returning customer as I haven't found another outlet that matches your service and pricing.Well done, keep doing what you're doing.Thanks from an appreciative customer

Kerrie - Belmont North, NSW
Feb 27, 2019

Great service Snowys. Ordered late Tuesday arvo and received goods next day. Thank you

Leslie - Waikerie, SA
Feb 26, 2019
Hi there,SImply had to let you know how happy my wife was with your store.We purchased a PLB as a present.My wife rang your store yesterday to clear up some of her concerns.She was totally impressed by the knowledgeable friendly assistant she spoke with.This convinced us to purchase from your store.The item arrived this morning by courier,we only ordered yesterday,which is simply unbelievable.I put pen to paper because in todays world it's almost impossible to be treated in such a professional and efficient manner.We will now always look first at Snowys for future products.Thank you 
Alex - Canowindra, NSW
Feb 26, 2019
Hi, I have recently ordered 2 products online and I can not believe how quickly they showed up. Low pricing and fast delivery. Well done
Dwayne - Gordonvale, QLD
Feb 26, 2019
Hi,I have recently ordered 2 products online and I can not believe how quickly they showed up. Low pricing and fast delivery. Well done
dwayne - Gordonvale, QLD
Feb 24, 2019

Hi Snowy,Our new Commercial Oztent canopy roof fits the gazebo well and looks very smart. The quality is good.Thank you for your service.

Midhill Vineyard - Romsey, VIC
Feb 22, 2019

Hi there, Thanks so much! Great price on a quality item and great service.  It took less than 24 hrs from ordering to my door.

Sean - Sydney, NSW
Feb 22, 2019

Hi Bob, Just wanted to say how pleased we were with the service from Snowys. Snowys website was easy to navigate and we purchased 2 Coleman Pioneer recliner chairs which are so comfortable. We were impressed with the speedy delivery, customer service and quality product. Can’t wait to use our chairs. Thanks & Regards

Linda & Jonathan - West Pennant Hills, NSW
Feb 21, 2019
Hey guys,What a great company to deal with. I ordered a Coleman 6P gold instant up tent on line.  Slight problem with internet so I had to give Snowys a call.  Fantastic treatment on the phone.  The problem was sorted and item sent.  Unbelievable delivery.  Ordered from Queensland on Wednesday arrived mid North Coast NSW Thursday same week. Thanks again and hope to do more business with you in the future.
Cliff - Wauchope, NSW
Feb 21, 2019

Thanks Snowy staff, order yesterday before lunch and we had the goods delivered this morning to Coffs Harbour. Great service and quality products, thanks again,

Laurel - Moonee Beach, NSW
Feb 21, 2019

Hi All The goods (Coleman Fans) arrived safely in good order this morning.Thanks for the prompt efficient service I will recommend your business to my friends Cheers

Geoff - Ballarat , VIC
Feb 20, 2019

Hi Snowys staff,I have just received my order and wish to leave feedback.I ordered these items last Friday and received them yesterday (Tuesday)I cannot praise Snowys enough for the efficiency in getting items to their customers.I highly recommend Snowys to anyone and everyone that I talk to as the service and pleasant communication is second to none.I look forward to ordering many more items from Snowys in the future.WELL DONE SNOWYS……..:)regards,(very satified customer)

Jan - Grenfell, NSW
Feb 20, 2019

Good Afternoon,Thank you for your great service. Your staff who assisted with my order were very helpful. Will be using your services again.

Eddie - Morwell, VIC
Feb 20, 2019

Hi Guys, Just a quick thank you to an organisation that gets it right. Ordered goods on the 18th and they were at my door today (20th). Website was easy to use which is always a bonus. Keep up the good work.

Lindsay - Freshwater, NSW
Feb 19, 2019

I ordered and today received our Oztrail 3mx3m canopy for gazebo. It was a stress free experience, efficient and something I would do again and recommend to others.Thanks again

Feb 19, 2019

Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for the exceptional service we have just received. I ordered a jumping jack legionnaires hat last Friday afternoon and can’t believe that it was delivered today. Fabulous service, excellent price that can’t be beaten and a terrific company to deal with. Thanks

Kris - Boyne Island, QLD
Feb 19, 2019
Hi guys, Last week I purchased an Oztent Mozzie Dome 1 from you and I was really impressed by your quick delivery as it turned up 2 days after ordering. This week I bought the fly for it and it arrived the very next day! Great work guys in providing excellent service, I wish your company all the success that it clearly deserves.
Mat - QLD
Feb 19, 2019

Highly recommend this awesome company, easy to deal with and customer minded. I purchased a camp pantry online and upon arrival discovered the freight company had damaged the goods. I called immediately and emailed through the details and photos and within a couple of hours a replacement was on its way. Thank you heaps!! I will be buying from you in the future.

Feb 19, 2019

Hi Just wanted to say that I had a great experience buying from Snowys and it will definitely be the first place I look if I’m chasing anything else. Shipping was super fast too!

Courtney - Alexandra Hills, QLD
Feb 17, 2019

Dear Snowys team.I recently purchased the above item online. Was a great customer experience overall. Delivery was very fast and everything was handled extremely well. I received updates on order status and delivery in a timely manner. Quality of the product was as expected. Great effort by your team. Very much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Johann - Valentine, NSW
Feb 17, 2019

Hi Snowys staff, the double burner work perfect, delivery on time and packaging great too.Thank you all 

Victor - Chester Hill, NSW
Feb 15, 2019

Hi , I just wanted to let you know my expectations were exceeded when we recieved our order the next day! Just ordered normal delivery and to our surprise our purchases arrived 24 hours later . This is our second purchase from Snowy’s and we are very happy with your prompt service, professional advice and great prices. Many Thanks 

Lutz - Warana,
Feb 15, 2019

Gday Richard & Snowys,  Thanks for such a pleasant purchase.  Fast delivery, great value and service. Look forward to further purchases in the future. Cheers

Justin - Howrah, TAS
Feb 14, 2019

Hi guys once again you deliver 100%. No nonsense website, easy, fast and quality products.*****

Wayne - Sydney, NSW
Feb 14, 2019
I would just like to thank the team at Snowys for excellent service and professionalism. It was, in my opinion, a seamless transaction, with exceptionally fast delivery. Your Wrap & Pack team did a sensational job, thank you all.
Tony - Ballina, NSW
Feb 14, 2019

Hey guys , Just a quick note to say how incredibly impressed I was with your next day delivery. The Black Diamond headlamp is fantastic and your service is great.Thanks again

Brandon - Park Orchards, VIC
Feb 14, 2019

Dear Snowys, Thank you so much for sending my order  just in time for me to give it to my husband this morning as a Valentine’s Day present! Will recommend your site to all my friends! Great work!

Marisa - Nerang, QLD
Feb 13, 2019

On its way? It's already arrived! You guys have surprised me, even ordering online from Newcastle hasn't arrived as quickly. I've had a great experience shopping with you guys and that info will be shared. Thanks for your efforts and keep it up 

Laurence - Nelson Bay, NSW
Feb 13, 2019

Morning Bob Oh So Happy Wow, ordered my hydration vest on-line yesterday after a very helpful phone call to your shop and I have just taken delivery of my vest this morning. Can’t wait to sneak out of the office and try it on.

Linda - Cowra, NSW
Feb 13, 2019

I would like to take the time to send you this email in regards to the service that was shown to me when l purchased an Engel mt45 fridge bag. Plus the speedy delivery time as advertised, l would have no hesitation in purchasing from you in the future or telling friend to look you up on line.

Tom - St.Albans, VIC
Feb 12, 2019
I have been purchasing camping and other gear from Snowys for many years but this was the first time I have bought on-line. The price was lower than any competitors and the item was delivered to my front door within 3 days. Excellent service thank you.
Roger - Currency Creek, SA
Feb 12, 2019

good Morning Thank you for our recent delivery.As in past dealings with Snowy's your service was excellent. We really appreciate your prompt response to our orders.Thanks

Sue - Eagle Vale, NSW
Feb 11, 2019

Just a note to say thanks so much for the quick service in ensuring my first order with Snowys arrived so quickly. Will definitely be a return customer for any further camping needs.

Kay - Brisbane , QLD
Feb 08, 2019
Hey guys I can honestly say your site is the best e-commerce experience I have had in Australia. We were in between different tents and ended up going more expensive because your video reviews made it look so good. Everything from the listing, the mobile site, the fast shipping and the cute signed notice on the package from the packaging team on arrival was excellent. Thank you so much and keep up the good work. 
Tom - QLD
Feb 08, 2019

Just letting you know how happy we are with the speed that our order was delivered we ordered a gazebo on Monday afternoon and it arrived at crescent Head at 9am on Tuesday many thanks 

Glenn - Crescent Head, NSW
Feb 08, 2019
Out-freaking-standing service guys !Thank you. 
Don - Wilsons Creek, NSW
Feb 07, 2019

I would like to compliment your store on the great service and quick delivery of my Oztrail gazebo. It arrived in immaculate condition. Thank you again for the quick service.

Elizabeth - Evatt, ACT
Feb 06, 2019

Received my package and the whole procedure was seemless. Thanks so much.

Peter - Kanahooka, NSW
Feb 05, 2019
Hi Just to let you know that I am thrilled with my purchase. Ordered it on Sunday it was here Tuesday super fast.Thanks will shop with you again Many Thanks again
Andrew - Maroon, QLD
Feb 05, 2019

It's a absolute ripper. Love my companion maxi cooler. I'm really impressed with Snowys, I've got my brother buying there now. Best outdoor & camping store aground.

Kyle - Nathalia, VIC
Feb 03, 2019

Thank you Snowys for wonderful service. Our order arrived promptly, well wrapped and exactly what we expected.Our daughter in Brisbane recommended your site and we will be pleased to recommend you to our friends.

Sheryl - Sunshine Bay, NSW
Feb 02, 2019

Dear Richard and all at Snowys, Many thanks for your prompt delivery and for organizing a change in the colour of one of the Wolf camping chairs. We are very happy with the Wolf chairs and look forward to using them on our next fishing trip. All good.Many thanks once again.

Doreen - Strathfieldsaye, VIC
Jan 31, 2019

Hi thank you, our Merlots new bed has arrived and the new replacement cover in now on his old bed So when his friend Rocky comes to visit Merlot there will be no jealousy when Rocky has a sleep on Merlots bed πŸ˜‚ These beds are perfect when travelling in our van the old bed is now 4 1/2 years old and well used Dailey It has now just starting to fall apart underneath but the frame is still perfect. Thank you for a very quick delivery it has been a pleasure to buy from you Kind regards Merlot (9yr old Border Collie and his best mate 11 yr old Australian Shepherd who visits several times a week )

Margaret, John and Merlot - Arcadia Vale, NSW
Jan 31, 2019

Hi all at Snowys Once again you’ve gone above and beyond. I got the drink bottles I wanted at an excellent price and delivered to my door less than 24 hours after I ordered them! Outstanding service, communication and value again! Thanks for everything.

Kym - Dulwich, SA
Jan 31, 2019

Dear Snowys We have just purchased the Sea to Summit 65L duffle bag from you online. I would just like to say from the moment I pressed the buy button on the site I have been most pleased. Your business is a pleasure to purchase from, communication from the very start is excellent, delivery was super prompt and the item is top quality. I cannot recommend your business highly enough, and I will purchase from you again without hesitation. Please feel free to post this email on your page if you wish and thank you for your great service.

Sean - NSW
Jan 31, 2019

Hi Snowys team...I’ve ordered a few things from you guys over the years, and I just ordered a camelbak 3L and also a camelbak drink bottle from you a few days ago, I received my order quick as, as usual!! Thank you so much for being a great company...I think snowys is the only company I can order stuff online and not have to worry about if it will turn up or not! Cheers :).I’m so happy, I’ve just ordered an Engel fridge from you guys...I live in the blue mountains in nsw and I could have bought an Engel from the local BCF store about 15 minutes away...but I wanted to stick with your company because you’re 5 stars in my opinion!! Once again...thank you .

Wayne - Mount Riverview, NSW
Jan 31, 2019

thank you yet again Snowy’s for the wonderful service! I buy a bit from you nowadays and recommend you to all my bushwalking friends as your prices and service are best in Australia!

beatrice - brisbane, QLD
Jan 31, 2019

Dear Bob and staff, I recently made a purchase and the parcel was delivered the next day to Medowie NSW thanks for the fantastic effort. The electrolytes I purchased are to be used by the local Rural Fire Brigade. Thanks again

Ross - Broadbeach, QLD
Jan 31, 2019
Dear snowys, Wow your delivery time is amazing, did not expect my water bottle to literally come the next day, brought a few bottles from you guys and it’s always good quality, thanks for the excellent delivery and great products, will buy again and recommend to people 
David - Chippendale, NSW
Jan 31, 2019

Wow, 1 day delivery! Thank you so much guys.  I needed the Platypus bottle for a weekend trip and wasn't sure it would make it. Once again, Snowys is the cheapest and the best service! Cheers,

Adam - Carlton North, VIC
Jan 30, 2019

Hey team, Just a quick note to say thank you for a prompt and seamless delivery. I placed an order for a couple of beach chairs on Sunday with fingers crossed it would arrive in time for my husband’s birthday tomorrow. My order was processed straight away and I received my parcel today. It was easy to track my order and free freight was a bonus. Great job! Thanks again :)

Caitlin - Keilor Park, VIC
Jan 29, 2019

Hi Snowy’s Team, Thank you for the great service as usual, My wife didn’t think the packing cubes were needed, until Nat saw mine hahaha So I had to order more which arrived in quick time.Cheers

Craig - Port Macquarie,
Jan 29, 2019
Dear happy Snowys team,.Thank  you for your quick, professional, pleasant service. It was a delight to do business with you!
I appreciated the little personal note in the parcel. Should be more of it, keep up the good work!Yours in appreciation, kind regards
Bev - Toronto, NSW
Jan 25, 2019

Just a quick note to compliment your service member Brock.I came in last Saturday looking for a hiking rucksack for a trip to Spain in Sept. Brock was so incredibly helpful and spent a lot of time fitting me with different packs and realistically discussing options which helped my decision making. No question was silly and his information was invaluable including his help with walking poles too. The ladies model of Deuter needed to be ordered in which only took a couple of days and when I came in today to collect Brock remembered my name and needs even though he was in a different area. Many thanks to Lisa also who served me on the day but give full credit to Brock for his initial help which sealed the sale. I really appreciate the service and smiles I received from your staff who made this a pleasurable purchase. I need further bits and pieces in the future for this trip and won’t even bother going anywhere else. In this day and age of much criticism Im more than happy to pass on compliments for good assistance and service. Thank you Snowys … and Brock.

Jo - Keswick, SA
Jan 25, 2019

Thank you Snowys. Ordered a Roman PWRGRID 20 W on Wednesday 23/01/19 and delivered to our door on Friday morning 25/01/19. 
A pleasure to shop with you. Honesty and integrity wins all the time. Kind regards,

Don - Rochester, VIC
Jan 25, 2019
 Sending this email to say thanks for the prompt delivery of my camping gear. Everything arrived in excellent condition & a day 
earlier than expected.I have not erected the tent yet but im sure to be impressed with the quality. Thanks again for everything & I look forward to ordering more great products.
Craig - Seymour, VIC
Jan 25, 2019

Hello Nick and the Snowy’s Team,Thank you very much for your great assistance with a problem on a Coleman tent.You made it very easy and very fast and efficient.Great Service and importantly in Online stuff, Outstanding Support.cheers

Clark - Macquarie Park, NSW
Jan 24, 2019

Your service is exceptional, I ordered Sunday afternoon, and my goods were delivered to my door in NSW by 10am on Tuesday. It is really nice to do business with reliable people. My items were exactly as described on your website and in perfect condition.

Julia - Erskine Park, NSW
Jan 23, 2019

Hey Snowy's team Our instant up tent arrived in almost instant time . As usual ,it's a pleasure dealing with you . Friendly communication, amazing service , prompt delivery -how awesome is that . Thanks again Cheers 

Brian - Yarrawarrah, NSW
Jan 23, 2019

Hi, Very happy with my recent online purchase. Great quality products for a really great price, delivered the next day to my door. Love shopping with Snowys!Thanks heaps

Sonia - Burpengary, QLD
Jan 22, 2019

Hi Guys Sending this to say thank you for all your help and exceptional service. I have received my replacement light and you will be happy to know it arrived safe and sound. I showed the light to some friends and they were very impressed and I am about to order another one for a work mate. Once again thank you very much.Cheers

Len - Wangaratta, VIC
Jan 22, 2019

Thanks Snowys for the prompt delivery of goods ordered only a few days earlier  which were very well packed and exactly what we wanted.

Max - Highland Park, QLD
Jan 22, 2019

Wow!Awesome service. Delivered in under 24 hours to Canberra.Thank you very much 

Tony - Phillip , ACT
Jan 22, 2019

Fantastically fast delivery and the perfect item really happy. I need more camping items so i will look on your site for the things i need

Greg - QLD
Jan 22, 2019

I placed this order at around 1.00pm yesterday 21st Jan 2019, and expected delivery towards the end of the week or early next week!!Imagine my amazement when the TOLL delivery van pulled up at my door at about 12.30 today. (Just short of 24 hours later).This is amazing service and you get my vote any day!!!!!Thanks again.

Ronald - Moruya, NSW
Jan 22, 2019

Well done all, talk about fast delivery!!! It is unheard of to get something delivered down here the day after it’s ordered, I’m stoked!!  πŸ‘πŸΌSuper happy, will definitely purchase from Snowys again!!

Kylie - Yalyalup , WA
Jan 22, 2019

Hi guys I ordered a Ledlenser head lam yesterday.  It arrived today. Great price for this item and delivery was super quick.Thanks!

Dan - Kambah, ACT
Jan 22, 2019

Thanks Snow’s team the 2 parcels arrived this morning bloody hell ya quick with delivery’s you’d should be proud of your team effort. A happy customer cheers

Neil - Calavos, QLD
Jan 22, 2019

I recently purchased a Black Diamond Storm headlamp. I ordered it on Sat 19 Jan 2019. Amazingly, it arrived Monday 21 Jan 2019 by  free postage. Can’t beat that service. Thankyou

Greg - Wooloowin, QLD
Jan 22, 2019

This is the third or fourth time we have purchased from you, and have been very happy each time. Pricing is good, quality has been good, and delivery/shipping has also been good. Last shipment was ordered on the Thursday, and it arrived on Monday. Have nothing but praise for your professionalism and attention to customer needs. Keep up the good work.

Allan - Wombarra, NSW
Jan 21, 2019

Hi James CST Just letting you know that I and my bowling friends love your Chill towel. Perfect for our hot weather, and delivery to my door the next day!Fantastic service!

Carole - Glen Waverley,
Jan 21, 2019

Thanks for the great online shopping service We will definitely be shopping from you guys again Cheers 

Lawrence - Pacific Pines, QLD
Jan 18, 2019
Thank you for such a prompt delivery of my order which is just what I wanted.
Extremely pleased all round. P.S. Will recommend you highly.
Dianne - Scone, NSW
Jan 18, 2019
I would like to thankyou for your fantastic service. I made an order just before Christmas and was concerned that the item might not arrive in time. It arrived earlier than expected and was a great price as well.Thankyou  again.
Pam - Alexander Heights, WA
Jan 18, 2019

To all at Snowys. Many thanks for the prompt delivery of my new 12volt fan. Absolutely first class service! Will be recommending you guys & gals to all and sundry. Thank you. 

Barry - Owanyilla, QLD
Jan 16, 2019
Hello,My package arrived today!Only 24 hours after I ordered, this is amazing! Also loved the note inside - you guys re doing an amazing Job Thank you 
Bel - Runaway Bay, QLD
Jan 16, 2019

Well I have to give you 6 stars for service. If you compare the time line from me ordering it on Monday morning online in Far North Queensland to it arriving at my door yesterday afternoon correct  product then I will be recommending to all and sundry that for outdoor equipment you are the best for all camping and hiking gear. Definitely beat the 6-9 days.Keep up the good work

Norman - Woree , QLD
Jan 16, 2019

My order for the cooler bag arrived today all the way to Point Lonsdale Victoria. Brilliant! Perfect for my needs and such fast delivery. Amazing! Thank you!

Mary - Point Lonsdale, VIC
Jan 16, 2019

Thanks for the quick delivery and quality product. Would definitely recommend you guys. 

Jason - Adelong, NSW
Jan 16, 2019

Hi I got my chair yesterday. I love it.  Fantastic service and quick delivery.  I’ll buy from you guys again. Keep up the good work!

Julie - Baranduda, VIC
Jan 15, 2019

Just purchased a fridge stand for my Waeco.Ordered on line on Saturday 12 Jan and it arrived today. Was the item I wanted at a great price and delivered very promptly.Thanks for your efforts Regards

David - Lake Albert, NSW
Jan 15, 2019

Good afternoon I just want to say thank you for the fast delivery I received, phone your office to see if had in stock on hand you did placed order Thursday night and delivered the following Tuesday .Thank you for the quick service 

phil - Hornsby, NSW
Jan 15, 2019

Thank you so quick,amazing.,Love my stove,just used it .Snowy are great excellent service.

Margaret - Burrum Heads, QLD
Jan 15, 2019

Hi There, Thanks for your review note.I'm very satisfied with the service at Snowy's. This is my first order from you and I'm extremely happy with the service. Product as described, arrived extremely quick and love the fact that shipping is free. Your website is very user friendly - quick and easy to use. Thanks Snowy's for a great online shopping experience! I'll be sure to use again recommend you

Natalie -
Jan 15, 2019
Hi Kirsty Thank you so much! It arrived today! I have always been so impressed by how fast I get my orders from you guys! And the service I receive is always impeccable! Fast response to emails and ordering online is so easy!Thank you again!
Brooke - Kirwan, QLD
Jan 14, 2019

Hi Snowys Just wanted to say thank you for the great prompt service. We bought the Coleman Instant Up 8 man tent and spent four nights in it over Christmas. We have two children and there was plenty of room for all of us and all of our gear. The tent doesn’t have a divider which I thought it might to separate rooms but all the same, it was great and easy to set up and pack down. Looking forward to many more camping trips in it. Thank you again.

Tiffany - Kinross, WA
Jan 13, 2019
Thanks guys.Really impressed with the service. Order arrived Friday. We love the tent - put it up on Saturday- and your online instructional video was really helpful.We’ll put it to the true test over at Straddie in two weeks.Thanks again.
Shayne - Glenore Grove, QLD
Jan 12, 2019

Hi Nate, The picnic set has arrived! It awesome and arrived so quickly. Has everything we need and fantastic quality at such a great price. 
Thank you will definitely be shopping more with you guys! Regards,

Janine - Hemmant, QLD
Jan 12, 2019

Hi there i received my order yesterday and just thought i would contact you to say thanks for the outstanding service and wicked fast postage and it was a pleasure doing business with you thanks

Brad - Goonellabah, NSW
Jan 12, 2019

A big thanks for the quick service you just provided to me Ordered a Milenco set of towing mirrors on midday Wednesday for delivery to a regional town location and was fitting them to my car by Thursday lunchtime Quickest online delivery I have experienced the fitting video you provide was easy to follow Great product and great service Thank you

John - East Ballina, NSW
Jan 11, 2019

Hi guys I bought 4 beach chairs from you ,the chairs are great and your service was 5 star.

Wayne - sydney,
Jan 10, 2019

Just wanted to say thank you for the speedy service! Ordered a drink bottle for my daughter and cannot believe how fast the turnaround was! Drink bottle is perfect and fabulous service- thank you!

Lisa - Surrey Hills, VIC
Jan 09, 2019

Hi guys. Im just writing to you to thankyou so much for unbelievable service. I've purchased 2 things online from you guys and live on the mid north coast of nsw. 1 item I only ordered yesterday and was delivered by courier to me today. The other was just a few days as well. That is just such awesome service. I know exactly where im going to do all my camp shopping if i ever need anything else. I hope that you have a wonderful day and once again,  thankyou. Your prompt and efficient service is so much appreciated. Yours sincerely

Amanda - Wingham, NSW
Jan 09, 2019

Hi Snowys The camping gas stove has arrived speedily and in perfect condition!Recipient was very pleased Excellent customer service Thanks

Jen - Sunshine, VIC
Jan 08, 2019

Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for my purchase. From ordering to contact via customer service and super-fast delivery my purchase arrived with no issues! Will definitely be a return customer!

Krista - kingaroy, QLD
Jan 08, 2019

Hi, 4 person instant up tent arrived yesterday,super quick delivery, already had it up and down really easy setup and pull down and surprise surprise it fitted back in the bag no worries lol, couldn't be happier with purchase and promt service from SNOWYS and will check out your shop first for any future purchases all the best for the new year   5 stars 

Neil - tumut , NSW
Jan 08, 2019

Thankyou so much for your speedy delivery. Shoes fit perfectly. I’m a new woman!

Rhym - Maldon, VIC
Jan 08, 2019

Thank you so much.  Yesterday morning 7th I ordered towing mirrors and this morning 8th they arrived in country Victoria. Thanks so much for such great service

Sandra - Benalla, VIC
Jan 08, 2019
Thanks Your sevice is fantastic Could not ask for any better Cheers 
Tom -
Jan 08, 2019
Fridge stand, service and delivery were nothing short of sensational. Too easy!!!Thanks heaps
John - Urraween, QLD
Jan 07, 2019

Wow, thanks for the great camping stool - your delivery was amazingly fast. I wish everyone's customer service was as good as yours.

Kay - Palm Beach, QLD
Jan 06, 2019
Hi Snowys crew, Just wanna say a massive thank you for five star service! I ordered a Burke & Wills sway for my son, for a last minute trip over the New Years break, & it arrived in great time!! Even with two public holidays over the delivery period! Great work guys πŸ˜πŸ‘
Fiona - Seville East, VIC
Jan 05, 2019

Thankyou for your great sevice my item arrived earlier than i expected considering the public holidays well done to all.when i buy camping gear again i will go to your store first

Raymond - Nicholson, VIC
Jan 05, 2019
Hi , purchased a joolca hot water unit from you. was purchased at the last minute as a christmas present. extremely happy with the unit and with your professional service which was hassle free and extremely quick service. i highly recommended your business  and would not hesitate to use your services again Happy new year
Grant - Park Orchards, VIC
Jan 04, 2019

Hi Everyone at Snowys.I want to tell you how wonderful your products,pricing and service is.I ordered a table and bench seats online yesterday 3/1/19. confirmation was recieved via email one hour later advising goods would be delivered tuesday8/1/19/.  Well what a surprise .delivery today fri  4/1/ doesnt get any better than this.Product was as advertised and excellent for my annex..Keep it up Snowys,you are the best..Thank You.

Col - Yarraman, QLD
Jan 04, 2019

Excellent service, would recommend Snowys. Ordered, it arrived in 2 days. Thank you very much. 

Gaylene - Dalby, QLD
Jan 03, 2019

Wow, what can I say? I ordered 3 products on New Years Day, which is a public holiday. My delivery arrived 2 days later on the 3rd. That is the quickest delivery I have ever had. All products were as expected and described. My family is so appreciative and no doubt we will use them until we need new ones. I will definitely be shopping at snowys again. Awesome service. 

Damien - Bateau Bay, NSW
Jan 03, 2019

Thanks so much for your exceptionally prompt service at such a busy time of the year.

Don - Tamworth, NSW
Jan 03, 2019

Thank you for the ease of service, competitive price and prompt delivery am very impressed.

Mark - Lake Munmorah, NSW
Jan 02, 2019

Hi, I just wanted to say how impressed I am by the speed of your service - we only ordered our new tent on New Years Eve, and it's here already! Very impressive stuff considering your prices were the lowest we could find as well. Thank you!

Nick - Haberfield, NSW
Jan 02, 2019

Hi Guys, Ordered an eco billy late on the afternoon of Wednesday 19th December,2018 and was astonished to have it delivered to go under the Christmas tree early on the morning of Friday 21st.Congratulations on the fantastic service.

Bob - South West Rocks, NSW
Jan 01, 2019

Good morning Snowys, Just a little note to thank you. My sons present has arrived all safe and sound and all along the journey I have been kept up to date with just everything.  I do thank you very much and congratulate the team for a fabulous service.  I did not know about Snowys but I do now!

Pauline - Malvern, VIC
Jan 01, 2019
Dear Snowys Team,Thank you very much for the prompt service and speedy delivery. Items are all in good conditions. Keep up the excellent customer service.  From a happy customer
Barbara - Bow Bowing, NSW
Dec 31, 2018

 just like to say thanks very much for your great service and lighting speed postage to me in Boyup Brook WA, I’ll be in contact for other camping nik naks soon.All the best for 2019

Mark - Boyup Brook, WA
Dec 28, 2018

I would just like to thank you for your excellent service I placed an order on Boxing Day and it was delivered today 28 Dec I live in regional NSW Once again thank you 

Judy - Alstonville, NSW
Dec 28, 2018

Hello Just wanted to say thank you for the hassle free online shopping experience I had at Snowys and also the prompt shipping of my items during the crazy Christmas period.I was unsure as to what to buy my son for Christmas and decided on an oztrail gazebo for him thinking it might not come in time for Christmas as I had placed my order quite late and that couriers would be run off their feet with meeting delivery deadlines. Happy to say It arrived within a couple of days of ordering and my son was thrilled with his present.Thank you Snowys for excellent customer service and competitive prices.

Diane - Bulleen, VIC
Dec 27, 2018

Hi Kenneth, Last Friday I bought an Oz Trail Deluxe Gazebo replacement cover on-line. The website was simple to navigate, the product details were clearly set out & the checkout was a breeze. Within a couple of hours I received notification that the order had been despatched & it was delivered in excellent condition, early on Monday. Thank you for the amazing customer service.

Lesley - Mango Hill, QLD
Dec 26, 2018

Hi there, It was a present for Xmas and they were rapped with the backpack, thank you again for great customer service and quick dispatch of the backpack, will shop here again in the future.

Ralph - Miners Rest, VIC
Dec 26, 2018

Great service great products prompt delivery!!!! Thankyou snowys!!!!!

Sharee - Bli Bli, QLD
Dec 25, 2018

The service I received was splendid. Good website and follow up of order which arrived promptly. All the best to all involved in providing the service.

Catherine - Yarralumla, ACT
Dec 24, 2018

Thank you for a trouble free and efficient shopping experience.Was very surprised when my order arrived today (christmas eve) after only ordering it a couple of days ago.Would recommend online shopping with Snowys no worries.Thanks

Dec 24, 2018
Hi Guys What a great surprise to receive my order today Monday 24th after only ordering on Friday 21st allowing for a weekend between
Free delivery was a bonus, will be ordering again when a new replacement is required Thank you
Frances - Port Macquarie, NSW
Dec 23, 2018

Just wanted to say what friendly customer service you have at Snowys. Phoned to make sure would receive before Christmas and staff helpful with my concerns. Fantastic super fast delivery to Central Coast NSW. Was pleasantly surprised at how quick delivery was from QLD. Was a little concerned wouldn’t arrive for my son’s Christmas present Swiss army knife but no worries thanks too you. Great price and free delivery to house.

Bill - Hamlyn Terrace, NSW
Dec 23, 2018

Thanks for your terrific service. Most impressive. My dog Cilla loves her new fold up camping bed and cover.

Lorraine - Coombabah, QLD
Dec 23, 2018

Hi, a quick note to say THANK YOU!  My order arrived within two days. Couldn’t be happier with the price, product and the service. Highly recommend.

Karen - Rochedale South, QLD
Dec 23, 2018

Just to let you know that the order has arrived on time and as described. I’m very happy with the service, the boots and the price and shall sing your praises.

Nick - Mornington, VIC
Dec 23, 2018

Just a short note to thank you for your amazingly quick delivery of my order. Happy Christmas πŸŽ„ 

Marianne - Middle Park, VIC
Dec 23, 2018
Wow!!! we are most impressed by the speed at which our order arrived, especially at this time of the year.  Congratulations....and many thanks
Valerie - Scarborough, QLD
Dec 23, 2018

Order received this morning. Couldn’t believe how quickly it arrived! Excellent service.

Ros - Kooringal, NSW
Dec 23, 2018

I'm delighted with my new Helion 60 litre Deuter pack - ordered only a few days ago and delivered to my back door today. Unpacked it and it's everything I hoped for. Fantastic service and great price so, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jon - Timboon West, VIC
Dec 23, 2018

We recently purchased a 25lt Ice Kool ice box through Snowys after having an unpleasant experience at a large boating camping & fishing retailer with rude staff who were unwilling to offer an appropriate level of customer service to us. The price was very competitive, the ordering process was easy, free delivery was offered and the item turned up promptly and well packed – in all a fabulous experience and we will definitely use Snowys again (and recommend to all our friends & family) Well done Snowys!! Merry Christmas to all your staff.

Denise - Virginia, QLD
Dec 23, 2018
I have only just learned of Snowys.  I placed an order just a couple of days ago, and it arrived today -- very quick delivery.  I bought this item from Snowys after doing a Google search for the particular item.  The price from Snowys was less than the purported "special discount price" that was offered from the advertisement I had seen elsewhere.  I've done a quick look at what things are available from Snowys, and I'm certain that I'll be a repeat customer. Thanks for the good prices, quality merchandise, and quick delivery.
Stephen - Maroubra, NSW
Dec 23, 2018

Thank you so much, I’m so impressed with my order, the gasmate voyager bbq, it was delivered in 5 days and I wasn’t expecting it til after Xmas, this was a Xmas present to myself, and I’m so happy I can use it Xmas day, thank you.

Colleen - Trinity Beah, QLD
Dec 23, 2018

Delivery in less than 24 hours at this time of year is impressive. Thanks for your service. I will be back. 

Jonathan - Sydney, NSW
Dec 23, 2018
I would just like to say a very special thank you to your company for your excellent service. Our Colemans tent came at a great price and arrived in record time... and we were kept informed of the tracking of our delivery at all times. Your delivery agents Toll delivered exactly as we requested, to our back door! We will definitely buy from your company again when the need arises. Happy Christmas and I hope that 2019 is a fantastic year for you!
Sue - Wingello, NSW
Dec 23, 2018

Cannot believe it - it is here - and not delivered by carrier pigeon either!   Well done to you!  Thank you very much.

Mary - Dalmeny, NSW
Dec 23, 2018

I came across Snowys while researching some decent quality unbreakable drinkware. Previously I was unaware of their existence, but their prices on some items were very attractive, and on their website, I found things I didn’t even know existed and had not seen elsewhere. Consequently, I placed an order in the early afternoon and was totally surprised to see it delivered on the following morning. The items were of high quality, as advertised and in good condition when I opened the package. You can’t ask for much more than that, particularly during the week before Christmas.

Warber - Riverhills, QLD
Dec 23, 2018

Thank you for the quick and efficient service I received for my recent order. I appreciated being kept informed of the progress of the out of stock items and didn’t expect to receive them so soon. I would happily recommend Snowys to family and friends. 

Faye - Kennington, VIC
Dec 23, 2018
Thank you for the speedy delivery of my Zempirre, Mantis Table which arrived today. Very happy, thank you. Personalizing the thank you card is a lovely idea, keep up the good work. Wishing you good health and happy times in 2019.
Julie - Margate, TAS
Dec 22, 2018

Hi, we have not used our evaporative cooler as yet but I am extremely happy and impressed with the service we received from placing the order to sorting charging and battery replacement.

Keith - Busselton, WA
Dec 22, 2018

I made my order just before midnight Wednesday and my order was delivered by Friday. I was so surprised given it is the Silly Season. Thankyou. I am very grateful.

Clare - Redcliffe, QLD
Dec 22, 2018

Being a luddite, I couldn’t work out how to post a Google review, but I wanted to commend your website layout, info (including the excellent Q&As), delivery and comms. Possibly the cleanest, clearest, online purchasing I’ve experienced. Nice work!

Ian - Marrickville, NSW
Dec 22, 2018
Would just like to say I have used Snowys twice now and have been extremely pleased with products, service and fast delivery which was free. I will continue to use Snowys for all our caravan needs.
Marg - Bowenfels, NSW
Dec 22, 2018

Just letting you know we received our hat and we are very happy with it and your service. We have placed an order for more hats.

Ruth - Barrum Heads, QLD
Dec 22, 2018

Hello to the customer support team, My replacement melamine mug just arrived in perfect condition and with the speediest service on the face of the earth - thank you so much! My husband has suggested that we put the original cracked mug on the kitchen windowsill to remind ourselves every day of your wonderful service.....I’m seriously considering this. This is how to impress your customers. Thanks again, Jan (and Bob)

Jan - Taree, NSW
Dec 22, 2018

Thanks for the great service and price. Ordered on Wednesday and arrived first thing this morning.

Bernie - Murrumbeena, VIC
Dec 22, 2018

I would like to thank you very much for the quick service   I received my stools about 2.30pm today. Very happy with everything. Thank you

Kathryn - Old Bar, NSW
Dec 22, 2018
The team at Snowys, Just a quick note to say how impressed we are with the easy shopping and quick delivery of our order especially so close to Christmas.
Heather - Truro, SA
Dec 22, 2018

Thankyou Snowys for fast delivery of camping chairs. Great product and really great price! 

Margaret - Tura Beach, NSW
Dec 22, 2018

To all your staff. Thank you a speedy delivery. I wish each and everyone of you a merry Christmas. And a bright and full year in 2019. Thank you from a very happy customer 

Carol - Proserpine, QLD
Dec 22, 2018

Everything I purchased has been great and I get your newsletter I tell Rays and army disposal managers that got nothing on you

Richard - Murrumbeena, VIC
Dec 22, 2018
I just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent customer service!!! I am super impressed. I placed my order Tuesday night and it arrive today (Thursday)! Thank you for your hard work!
Hue - Blacktown, NSW
Dec 22, 2018

Hi Guys ordered my Maxi Companion evaporative cooler yesterday and it arrived the next morning so excited ill be the coolest person camping at Rainbow Beach Inskip for Christmas thanks for the great service.

Dani - Southport, QLD
Dec 22, 2018

Just a quick note. Ordered a tent at 8am on Monday morning (best price by far on any other supplier) and it arrived at our front door 1200 kms away at 12pm the next day! Fantastic service.

Fiona - Bonny Hills, NSW
Dec 22, 2018

We previously ordered the below camp chairs & they arrived in Albany very quickly to our surprise. The service is always excellent at Snowys & would definitely recommend. The chairs are wonderful & comfortable.  Do love the wine holder.  They are very sturdy & well made. Would thoroughly recommend this product. Cheers again!

Laurie - McKail, WA
Dec 22, 2018

Thank you, for the prompt delivery, my leader of the opposition will be over the moon, she could not find them in Victoria. Browny point's for me, merry Christmas 

Alex - Wyndham Vale, VIC
Dec 22, 2018

Hi, just to let you know that the order arrived yesterday.  Please accept my sincerest compliments at the level of service and efficiency with this order.  The delivery time coupled with the presentation and quality of the product is excellent.  Please pass on my seasonal good will to all involved and thank you again.

Adrian - Mascot, NSW
Dec 22, 2018

I received my Waeco CFX40 today and was amazed with the speed in which I received it. With the weekend included, 4 days to country SA. Sensational fast accurate service. The product when opened was as ordered and in excellent condition. Wrapped in black plastic for security. Well done Lisa. This has given me extra confidence in Snowys as a reputable company and look forward to future dealings. Again, many thanks 

Bill - Gladstone, SA
Dec 22, 2018

Thank you for reliable service.  So very happy with my camping stove wind shield.  It arrived on the time projected. Would definitely shop online with you in future. Much appreciated 

Peggy - Gladstone Park, VIC
Dec 22, 2018

Thanks so much for the chair which we ordered on Thursday and received in Albany WA on the following Tuesday. Such fast delivery and also free. The price was also cheaper than anywhere else. Very happy.

Anne - Bayonet Head, WA
Dec 22, 2018

Hi Snowys, Received my order in super fast time and am very happy. Many thanks and Merry Xmas.

Peter - North Ward, QLD
Dec 22, 2018

Hi all at Snows, Received item today, very fast delivery, excellent product, fits well.

Garry - Port Macquarie, NSW
Dec 22, 2018

My parcel of the mobile picnic set has arrived (very quickly I might add) and all in good shape. I WANT TO SAY A VERY BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR EXCELLENT SERVICE.  Keep up the excellent work and I think we may be doing business with you in future.

Wendy - Kingsley, WA
Dec 08, 2018

Hi Just wanted to say thank you for your speedy and reliable service at a great price. We ordered a product online on Sunday night and it arrived Tuesday morning. Thanks again.

Tamara - Saratoga, NSW
Dec 06, 2018

Hi thanks heaps for the quick delivery of my chair. Product is in mint condition. Thanks for the great service.

Diane Fraser - Usher, WA
Dec 01, 2018

Service is exceptional. Anything to do with camping I wouldn't shop anywhere else. Their product range is great and their service is second to none.

Ken - Toorbul, QLD
Dec 01, 2018

Hi on Wednesday I ordered 2 camelbak drink bottles for my boys for Christmas, I just want to say thank you so much I received them Thursday afternoon I'm in melbourne!! I was so surprised at how quick it was I will be ordering more for you all soon and recommending to others thank you again for your great service 😊

Bec - Pakenham, VIC
Dec 01, 2018

My order arrived safe and sound today. I´ll definitely be recommending Snowys to friends and family.

Nicky - Balmain, NSW
Nov 30, 2018

Hi all Received my order so quickly, I wondered if you had read my mind and sent it before it was placed. Seriously, you provide a great service so keep up the good work, thank you.

Robyn - QLD
Nov 29, 2018

Hi, just dropping you a line to let you know that I have recently purchased from your company and was most impressed with the quality and also the extremely fast postage. Well done. Thanks so much.

Jan - arakoon, NSW
Nov 29, 2018
Order was received very quickly. Stuff was ordered on Saturday and received on Tuesday.Happy with product and service. Will definitely be shopping more from the store in the future.
Aji - NSW
Nov 28, 2018

Hi Snowys Team, I recently placed an order for two side panels for my Blackwolf 300 tent. Phone service was very helpful and when I placed the order online I paid for express delivery. Delivery took less than 24hrs. I was very impressed as I live in the Illawarra a couple of hours south of Sydney!! This really made the difference as the side panels came in very handy with the wind and rain we had that weekend. Thanks again for your excellent service!

Ben - Kiama Downs, NSW
Nov 28, 2018

Well it's here already!  Wow thanks, arrived to country NSW on Weds arvo, purchased 9pm Monday  - bloody awesome!

Greg - Federal, NSW
Nov 27, 2018
Dear Friend, Many thanks for your prompt delivery of my order, it was waiting for me when I got home half an hour ago. It's a Xmas present and I am so pleased with the product.
Carol - Eagleby, QLD
Nov 27, 2018

Hi guys. Just received my goods and very impressed with the whole operation from ordering to delivery. Excellent service and I will be highly recommending Snowys to my mates.

Bob - Wollongong, NSW
Nov 27, 2018

Hi Kenneth, I received my order today and couldn’t be happier with the bag and in particular, the excellent service I received from the team at Snowys. I will definitely be shopping with you again and looking forward to recommending you to my friends. Thanks for all your help, the speedy delivery of the bag and for making the whole process an easy and enjoyable experience.

Sandra - Port Macquarie, NSW
Nov 23, 2018

Just a quick note of thanks for great service. I received my order within 2 days as promised (QLD). Happy with a great product, and super fast delivery. Again, thank you.

Garry - Tallebudgera, QLD
Nov 22, 2018
Hi Marley I received my delivery this morning around 07.40 hrs. Well what can I say, fast, efficient the product was delivered as advertised.   I have tried it on our Campervan with connections to Anderson plug wired directly to the house batteries (AGM 120 aph X2).  Worked brilliantly. 5 out of 5 stars.
Stevan - Paradise Point, QLD
Nov 22, 2018
All good....I constantly spread the word about your storr, great service and prompt delivery. I will be looking at purchasing a new esky and hiking boots in the new year. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
Lea - Narrogin, WA
Nov 22, 2018

Thanks for the excellent service - items were delivered about 24 hours after I ordered them, exceeding my expectations.

Katherine - Sydney, NSW
Nov 22, 2018

Hi there although I’ve only been a customer for a short period,I’ve enjoyed the experience, I look forward to building a good retailer/purchaser relationship with your company. Service and deliveries has been great and on the ball. Cheers all Enjoy your Christmas and New year gang 

Evan - Tathra, NSW
Nov 21, 2018

Thanks guys haven’t had a chance to set up yet as I’m in middle of a move and work. Thanks for your incredible service it’s rare and much appreciated. Prompt delivery and care of product was acceptional. There will be repeat business in future thank you. 

Marc - Queenscliff, QLD
Nov 21, 2018

Just a quick note of thanks for your amazingly fast delivery - ordered 12.30 pm Tuesday and received 2.30 pm Wednesday! Amazing! Great product and great price too. Thank you from a very happy customer

Beth - Strathdale, VIC
Nov 21, 2018
Hi there, I ordered a Tent & Gear Solar Proof online and was told to allow 2-5 business days... I received the item less than 24 hours later- amazing service, thanks so much!!
Cindy - North Strathfield, NSW
Nov 21, 2018

Excellent service, price and quick delivery.

Julie - Sandstone Point, QLD
Nov 20, 2018

Hi Snowys Team, I placed my order on Saturday, had confirmation first thing Monday and the package arrived this morning (Tuesday). Excellent product, excellent service, couldn’t ask for more. Many thanks

Bob - Warwick, QLD
Nov 20, 2018

Hello guys I found your website is very easy to navigate and thank you for the incredibly quick service.  I placed my order mid morning last Thursday and my parcel arrived mid morning on Monday - fantastic! You can count on me to recommend you to my friends and relatives that camp. Thank you

Colette - Bairnsdale, VIC
Nov 20, 2018
Hi I received my goods in a very quick time and everything I ordered turned up  and was what I expected. Very happy with your service I  would recommend you guys to anyone! ThanksSmile
Jo - Lavington, NSW
Nov 20, 2018
I received my parcel this morning. Fantastic service, i cant beleive i received my tables less than 24 hours after i ordered it. Thank you so much, i will definitely purchase from you again.
Marlene - Salisbury East, SA
Nov 20, 2018

Thankyou very much. Couldn't believe how quickly my parcel arrived. Many thanks 

Camelia - Proserpine, QLD
Nov 19, 2018

Dear Snowys, My Companion Double Burner Cooker arrived today in Perth (2 Days ahead of schedule) and was up and running within 10 minutes. Great product, great price and great service. Thanks once again for your assistance, PS You are putting Perth stores to shame!

Tony - East Victoria Park, WA
Nov 17, 2018
I am extremely please with my purchase Goods arrived on time and as per described Would definitely buy from you again in the future
David - Orange, NSW
Nov 16, 2018

Hello Bob, We just received a pack of these Primus unbreakable stemless champagne flutes for our caravan travels from Snowys online & Rhonda is very happy as they fit into her arthritic hands very snug. P.S. Delivery was very speedy as we received to North Queensland within 36hrs from order.πŸ‘ 

Cedric and Rhonda - Beaconsfield, QLD
Nov 16, 2018

Thank you, parcel arrived today.  Xtremely happy as we are heading of at the end of the month for a few days.  Also would like to thank all the team for keeping us informed of the status of our order.

Alice - Minnamurra, NSW
Nov 16, 2018

The item arrived by Toll 1600hrs yesterday- thats about 26 hours from order to delivery.. ive never had service like that before.. thank you

Garry - Bongaree, QLD
Nov 15, 2018

Thanks Snowys, I have just received my Darche 1400 sleeping bag. This is my second item I have purchased from you ( first one was the Darche 380 Chair ) and I ‘m very impressed with the service, from order acknowledgement, updated emails on my order and then a text from the courier confirming delivery date. I will be buying more from you, Thanks Heaps

Bruce - Narellan Vale, NSW
Nov 14, 2018
Hi Mick, Just received my order for 3 kids drink bottles.  Very happy with product and prompt service and delivery. Thank you.  Will certainly recommend.
Mandy - Tallwoods Village, NSW
Nov 14, 2018
Dear Snowys People, Just wanted to thank you - hiking shoes received this morning, and not only are they perfect, but I'm stunned at the speed and efficiency of your (and Tolls) service. Thank you!
Pam - Blackwall, NSW
Nov 13, 2018

Good afternoon, I placed an order yesterday and received it (in outer western Sydney) today. Great job!

Michael - Mount Annan, NSW
Nov 13, 2018

To Whom It May Concern, A brief note to say I can’t believe I ordered my coffee percolator in the afternoon and it arrived on my doorstep in country NSW the next morning! Will definitely be ordering from you in the future.

Robyn - Wingham, NSW
Nov 13, 2018

Hi, I just received my order.....fantastic service. Thank you.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘

Denise - Baulkham Hills, NSW
Nov 12, 2018

Hi I recently shopped online at Snowys. My order arrived well within promised delivery dates, items were correct and in good order. Very easy and pleasant experience, I will definitely shop online again with Snowy's, thanks for the great service and your huge selection of products. Thanks very much

Janet - Leschenault, WA
Nov 10, 2018
Your service was great, a good delivery no complaints , We have not had time to use them yet.My wife sends her regards and a big thank you for the check list.A great Company, good follow up Thank You. 
Merv - Collingwood Heights, WA
Nov 09, 2018

Thank you. Order received, very promptly. Will try to use you again. Thanks for the camping list 😁

Jackie - GlamorganVale, QLD
Nov 08, 2018

Just wanted to say thanks for the great shopping experience! Never heard of you guys before but found the product I was after at a great price with free shipping - and it arrived less than 24hrs after I’d ordered! Really blown away!

Lauren - Hurstville, NSW
Nov 08, 2018

Thankyou to the team for making our shopping experience easy! Our order was processed quickly and we had it in a few days, which is no mean feat when our address is rural!! We had a very positive experience dealing with Snowys online!!

Darryn and Sue - West Wyalong, NSW
Nov 08, 2018

Hi Marley Your service and delivery on my recent purchase from you was excellent.  I can highly recommend Snowys.

Judy - Camp Mountain, QLD
Nov 08, 2018

Hi team! Just wanted to say you’re awesome and I appreciate your fantastic service! Kind Regards, Robina

Robina - Moonee Ponds, VIC
Nov 08, 2018

Thank you Snowys team for the fantastic service. My three year old twin grandsons will be comfortable on their new airbeds when they visit at Christmas.

Beverly - Tura Beach, NSW
Nov 08, 2018

Goods ordered Monday night, received Wednesday, excellent customer service, very happy. 
Thank You

Des - Tinana, QLD
Nov 08, 2018
Hi there i ordered on tuesday afternoon  some camping food and milk shakes from u guys and OMG!!!!!!!!!
They were delivered  in one and half days , I was gobbed smacked on how fast it was and to top it off , the delivery is FREE"""
JUST WOW!!!!! And to top it off the milk shakes are amazing ,  100% amazing , my son brought a berry milK shake and we compaired ,,,,,, yep yours won!!!!  when i try the meals i will let you know what i think ,,,I`m a person that if i like something i will stick to it and quickly let the word out ,,,,,,, please thank  bob and marley for me  from customer support people whom left me a thank u note,,, 
 very nice , , snowys  keep up the good work and cheap prices !!! THANKING YOU,,,,,,,
Samantha - Mt Warren Park, QLD
Nov 07, 2018

Thanks Snowy for a pleasurable shopping experience ordered yesterday parcel arrived today northern NSW wow and postage was free thanks will be sure to tell everyone about your service thanks once again.

Dave - Inverell, NSW
Nov 07, 2018

Just a thumbs up for the ultralight mat and dehydrated food I’ve bought from you this year. Your prices are generally the most competitive and your range and quality of the goods are up there with the best. That will bring me back to you every time as I search for better and lighter gear to improve my experience of bush walks and bike touring. I’m preparing for the big one in Autumn, the Bibbulman Track and maybe a bike ride to get there or most of the way there from SE Queensland.( hmm… not sure about the Nullabor). No doubt I’ll be shopping at Snowy’s again.

Jayn - Greenlands, QLD
Nov 05, 2018

Hello Snowys, Purchased a Coleman queen sized inflatable bed and pump and can't believe how quickly it arrived. Purchased on Thursday 1 November and received Monday 5 November. A very easy purchase online. Thank you Snowys we are very happy with our purchase.

Greg and Tina - Goulburn, NSW
Nov 02, 2018

Thanks guys n gals. Only ordered stuff at the beginning of the week and got it delivered today. Fantastic. I kiw where I am buying my camping stuff from no on. Excellent service.

Brenton - Tolland, NSW
Nov 02, 2018

Very pleased with the stove. Extremely pleased with the service and delivery. A friend of mine recommended your company; l will do the same.

Frank - Blind Bight, VIC
Nov 01, 2018

Chacos arrived this morning.  WOW! What speedy delivery!  The Chacos are excellent again - this is my second pair.  Many thanks.

Bronwyn - Denhams Beach, NSW
Nov 01, 2018

Thank you for my purchase of an ozpig. Such an easy transaction. And delivered free within 2 days. Awesome work Snowys...I’ll be back for sure.

Troy - Cheltenham, VIC
Nov 01, 2018

HI Lisa, I ordered solar panels from you yesterday and they arrived today, I wasn’t expecting them till Friday well done. The guy I spoke to yesterday was very helpful, very impressed with Snowys, I heard about you from a friend at work.

Neil - Bayswater North, VIC
Oct 31, 2018

I would just like to thank you for you prompt service. I ordered my chair and it was here the following day. Fantastic price and fantastic service.

Roslyn - Bellbowrie, QLD
Oct 31, 2018

Hi. 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 for my beach mat. Ordered Monday evening and delivered to tweed Heads via Fast way couriers at lunch time Wednesday. Good service. I'm yet to try it but looks like it will fit the bill and the price was the cheapest I could find.

Rhonda - Tweed Heads, NSW
Oct 31, 2018

Hi guys, I just purchased Mitchel Discovery KS Swag. Wanted to mention how impressed I am with your service. Delivery was exceptionally fast and user experience has been fantastic. Easy to follow videos on the features made it an easy choice for purchase, and the videos on set up and pack up have been very useful. Please feel free to use testimony on any social media or website, I will be recommending to anyone looking to buy camping equipment.

Joanna - South Melbourne, VIC
Oct 30, 2018
OMG, Snowy's you are amazing !!! I ordered this swag and pole online at about 10am yesterday morning ( Monday) hoping that it would get here by friday for my son's birthday, and I arrived home from town at about 2pm today and it is sitting here on my verandah !!! So it has travelled from QLD to NSW in about 24hours. Thankyou all so much
Janelle - Nana Glen, NSW
Oct 30, 2018
thank you all who handled my order,it was first class I will tell people the excellent service you provide.
Lewis - Forrestfield, WA
Oct 30, 2018
thank you all who handled my order,it was first class I will tell people the excellent service you provide.
Lewis - Forrestfield, WA
Oct 30, 2018

Hi off to new zealand on saturday so haven't used it all yet but i'm sure they will be fine and btw we will never part company - you guys are fabulous!

Merryn - Cheltenham, VIC
Oct 29, 2018

Hi guys thanks so much for my order it arrived in a ridiculously quick time and I’m super happy with it. Thanks again for the great service!

Nicole - Croydon, VIC
Oct 28, 2018

Hi I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your absolutely amazing service. I ordered a marquee on Tuesday and it arrived at my door in Murgon on Wednesday, the following day! I must just have had perfect timing for my order and your delivery schedule but it is just incredible that you guys were able to process my order so quickly. I used it on the weekend and it was absolutely perfect for my needs. Thanks for a fantastic service.

Robyn - Murgon, QLD
Oct 26, 2018

I wish to congratulate you on your amazing service. I received my parcel the day after ordering when I was expecting it next week. Awesome!! Thank you

Ngaere - Sippy Downs, QLD
Oct 25, 2018

Hi Just a quick note in reply to your Thank You note. No, I should thank you! Fastest ever turn around time for any online purchase I have ever made.  Less than 2 Days??!!!!! Ordered on a Sunday, arrived am Tuesday.

Also: Excellent product now that I have actually got it. Only thought I have - should be possible to buy the convex aero efficient mirror on the standard arm too, not just the long arm. With a 2 metre wide wind up van that is all I needed, but wanted the convex mirrors.

Adrian - Currumbin Waters, QLD
Oct 25, 2018

HI guys I would just like to say once again how great your service and products are , I have never had faster service from any company since I have been buy on the internet , and I can tell you for certain that's a long time . Thank You guys .

Merv - Coominya, QLD
Oct 24, 2018
Well done Snowys, placed my order Monday morning and received it Wednesday. Best price and quickest delivery, well packed and exactly as described. How good is that!!!
Kev - Laidley Heights, QLD
Oct 24, 2018
Hello, Great work guys! Fastest delivery ever! Thank you.
Chris - Pascoe Vale South, ACT
Oct 23, 2018

Thank you The Milenco mirrors arrived today 23/10. Very fast delivery. Your company is quite organised. They appear to fit very well, only time will tell on our next caravan trip. Thanks also for the you tube clip on fitting the mirrors. It made the job very easy.

Craig - Bateau Bay, NSW
Oct 23, 2018
Hi Snowys, Just like to congratulate your service team on their outstanding on-line purchasing facility. Pricing and stock was excellent, ordering and payment was seamless, packaging and delivery were also outstanding! Well done Snowys will definitely use you again.
Peter - Sylvania, NSW
Oct 23, 2018

Hi Placed order in Melbourne yesterday at 1.00pm - arrived today at about 3.00pm. Great service and great communication re receipt of order, despatch and delivery. well done

Craig - Moorabbin Airport, VIC
Oct 22, 2018

Hi, Thanks …. My order was delivered today, sitting at my front door when I arrived home tonight. Excellent service and the products were all there as ordered in just over 24 hours.

Dick - Brighton, QLD
Oct 22, 2018

Hi Snowy's Couldn't find another way to leave feedback via the site or emails sent for the order so am writing an email to say thanks for the great service and speedy delivery of my purchase. The camp chairs arrived in perfect order and were delivered quickly. Just what I was looking for at a great price.

Phil - Albion Park, NSW
Oct 19, 2018
Just to let you know the companion shower stand is a beauty and am very happy with the price and 
Quality of the product .Thankyou
Robert - South Morang, VIC
Oct 17, 2018

EXCELLENT SERVICE....Will certainly be dealing with you again....Thanks Richard.

Richard - Beaudesert,
Oct 17, 2018
Guys Just a quick review to say thanks for the prompt service in regards to the items I purchased last week. Competitive prices, free prompt delivery and quality products
Brad - Sandgate, NSW
Oct 17, 2018

Goodafternoon guys, 
I purchased a cutlery set from you guys and its arrived within 3 days of purchasing. Products perfect, im extremely satisfied with it all and because of this you will have future transactions from me. So thanks.

Adam - Edmonton, QLD
Oct 17, 2018

Many thanks to Rhi and your team for the wonderful service we received in the last few days. We ordered a pair of towing mirrors on Friday and received them today,  Tuesday . Excellent service considering we live in Townsville,  North Queensland ! Many thanks Team.

Ray and Wendy - Townsville, QLD
Oct 17, 2018

Greetings to whoever is concerned, just wanted to thank you all for the speedy transaction and delivery, fantastic, and well done, you have won a very satisfied customer

Alistair - Numurkah, VIC
Oct 15, 2018
Hello, I've just received my small order from you, the second time I've dealt with you and I just wanted to say "thank you".  From accessing your website to placing my order to the goods being received I've received nothing but excellent service and will recommend your company to my family and friends.Well done!
Lesley - Hillarys, WA
Oct 15, 2018
Hello, I've just received my small order from you, the second time I've dealt with you and I just wanted to say "thank you".  From accessing your website to placing my order to the goods being received I've received nothing but excellent service and will recommend your company to my family and friends.Well done!
Lesley - Hillarys, WA
Oct 14, 2018

FYI, I’m extremely pleased with my Black Diamond walking poles. They’re great. I’m also impressed by the timely, efficient service & support provided by the Snowys Team. Thank you. Well done.

marcia - Williamstown, VIC
Oct 12, 2018

Thanks Snowys The delivery to Tasmania was super fast. My package arrived only three days after my order with Trangia metho cooker set and gasmate stove. Usually we have to wait for far longer to receive parcels from online purchases. excellent service, great products.

Ant 🐜 - Ulverstone, TAS
Oct 11, 2018

Thank you for my Engel fridge/freezer cover. I am astounded at how fast the delivery was. I arrived home at 12-30pm today and item was at my back door. Amazing how you have your act together. Here in Bundaberg it generally takes the shop assistants longer to look up at you from their telephones.

Stephen - Burnett Heads, QLD
Oct 11, 2018

Great product with best quality and price!! Customer Service was perfect. Delivery time was just perfect within a day only, unexpectedly!! Overall - very satisfied customer

Chandra - Turramurra, NSW
Oct 10, 2018
Received my order of 2 x tent pole kit today which has been on back order. Appreciate you keeping me up to date on order. Thanks for great service!
judith - Avondale, QLD
Oct 09, 2018
Hi Just some feed back from my order placed yesterday afternoon. Well, the package was delivered to my front door before 9am this morning! That is amazing service.  Thanks so much.
I have recommended your business to my son, who has recently bought a tent from you. It will be my pleasure to recommend you to other family and friends. Thanks again.
Sue - Holgate, NSW
Oct 09, 2018

Good morning We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your service. We placed an order on Wednesday night and while the expected delivery was to be 5-6 business days, the goods arrived Friday morning.  Fantastic service !! Keep up the great work.

Greg - Bundberg, QLD
Oct 09, 2018

Very happy with service product and delivery thank you very much look forward to doing more business with you.

Jason - Toormina, NSW
Oct 08, 2018

Thanks Snowys.   Order delivered this morning and very pleased with product, price and quick service.  Excellent.


Euan - Echuca, VIC
Oct 07, 2018

Sorry for the late reply, like most Australians. Working hard on the week days, so to be able to play hard on the weekend. 
I want to thank you for the Quick service.I received my orders the Caribee UV Guardian and Gazebo Gutter in two days it came in time for this weekend impressed with your service and the Quality of the products will definitely tell my friends and look forward to doing more business with you Thank you

Tanju - Caringbah, NSW
Oct 06, 2018

Fast delivery...I know you can't promise it for everyone (I live in Brisbane) but my delivery was made the next day. Most impressive and exceeded my expectations. Just like auspost letters used to be! Well done and thank you. Good product well priced.

Winston - Brisbane, QLD
Oct 06, 2018

The following is my response to the Thank you note with team member name Bob. I valued the Fast Track delivery system. Email updates and tracking option very good. The option of free delivery was one of the swaying influences for my purchase. Have come to appreciate the Snowy's website. Pricing is competitive. The product details provided and selection of video tutorials is excellent. I will talk up the Snowy site with contacts when discussing Hiking supply options.

Ashley - Wishart, QLD
Oct 06, 2018
Hi there, Have had two orders from you guys and rate both 10/10!.
Will be recommending Snowys to friends. Keep up the great work!
Wendy - Cambrai, SA
Oct 06, 2018

Hi James My thanks to you and your team at Snowys. Our very well packaged parcel arrived safely and on time a couple of days ago. Please pass my compliments on to all involved in making the experience of dealing with your business such a pleasant one! Special thanks to whoever packages our purchases as he/she obviously puts heart and soul into the work along with lots of packaging materials and tape which also do their job exceptionally well :))

Elaine - Manly West, QLD
Oct 05, 2018

Hi Just to let you know that I thought the service I have had has been amazing, so quick to arrive! Great sun shade for beach all ready for the sunny days ahead!

Debbie - Park Holme, SA
Oct 05, 2018

I ordered some poles this week and they arrived yesterday. Thank you for the ease of ordering and your prompt delivery. I appreciate e great service.

Jennifer - Kingaroy, QLD
Oct 05, 2018

I ordered some poles this week and they arrived yesterday. Thank you for the ease of ordering and your prompt delivery. I appreciate e great service.

Jennifer - Kingaroy, QLD
Oct 04, 2018
Good afternoon James Just wanted to let you know about our recent purchase through We purchased the Bedarra family dome tent & two extra side walls on Saturday 22/9 and it arrived Wednesday 26/9 in time for the long weekend. This was exceptional service and can't thank you enough, well done. 
We found the tent very easy to put up, it had plenty of room, handled the wind ok and we are looking forward to more camping experiences. I have attached a photo for your perusal. The only issue was folding it back up (we did get it back in the bag) but I'm sure with more  practice it will be ok. We had seen how to do it on youtube before we went but my device was out of battery by the end of the weekend. Thanks again and we look forward to doing  business with you again.
Lyn and Bob - Oak Flats, NSW
Oct 04, 2018

I received my order yesterday, what exceptional service. The camping dog bed is awesome. This is the best online camping store to buy from and free delivery to WA an added bonus. Thanks again

Kaye - Australind, WA
Oct 04, 2018

Hi incredible team
I am absolutely thrilled with my service - fantastic communication of everything, great price, and excellent service.
10 out of 10 for everything. I will most certainly use you again and reccomend you to all my friends in WA

Hugh - Spearwood, WA
Oct 03, 2018

Would like to give you an excellent report for the ease and efficiency of purchasing from you. I ordered 4 pieces of mesh for our camping toaster yesterday and they arrived today. Fantastic service. Your website is also very easy to use.

Christine - East Maitland, NSW
Oct 03, 2018


I'm providing feedback, as requested: 
* easy website to navigate 
* free postage a plus 
* Aussie company a must 
* enjoyed Aussie flavour of language used 
* pleased to get an email about shipment 
* impressed by the speed at which the item reached my address. 
All in all, a very positive experience!

Judy - Nunawading, VIC
Sep 28, 2018
Hi team at Snowys Just like to let you all know including James (who packed my order) your service has to be one of the best ever. I placed my order on Monday and I received my bed on Tuesday with free delivery and all. What fantastic service. You all should be very proud of yourselves.Thank you so much. My little grandson didn’t have to sleep on the floor on Wednesday night. Have a great weekend and I will continue to shop with you guys.
Karen - Medowie, NSW
Sep 27, 2018

Hi James at Snowys,Just a quick thankyou for the excellent service I’ve received from you. The packet of bungee shock cord loops that I ordered only two days ago arrived first thing this morning and I’ve already installed them on the tarp. Makes me wonder why it took me so long to get such a simple task done!!!Thank you for your efficient service, good product, and great price.Will be back on your website again.

Ed - Wanniassa, ACT
Sep 27, 2018

Best service ever! Thank you so much, I'm really happy with my experience the item arrived today and it's perfect!! I'll buy again.

Yole - North Lakes, QLD
Sep 27, 2018

Hi Bob, Just wishing to compliment Snowys on your excellent service and delivery of the order listed below. As promised at time of ordering, my order was indeed dispatched that afternoon and delivered 2 days later. Excellent experience. Thank you

Karen - St Ives, NSW
Sep 26, 2018

Snowys, thank you so much, I have received my Petzl, THAT IS PROMPT - and I am impressed.  Have a great weekend πŸ˜Š Kindest Regards

Mareeta - Edge Hill, QLD
Sep 26, 2018
Hi Bob, I placed an order for replacement gas stove knobs yesterday and they arrived today!!! You guys are amazing!
Thanks heaps
Tony - Habana, QLD
Sep 26, 2018

Hi Kenneth and colleagues, I don't usually do this but Snowys' has been exceptional!  I didn't have time to track my delivery but this did not matter as it turned up before I had time to check its whereabouts.  Packaging, and delivery was brilliant. I'm most impressed and will happily use Snowys again.

David - Griffith, ACT
Sep 26, 2018
Fantastic service James items arrived very next day once re-sent.  Very much appreciated. 10+ for Service.
Rhonda - Bangalee, NSW
Sep 26, 2018

Thank you for your swift response to my recent orderThe stool has just been delivered and I also appreciated the humour in the 'knife' comment on the package - it certainly had me taking my time to extract the chair from the packaging. I will also say thank you again for your good communication. I am waiting on receipt of a camperfly and I appreciated your recent email advising me of the delay in your receipt of stock of the item. Many thanks

Elaine - Manly West, QLD
Sep 26, 2018

Thank you for the quick and efficient online purchase and delivery of my order. I was so impressed with the email confirmation and tracking and prompt delivery, regards

Bruce - Lindfield, NSW
Sep 26, 2018

Hi Alex I recently purchased a camelbak kids replacement valve and straw 2 pack and would like to let you know how happy and grateful i am with the speedy delivery as it was an item i needed sooner rather than later. I was super happy with my purchase and would recommend shopping at Snowys to my friends Thank you

Antonette - Para Vista, SA
Sep 22, 2018

Dear sir/Madam, I would not normally bother sending a review but feel that because of the exceptional service that we received it was necessary. Firstly on the phone with an enquiry which was handled with expert advise and patience. Next to my online purchase which was also very simple, very price competitive and easily completed. Then onto my delivery which was fast, free and trackable. We cannot thank your team enough and WILL definitely purchase again through your store. Thanking you.

Jude and Alby - Birdwoodton, VIC
Sep 22, 2018
Product arrived in good time as promised. I am much impressed and I will certainly be looking toward the purchase of other products from your range. Thanking you
Graeme - Alexandra Hills, QLD
Sep 21, 2018
Just received  my order.  Item arrived in less than 48 hours  after the order was placed. Very happy  with the service  that you provide and will recommend  your  store to my mates.
Warren - Romaine, TAS
Sep 21, 2018

Hi Guys/Gals, Great service! Received the item promptly and  very happy with the price. I will definitely visit your web site in my next camping purchase. Please pass on my feedback to all your staff.

Luis - Minchinbury, NSW
Sep 21, 2018

Hi there, Just wanted to say how happy I am with my online shopping experience with Snowys!I ordered 3 x CamelBak drink bottles yesterday from the website and they arrived first thing this morning! Fantastic prices, super fast, free delivery - will definitely reccomend Snowys to friends and family. Thanks for the great shopping experience.

Meisha - Windsor Gardens, SA
Sep 20, 2018

 Thank you James for processing my order I received Overnight Free delivery for a $10 order Maybe you could teach a few other Retailers in Australia how you treat your Customers And maybe Australia Post could be looking on, as it takes them at least 7 days to deliver to this country Area 500klms from Sydney  Their Express Post takes 3 Days Once again I thank you for the service and I will Spread the word

George - Manilla , NSW
Sep 20, 2018

Just want to say I've only recently found you guys and have ordered 3 separate items.. congratulations on excellent service, prices and very fast delivery... items are excellent quality!! will recommend you guys and will use you again! Thanks snowys!!!

Amanda - Caboolture, QLD
Sep 20, 2018

Received my order today, delivered promptly as promised. I was pleasantly surprised to find a thank you note from James, who is obviously responsible for the efficient service. Keep up the good work James. Thanks.

Stephen - Hurstbridge, VIC
Sep 19, 2018

James Just received our airbed purchased on line. Great service, just what we ordered. Easy to use website, delivery next day, fully informed via email. Well done team.

Michael - Hawthorn, SA
Sep 18, 2018
Big huge thankyou , received my order this afternoon , your communication was great service swift and easy 
My order is for a Christmas gift and I thankyou for making the process so easy 
Keep up the great work
Tracey - Darlington, NSW
Sep 18, 2018

Hi Glen this is to thank you for the great products and service that I received from Snowys recently. 
The prices were the best I found and I’m very happy with my black diamond trekking poles I ordered. I received my order very quickly and will definitely consider purchasing from Snowys in the future.Thanks again

Leonie - Mathoura, NSW
Sep 18, 2018

Re purchase of OZtrail Cascade 5 Position Chair. I can only pass judgement as excellent. The price was best in Oz, no sales nonsense on the phone by the Snowy's salesman, just an honest response, easy ordering online and quick next day delivery of the ordered article wrapped very carefully. 

In past dealings I have found that Snowys has treated me professionally. When a pole I purchased from them for my Oztent wasn't working they  promptly and graciously organized for a replacement with no fuss.

Bill - Marino, SA
Sep 18, 2018

Thank You Snowys on line service just fantastic , ordered the Cobb frying pan Monday morning received it 10.00 am Tuesday at Orrvale Vic .Thanks Again

Allan - Orrvale, VIC
Sep 15, 2018

Received my order yesterday.  Thank you Your service is amazing.  I ordered on Thursday and it arrived the very next day. Yours would have to be one of the easiest purchases I’ve ever made.Thanks  snowys!!

Daniele - Success, WA
Sep 15, 2018

This is the first time iv'e purchased from  snowys and I am incredibly impressed,  with both the products and the exceptional delivery time. Well done team  for a fantastic shopping experience.

John - Burwood East, VIC
Sep 13, 2018

Exceptionally happy with the price of my Companion EzyWash Washing Machine and FREE delivery (what? really!!!). Arrived very quickly too. I also appreciated the Thank You card from James, and also the bonus camping & hiking check list. Also the website was an absolute dream to use. The best online shopping website I've ever used. Made me want to buy something else just to use it again. Believe me, I will be.

Sue - Wyoming, NSW
Sep 13, 2018

Just a note to say thank you for such prompt service & as a result of that a speedy delivery. Ordered Monday & in my letterbox today Wednesday, not bad from South Australia to Tassie. I think the secret is that you use Toll & in my experience they are faster than Australia Post & Fastways so it works for me. Thanks again.

Neil - Riverside, TAS
Sep 13, 2018

Dear Snowys I ordered on Monday night. I arrive home from work mid-afternoon on Wednesday and my new SteriPen is sitting on the doorstep.  You do realise that this is WA and we wait days and days for everything to get here?? Nothing arrives in 1½ days. Ever. You have set a dangerous precedent for web traders. Thank you for the prompt service and the safe arrival of the product at a very competitive price. Warm regards

Katrina - Maida Vale, WA
Sep 12, 2018
I’m incredibly impressed with ur service!! I ordered something 24 hrs ago and I just received it. And delivery was free!!! I dislike paying delivery and find free options are usually long waits. It is just so delightful that I can order a quality product at a great price and get free delivery to my door, super fast. Well done and thank you! I will be shopping with you again for sure! Have a lovely day
Rachel - Pyrmont, NSW
Sep 11, 2018

Hi I have received my order and just want to thank you for the excellent service once again very efficient and I have recommend you guys to my mates. Thank you and you  will  hear from me  again in the nee future  for sure

Marty - Port Pirie South, SA
Sep 11, 2018

Already got my mini esky which I only ordered about 1pm yesterday, quick delivery, product as advertised and the cheapest I could find. Hand written note inside is nice too especially for a $12 item. Will definatley shop with you again. Thanks

Patrick - Googong, NSW
Sep 08, 2018

It’s always a bit daunting buying something online as you never really know if it’ll turn up and I was happily surprised by the extremely fast delivery time!! Thankyou!! What a great store, fantastic service, competitive prices & a huge range of products. I’ll be back to shop here again! Cheers

Lisa - Essendon, VIC
Sep 07, 2018

Thank you Snowy’s for my very positive shopping experience! With a well laid out website, great communication from the team and the impressive speed of delivery I will be back no doubt about it!! Keep up the good work

Kirk - Voyager Point, NSW
Sep 07, 2018
Hi Bob I recently received my third delivery from Snowys and am over the moon with the service.
I'm not sure how I found your website but possibly while researching yet another item to put in Konchita, my Hyundai Santa Fe, as I prepare to zig-zag my way back across the Nullabora from Canberra to Albany. 
I am an older, 72, independent woman who enjoys being on very long roads that take me through amazing country and tiny towns. I love the solitude... (was on a Kimberley cattle station in the 60's and 70's).
I bought a dome tent for my return journey as had a pop up on the way over which I will bequeath to anyone who wants it. (It was a quick trip over.) When I mentioned the route for my return trip to a friend they wanted to come on the adventure, so suggested they buy a similar tent. And they did. Then I had to have a couple of Luci Solar lamps... just because they looked so novel!
I am pretty well kitted out but am sure I will find something on your site that I can't live without. So until then thank you for the fabulous service. Cheers
Rae - Belconnen, ACT
Sep 07, 2018

Hi, I just received my order and saw that you would like some feedback. This is the first time I have shopped with you and I was very impressed. I was chasing a Joolca shower accessory that no one had stock of (not even joolca) and you guys had it. Very happy with the delivery, I ordered it yesterday at lunch and it arrived this morning and at no charge. Very impresses with the service.

Clay - Wacol, QLD
Sep 07, 2018

Hi This was the first time I have shopped a Snowys. I placed my order and it was delivered the next day. I am extremely happy with both the service and the price. Thank you

Peter - Capalaba, QLD
Sep 06, 2018

Thank you Snowys, for providing me and my family with the best ever customer service.
We received 100% customer satisfaction and you delivered our items in perfect condition. 
I absolutely, loved the care and clever thought you guys took to carefully wrap my 2 fold in half tables and chairs.
The process from the beginning to the end was excellent and very reassurring. And i also received my items 24 hours ahead of time which was a bonus. I will definitely be shopping at Snowys again as I know that items I will purchase is 100% guaranteed. And the sevice is outstanding. Keep up the good work, - (Very happy customer)

Ngaire - Birmingham Gardens, NSW
Sep 06, 2018

Hi Guys, Just wanted to thank you for the very efficient and prompt delivery of my alarm clock recently. (Nice to know that someone still sells the old-fashioned ones.) Great service! Cheers

Marianne - Stepney, SA
Sep 05, 2018

Hi Snowys Thank you so much for the very prompt delivery . I had purchased a couple of the Thermos brand drink bottles for our granddaughter and they are fantastic!!! Don't know how many other drink bottles I have purchased for her ( who lives with us on a fulltime basis since the death of our daughter). I have purchased these ones for gifts and have told many people about them.

Roma - Tuncurry, NSW
Sep 04, 2018
Hi We just wanted to thank you for our recent experience in ordering a Black Wolf Bladerunner bag. The price you offered was considerably lower than that of other online suppliers and retail stores, even when we had a 25% "loyalty discount" at one of those stores on that bag.
You acknowledged our order immediately and it was despatched the same day. Toll delivered the bag two days later so that we received the order just three days after we placed it. 
We are exceptionally pleased with the price, the efficiency of the service and the speed of delivery. Thanking you
Elizabeth and Alan Brady - Highton, VIC
Aug 31, 2018

Just some feedback from the recent purchase of our gazebo.May we convey to you our praise and appreciation of the standard of efficiency we have been shown.We placed our order on the Monday, and our purchase was delivered Friday, before the expected date.The goods are of the highest standard, and having just erected the Gazebo, we find  Oztrail products user friendly, and of high quality.Many thanks again, it has been great dealing with you and hope to do so again in the very near future

Kaye - Erskine, WA
Aug 30, 2018

Massive thanks for the keen Newport women’s sandals I ordered and received in only two days!! You guys are lifesavers, as I’m heading off to walk the kokoda track Monday 3rd sept, I was desperate to get my hands on a pair!! Very appreciative

Olivia - Buninyong, VIC
Aug 29, 2018
Good morning, thank you for your very fast and well packaged delivery of my new gasmate camp stove. Packaging was so good it took me some time to unpack.  Thank you again for a great product at a great price.  Regards
Merryl - Temora, NSW
Aug 29, 2018

Hi there Just have to pass on my praises for your excellent service. Ordered an immerser to take overseas so I can rely on safe boiled water to use any time. Only a few days after ordering it was delivered to my door. Excellent service..will recommend you to my family and friends. Thank you

Merle - Deception Bay, QLD
Aug 28, 2018

Customer Support Team, Rarely can I say this to any business, so I’m saying this as loudly as possible; SNOWYS, YOU HAVE INDEED EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS ! For the item to have been ordered last Friday afternoon and to have arrived at my home in Townsville at 13.30 on the following Tuesday is in itself a feat and I know that Toll freight deserve a compliment for that, but for your management and staff to be running a business which is  price competitive, maintains sensible stock levels, has real and pleasantly responsive people in the sales and dispatch departments who do what they say they will do, restores my faith in the online retail industry. Thank you, and please keep up the great work as I will be telling my friends of the pleasant experience of being one of your satisfied customers. Regards

Garry - Townsville, QLD
Aug 25, 2018
Hi Snowys customer support cream! I would like to congratulate you on making my online experience a great one.  Your website was easy to use, my parcel was well packaged and it was the fastest free delivery service ever!  Thank you!
Venetia and Gordon - Mandurah, WA
Aug 25, 2018

Hi there, I just received an order from you and wanted to say how reasonably priced it was and how amazing the speed of the delivery was. It was an excellent experience. Couldn’t beat it. I will definitely go to your website if we ever need anything in future. Kind regards. A very satisfied customer from Sydney

Michael - Kurraba Point, NSW
Aug 25, 2018
I’d like to give props to you guys, I’m really happy with how fast my purchase arrived and the great price. Can’t wait to test the fridge out. Will definitely shop from you guys again. Thanks
Isaac - Biloela, QLD
Aug 24, 2018

Hi everyone,On Wednesday night I ordered a sleeping bag which was delivered from your Queensland store to my address in western Sydney just after 11am Friday morning. That's within 24 hours of you sending my order which is exceptional service. While I haven't used the sleeping bag yet, so I can't give any feedback on it, I can let you know that your service has exceeded all expectations. Thank you very much. The bag was one of your specials (Explore Planet Earth jumbo) which I now can't see on your website as it has probably sold out, so I can't leave my feedback on your site for others to see. Thanks again for your great service. I have purchased from your website previously and will continue to do so.

Aug 24, 2018
Hi all Have received my latest order and yet again I am very impressed. Product as ordered and delivery fast. Great prices and efficient process. Thanks Snowys!!
Karen - Gloucester, NSW
Aug 24, 2018

Good morning I tried to write a renew on your website and facebook but couldn't find a link. So here is it in an email , Ordered on Thursday morning and arrived on Friday morning on the Gold Coast what a great delivery service. The price on our towing mirrors was excellent and the delivery was free.

Pam - Currumbin Waters, QLD
Aug 24, 2018
Nick - Narrabri, NSW
Aug 23, 2018
Hi Bob I am so pleased I found you as you have set me up for camping and bikepacking adventures, I am so happy with my new gear and your excellent fast delivery You will always be my shop Cheers
Micheal - Cameron Park, NSW
Aug 22, 2018

Hi, responding to the card in my package from Alex in Customer Support. This is my first purchase from Snowys, happy to say the experience was excellent, very fast postage, well packaged, thanks very much, I'm certain to shop with you again.

Glen - Albion, QLD
Aug 22, 2018

Hi, thanks for the prompt delivery of our new pop up kettle it was less than 24 hours and we are happy, Warm regards

Craig and Lyn - Werribee, VIC
Aug 21, 2018

Hi Snowys, I placed this order yesterday and had it delivered today, Thank you so much for such excellent service and competitive pricing, Keep up the good work

Kurt - Denham Court, NSW
Aug 19, 2018

The poles arrived this morning ...... hand delivered to our home address what an amazing service. Thank you so much !  Cheers

Petra - Cooma, NSW
Aug 18, 2018

Thanks for the speedy shipment of my Pioneer camp oven bag and lid lifter. Very happy with both. The service you offer is second to none, and your products are always good quality. Not sure how you manage to get them from S.A. To Victoria so fast.

Penny - Longlea, VIC
Aug 17, 2018

Thank you very much for the fantastic delivery service and prompt delivery I am very pleased with the goods and will be shopping with you guys in the future. 10/10

Gary - Goolwa North, SA
Aug 17, 2018

To Whom it May Concern, I just wanted to say I am very impressed with how quickly you where able to deliver my products to me. I placed an yesterday order for: -  Salomon Soft Reservoir 1.5L  -  Salomon Advanced Skin 5 Set Matador Black ML                                And found out it has been delivered today at 10:30am. Thank you so much for the quick turnaround time! It is greatly appreciated and will help with my run for this weekend, which i was of the belief i would not have these products for.

Mark - Maddingley, VIC
Aug 16, 2018

Hi Just ordered my first online order with you guys and more than likely it wont be my last. I live in mid North West WA and I am glad to say that your website is the first that delivers with a satisfactory shipping rate. Good stuff and keep up the good work

Jesse - Exmouth, WA
Aug 16, 2018

***** 5 STAR  Rating

 From making an order,  to my order arriving. The text to advise it was on the way. Delivery day was spot on. Thank you great servce. Have just placed another order with you.

Trisha - Bunbury, WA
Aug 16, 2018

Eli, thank you for fantastically quick delivery of our "water boiler". We use this to make coffee in hotels on holiday. as we travel to Nepal, Tibet, Kyrgystan and the like, you will understand that tea and coffee facilities in rooms is non existent. These boilers are hard to get in Wollongong. Your price with free delivery was the determining factor in choosing to buy through your e-store. Delivery time was fantastic. Thank you

Tony - Mount Keira, NSW
Aug 15, 2018
Hi Snowys, Just received my Coleman 3 person tent from you. A great product.You have been fantastic! Delivered promptly and extremely well packaged.Will certainly look at your site first to see if you have what I want in future.Again, great job & best wishes.
Brian - Port Sorell, TAS
Aug 15, 2018

Thank you for sending the money belt so promptly and with no postage cost. Tremendous service. If you have a chance to suggest anything to the manufacturer, I would say the plastic buckle could be more slimlined, and a bit more elastic in the belt. But for the cost it's brilliant.Cheers

Penny - Hawthorn, VIC
Aug 14, 2018

Hi Guys. I received my order today. Thanks for efforts of your team..firstly with sorting out the online purchase. which ended up being the wrong expiry date entered and secondly the dispatch follow up to ensure my order made to me. I'll definitely be back.

Mark - Bibra Lake, WA
Aug 13, 2018

hello Snowys team Just wanted to let you know that i have received Sleeping Mat in only 1 business working day. I was pleasantly surprised to get home and see the package waiting for me at my front door. I am super happy with my mat and can’t wait to take it on my first bicycle tour. Thanks heaps Snowys i’ll be back :)

Marina -
Aug 13, 2018
Hi Just used the Roman -5 sleeping bags whilst camping in the Rockies Canada.  It got to about 4 degrees C, and I didn’t need socks on, but still had one layer of thermals on my body, arms and legs, and a lightweight beanie, I really can’t say how I would have been at -5, but it definitely could have been a bit colder and I would have been okay. I was warm and snuggled all night.  It took me a little while to get use to the tapered shape, but felt the benefit of having the bag close to my body. The inside lining was beautiful and soft. Easy to pack up and at 1.6kg easy to carry, or pack into a carry bag. I am very happy with my choice, under the conditions in which I tested it. Glad I went for a -5 even though we didn’t get that low. The zipper got caught a couple of times whilst doing it up, but only because I didn’t have the sides lined up evenly in the dark.  Loved the draw string hoody on it. Very happy with my purchase. Kind regards Michelle.
Michelle - Finley, NSW
Aug 11, 2018
Hi Snowys, Received my (order #266745) thermos delivery AOK, thankyou. I am astounded, ordered Thursday afternoon, delivered next day Friday by" TOLL" Overnight from South Australa to Ballarat, Victoria. 
Such brilliant service and postage FREE.  A lot of businesses/companies should take note of your amazing service!. 
 I also watched your great video pre-purchase about this product and felt confident it was what we wanted.
 Thanks Snowys, you have a new fan, I will have to check out more of your stock. cheers
Greer - Mount Helen, VIC
Aug 10, 2018
Received bag and hot water service yesterday. Excellent postage time and service.Will promote on Facebook cheers ....
Barrry - Travancore, VIC
Aug 10, 2018

Hi Guys, My order has arrived and your service and timing is great – the timeframe from Toll though is pretty slow, you dispatched Monday and I have received Friday in Melbourne..

Glen - Travancore, VIC
Aug 08, 2018
Just to let you know my order for the 'Companion Pro Hiker 2' tent arrived today. Code 37306. I was very happy with the overall buying experience and my tent arrived after a few days, well wrapped and in excellent condition.
Gavin - North Ryde, NSW
Aug 08, 2018

Thank you for the prompt and excellent service. We ordered 2 gazebos and they arrived the next day in good condition and well packaged. This is the second time I have shopped online with Snowys and will certainly do so again . I have recommended you to other people and will continue to do so. Many thanks. Cheers

Hazel - Moorooka, QLD
Aug 08, 2018

Hi there Arrived in Tasmania today.    The heater is everything I thought it would be and more.  The price was unbelievable for the product I received and the quick free freight was a bonus. Thanks for the great service by the Snowys’ team. Please feel free to share this review.

Glenn - Orford, TAS
Aug 08, 2018

Hi Ash 😊 just letting you know that I have just received my Waeco fridge/freezer thank you very much -your service was excellent, delivery excellent didn't take long at all to arrive,will be using it in September - I will recommend your services to my mates

Glen - Manjimup, WA
Aug 03, 2018
Hi snowys I shopped through you after reading great reviews about your service. I wasnt disappointed,  thank you.  You answered my many questions over the phone (and didn't always suggest the most expensive product but rather the one you thought suited my needs), i ordered online and it arrived the next day  (from qld to nsw!). Also no one locally could beet or match your prices. 
Thankyou. Have already recommended you to friends who are looking at changing their camping gear.
Vicki - Eleebana, NSW
Aug 03, 2018
Hi snowys, Received my first order today, arrived at 9.30am. Ordered just after midday yesterday. Well done.
Will be buying from you again, without doubt. Unbeatable price inc delivery, doesn't get better than that.
Thanks snowys, you've gained a customer!
Col - Reservoir, VIC
Aug 03, 2018

Many thanks Snowys for my order.It was delivered today, well packaged. Congratulations on a good website which this old fart could find his way around. Loved the response, service & delivery. Tks again.

Malcolm - Greenmount, QLD
Aug 02, 2018

Hi Bob I recently received an order for a Sea to Summit Aeros pillow. I just wanted to let you know that the order came through in less than 3 business days, an amazing service and appreciated as I head off on a trekking trip in a week's time. DHL were not so efficient and left a note to say they had "attempted to deliver" at a time when I was definitely home plus my request was for the parcel to be left at the front door. No problem as after I phoned the parcel was delivered early the next day.

My wife bought a few items from you last year and was highly impressed with your product range and very fast service so she didn't hesitate to recommend your service. Many thanks.

Chris - Narrabundah, ACT
Aug 02, 2018
Hello there,Quick note to let you know the parcel arrived earlier than expected (by 2 days).
We are very happy with the steps. Snowys was the best price we could find, and we were able to pay via paypal. Very positive experience, and we will be buying all our stuff from Snowys in future.
Lee - Mudgeeraba, QLD
Aug 02, 2018

Hi Guys, Thanks so much for the very fast service! My Grand Aero3 towing mirrors arrived today and I’m very happy. Thanks heaps!

Rebecca - Chifley, NSW
Aug 02, 2018

Jet Boil arrived today! Awesome piece of kit beautifully packed & wrapped  Thank you Lisa .  Working through my Wish List…….

Laurence - BRAESIDE, VIC
Aug 01, 2018

Hi Lisa and team I just wanted to thank you for dispatching my new headlamp so efficiently. I ordered it on Thursday, and it was waiting for me on my desk this morning when I came back from my first meeting. It's a ripper, and so bright! Since our local army disposal store closed it's doors I've been struggling to find a good alternative for outdoor gear that offers a good range with competitive pricing and service. The search is over :) Thanks Snowys.

Paul - Perth, WA
Jul 31, 2018

Hi guys, I ordered a pair of Merrell womens hiking shoes late Sunday and they arrived this morning - I’ve already been for a walk in them! Just a huge thanks and to let you know that you service is outstanding :) One happy customer.

Amanda - Loxton, SA
Jul 28, 2018

Hi Sean Yes my experience was easy & worthwhile.  All ran smoothly, I was kept informed of my purchase & its movements until it arrived, which it did in quick time. Thank you very much, we are so happy with our purchase.

Lyn - Belrose, NSW
Jul 28, 2018
Just wanted to say how incredibly impressed I am with my purchase. Hit the 'buy now' button at 10pm Wed night, had the shoes by Friday before lunch. And the shipping was Free! Living in Central Qld, this is almost unheard of. Great work Snowys!😁 will definately be purchasing from you again.Thankyou
Bridget - Emerald, QLD
Jul 27, 2018

Hi Snowys I just wanted to say how impressed I am with (i) your prices and (ii) your service. I bought online a Deuter Transit 50 Travel pack yesterday at 1.39pm (for a very good price) and I couldn't believe it when I got a knock at the door this morning at 9.30, and it was the delivery. Very happy - and I didn't have to battle the traffic! It's not the first time I've bought gear through Snowys and, no doubt, it won't be the last. Thanks again

Wes - Surrey Hills, VIC
Jul 27, 2018

Hi, Just wanted to express my thanks for your prompt delivery of my blue whistling kettle.Having placed the order at 9:30pm from Perth on Tuesday night, I was very surprised and pleased to have it delivered at 10:00am on the Thursday morning. I’ve ordered items from over East before from other retailers,  and always had to wait over a week for delivery.Many thanks from a happy shopper.

Nigel - Aveley, WA
Jul 26, 2018

Just a quick email to say thank you for the amazing service (again!).I purchased 4 x replacement mouthpieces for a children’s camelbak and was pleasantly surprised to find them at my house the next day! Thank you for the awesome service!

Tanya - Mackenzie, QLD
Jul 26, 2018

Just love my new chair and your service was excellent as usual

Stephanie - Gillen, NT
Jul 26, 2018

Thank you for such an efficient service. Well done. My order (camp oven) arrived yesterday! Can't wait to get out into the bush and try it out. Cheers

Annie - Red Hill, ACT
Jul 26, 2018

Hi Lisa, Thanks for your prompt service and delivery of the 1.25 Gasmate bottle, which I ordered on Monday and received today. I am only too pleased to recommend Snowys to any of my friends who require any item off your camping/hiking checklist. Thank you.

Jan - Sylvania, NSW
Jul 26, 2018
hello Snowys, what a great shopping experience. easy online ordering and fast delivery (in 2 days to Sydney Metro). carefully packed and I was impressed by the personal touch with the "thank you" hand addressed and signed by Bob. I would be happy to recommend and shop again.
Carolyn - Sydney, NSW
Jul 25, 2018

Just wanting to let you know we are extremely happy with our purchase. Very well made and presents very nicely  

Bev - Bargara, QLD
Jul 25, 2018

Here’s my review as I don’t know how to make a google review, I’m probably too old, lol.I received my Darche 1100 sleeping bag the other day.   It arrived in Alice Springs in a blazingly fast 5 days and it looks and feels beautiful and roomy and can’t wait to get into it. Great service, I would definitely deal with you again.

Leanne - Braitling, NT
Jul 25, 2018

Hi Snowys Team,

Great customer service yet again from you guys!!! 2 x shout outs this week.
 1) I got my 2 x pairs of Wigwam merino wool hiking sox impressively quick! 
get this i ordered them late Friday night & they arrived  on my doorstep Tuesday and i live on the east coat of Australia! So Happy, Thanks Alex.
2) I had a couple of questions about repairing my beloved BlackWolf Self inflating Mattress and Leece was very helpful, with a no trouble at all attitude, I love doing business with you guys, So helpful, No other store can compare. Regards
Dave - Oyster Bay, NSW
Jul 25, 2018
Just letting you know and especially Lisa, that we were very impressed with the level of service from your business!!! We ordered out wide mouth Thermos’s Tuesday morning and had them by Wednesday lunchtime. Like that’s awesome turn around time, customer service and reliability!!!!! Just could not recommend you highly enough, keep up the good work.
Alison - Meeniyan, VIC
Jul 25, 2018

Hi Benny, Got my order today and a note saying Thank you. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for fast service and quality products.
Also pleased to have a list in there letting us know the gear you keep at your shop. More than happy to buy all our gear from you and will spread the word. Once again top job and all the best to you.

Andrew - Cooranbong, NSW
Jul 25, 2018

G’day Sean Many thanks for sending my Darche swag to Willunga last week. Great bit of gear and fantastic service. You made it really easy, thanks again! Kind regards

Stuart - Willunga, SA
Jul 25, 2018
Hello Nick, just received the toaster mesh !! Fantastic service the toast done on these are next best to wood fired toast. Thank you for the super fast service. Regards
Eric - Kelmscott, WA
Jul 24, 2018

Hi guys, sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier, been flat strap. Just wanted to let you know my order lodged last Wednesday 18th arrived at 9.30am Thursday (19th)  - amazing. Thank you to everyone involved  - from my initial enquiry to the delivery of the item your service has been first class. Kind regards

Graeme - Burleigh Heads, QLD
Jul 24, 2018

Hi Bob, Thank you very much for the prompt service in delivery of my caravan lights. Very impressed with the quick delivery! Just bought a second hand caravan so will most likely needing more ‘stuff’ down the track & will definitely consider you guys! Cheers

Michael - Berowra, NSW
Jul 24, 2018

Found the website easy to navigate, great products with a great service.  As well as the product being of good quality, service is paramount in our opinion and Snowys definitely met this criteria for us as consumers.

Gwen - Sunshine West, VIC
Jul 24, 2018
After several purchases from Snowys, I'm giving you a big tick! Good products, great prices and the free freight to Bowen is a big plus for me.Many thanks
Dave - Bowen, QLD
Jul 24, 2018

Thank you Snowys, absolutely fabulous service from Qld to Sydney in a day and no delivery charge. What more could one ask for. I ordered online midday Monday and my order arrived 11am the next day. I still can’t believe it!! Well packed and arrived in perfect condition.I will have no hesitation in recommending your company, goods and service in the future.

Jul 24, 2018

Amazing! Write this one down for customer service Spoke to your staff on Friday for advice... really handy πŸ‘ Ordered boots after hours Friday from Perth Arrived at my office 11:00AM today ... Tuesday Will have a look tonight but all seems well Superb job guys, thanks heaps

David - Subiaco, WA
Jul 24, 2018
Hi there! I would just to commend Snowys customer service for an excellent job. There was an issue with the stock of the Petzl Actik Core earlier in the month, and after a quick phone call it was sorted out. I have forgotten the mans name, however he rang me back within half an hour of my original phone call to tell me that he had fixed/modified/changed the order to my specifications, packed the order and it was ready for dispatch. I had to have the torch by the next week and it arrived first thing Monday morning. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciated it and the service I was given. I used the torch over the weekend and it was great, and I love telling the story of how the guy had it all sorted for me so quick. I feel very annoyed that I cannot remember his name but I am very grateful for the help he gave me. Thanks a tonne.I also had some other Customer Service Interactions via email and found them to be professional and helpful. I had also talked to Ben on messenger and he was also very professional and helpful.Thanks you all for your help and please keep up the great work. I look forward to buying more gear from you guys.
Kelsey - Capalaba, QLD
Jul 23, 2018

Benny, Snowys Customer Support Team, Replying to your letter-drop....we were really happy with your online delivery service recently. The headlamps arrived promptly and well-wrapped. The headlamps were ideal...just what we wanted and the price was right also. We certainly would be happy to shop with you again....hopefully soon. Thanks

Leanne and Paul - Mount Crosby, QLD
Jul 23, 2018
Hi Guys, I'm so happy you sent me a follow up about my order, I was meaning to write a review but had completely forgotten. 
Snowys is hands down sensational!! Firstly, the price was cheaper than anywhere else, FREE SHIPPING(obviously fantastic, the worst thing about online shopping is the shipping cost!), my parcel was sent out and arrived (to a regional area) in 2 days! To top it all off there was a lovely note in there from Snowys. By adding in fantastic customer service as well as the ease of online, you are miles ahead of your competitors. I'll continue to recommend you to my family and friends. Thanks again! 
Kait - Hillvue, NSW
Jul 21, 2018
Hi team,
just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service provided by the lady on the telephone when I called the other day, and the dispatch and delivery team who organised delivery of my Eco Billy the very next day.Never have I received such prompt service. Awesome team effort to locate the 1 Billy you seemed to have in stock and get it to me so quickly.
Ben - Coorparoo, QLD
Jul 19, 2018

Hi Snowys, While shopping online with a competitor I came across your site, while the pricing matched, one thing that I could clearly see was that you are passionate about what you do, especially about your customer service & support, and I liked that, more than the order that I was placing. I proceeded to change all items in my cart through to your site, and I was not wrong.

I would like to give forward a sincere thank you for the delivery that was received yesterday, not only was everything delivered fast and in excellent condition, I believe more importantly that service like yours it is absolutely rare to find.

Keep up the excellence in service delivery!

PS. I usually don’t do reviews, but I believe that you are worthy of it. Best wishes & regards, 

Joel - Brighton-le-Sands, NSW
Jul 18, 2018

Hi, Thank you so much for the food and equipment I purchased from you. My friend told me about your company before I did i the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory. I am so glad she did. I received everything within two days of ordering it and it’s always in excellent condition.You will definitely be my first call on my next hiking trip.Thanks Again

Sharon - Attadale, WA
Jul 17, 2018

I was amazed to receive the order I placed  delivered the next day. Eight items well packaged. Very competitive prices. You set the standard for other Australian businesses.

Jul 17, 2018

Hello there, I am David and writing to let you know that I have received may items in an excellent construction just like the other staffs that’s I’ve got from Snowys recently.I would like to thanks Snowys’s customer service for their 5 stars costumer cares and their high quality products. I also would like to tell you that’s I am impressed with your lightning fast delivery method. I would highly recommend Snowy to everyone.

David - Inala, QLD
Jul 16, 2018

Thanks Snowys, top rate service,ordered a sleeping bag on line had small problem with payment but was sorted no problems ,then went on back order for 3 weeks but it arrived today only 1 week from order , thanks and I would recommend you to anyone. Big thumbs up!

Keith - Inverell, NSW
Jul 16, 2018

Hi. I purchased a Darche cold mountain 900 sleeping bag. Couldn’t wait to go test it out. So I slept in it in the backyard on a tarp with no other coverings. That nights temp dropped to -3 with an ice crust forming on top of sleeping bag. I was happy with how it performed. As this is my winter sleeping bag. I will use my Merino thermals with this as I’m not sure if this bag is capable of a comfort level of -12 for me. Having said that. I purchased another one for my son from Snowys.Good web site. Easy to transact. Great communication after sale. Great Delivery service. Will purchase from Snowys again.

Stephan - Sale, VIC
Jul 16, 2018

Hi guys,This was the first time I have used your online store. >From the phone call, a lovely lady with great phone manner, to find if an item would be in in time for my son’s trip, to the great emails and super-fast delivery with excellent product that he was very happy with, I just can’t thank you enough for such an excellent shopping experience. We are way out in the country so often items are hard to get and you have to rely on the internet. My son is in a different town so being able to send it direct to him for his birthday was an added bonus. Very happy Thanks so much Will definitely shop with you again!

Pam - Wagga Wagga, NSW
Jul 16, 2018

Dear Luke, I was very happy with the ease and rapidity of your a) website and your b) your service. Also, your website offered the cheapest price for the product (Nik Wix, washing fluid for down and feather garments).

Beatrice - Sassafras, VIC
Jul 14, 2018

Hi there, Amazing I received the first parcel on Friday, (3 boxes), just waiting on the next one.  So impressed with the service will definitely recommending Snowys to everyone.  Now to open the boxes. Woohoo happy camping to us. Cheers

Catherine - Mareeba, QLD
Jul 13, 2018

Hi, Just a quick message to say thanks for the great service. I should’ve looked at you range closer before I ordered as there are a couple of other things that I want to buy from you! Very speedy service and delivery – Excellent! Thanks

Bryan - Diggers Rest, VIC
Jul 13, 2018

Would just like to say thankyou. I order the primus thermal cooker yesterday and it was delivered this morning very professional and promt will certainly do business with u guys again

Lee - The Entrance, NSW
Jul 13, 2018
Hello Bob We received our stove (Zempire 2 Burner Deluxe Stove & Grill Order ) yesterday.We are very pleased with the product. Your service, price and delivery times were excellent. As Arnie said “We’ll be back!”.
Ray - Leumeah, NSW
Jul 12, 2018

Just wanted to thank you, I have ordered twice online and was impressed by your great website and super fast delivery  (thanks Benny for the packing) as well as the great price's. I'll definitely tell people where to go...Snowys... to buy and get great service.

Susan - Curra, QLD
Jul 12, 2018

Hi Benny Happy to say we received the 18 litre waeco fridge. Thanks for the quick delivery and great service we will shop with you guys again.

Peter - Glen Innes, NSW
Jul 12, 2018
My experience was great thank you. A good price for a quality product, good notification about the delivery details and it arrived sooner then I expected. Thank you again and I have already been recommending your site to friends.
Melissa - Ellendale, TAS
Jul 12, 2018

Hi All,I recently ordered a hotplate on line 9pm Monday night and I received it Wednesday morning. Full marks fellas a great job and the plate is perfect. At that rate you can get it before the steak thaws out. Thanks Again

Gary - UNLEY, SA
Jul 11, 2018

Dear Snowys Thank you for your service, I rate it as very high and I am very satisfied. I wold recommend you to others.

John - Para Hills, SA
Jul 11, 2018

Hi, I would just like to say thank you for your excellent service.  I placed my order online on the weekend and had my order delivered early Tuesday morning.  I wasn't expecting that!I will definetely use the site again and highly recommend your company.

Cathy - Kingscliff, NSW
Jul 11, 2018
Hi Guys, Just like to congratulate you on the great service & quick delivery with my Milenco mirrors. Have assembled them but can’t use them until we move on again. Will certainly let you know how they go on the road. Once again thank you!Cheers
Marg - North Rockhampton, QLD
Jul 11, 2018

Hi Guys, Received my order yesterday about 12:30 and product arrived as displayed on your web page. Just wanted to pass on thanks for the great and prompt service. I have purchased several items from your site and have always found Snowys to be above standard and very helpful if I have called for product information.Keep up the great work and I’ll definitely be back for anything else I need

Chad - Laverton North, VIC
Jul 11, 2018

Just a quick email to Thank you for for your very professional service and prompt dispatch of my cooler I won't hesitate to use or recommend your shop in the future once again thank you all very much

Paul - Mount Warrigal, NSW
Jul 11, 2018
Dear Snowys, The product is as expected and seems excellent quality and value.The website was easily managed (unlike some), and the delivery was very prompt. Good service, thank you.
Ian - Mount Waverley, VIC
Jul 10, 2018

Hi guys My order arrived today…WOW what service.I am stoked with the purchase and looking forward to using them. Many thanks

Rodney - Tamworth, NSW
Jul 10, 2018
Hi, Leaving some feedback.  I am extremely happy with my experience with you.  I bought two dry sacks which were the best prices that I could find online, I was even more impressed with the fact that the postage was free.  They left Adelaide on Tuesday morning and arrived in Moruya (country NSW) the next afternoon.  An excellent postage service considering I didn’t even have to pay for it!  Even though they were dry sacks, the protective packaging was great and it was obvious that someone took the time and effort to package them properly.  Even supplying a checklist and personal note was a nice touch!  I am so impressed with you guys.  I am definately recommending you to my bushwalking club.  Thanks once again and all the best.
Jul 10, 2018

Hi Snowys, As a irregular Internet shopper I feel obliged to thank you and your staff for the positive experience I recently had purchasing some luggage from you. I made a phone call to your service staff and was impressed by the knowledgable, candid and honest advice I received. The online buying experience was easy and efficient. The price was extremely competitive too, the free delivery a bonus! Thanks Snowys, I'll definitely be recommending you to my friends and family

Rob - Branyan, QLD
Jul 08, 2018

I would like to thank your team for their excellent service. Once product is purchased online it is only a matter of days until package is delivered. Your prices are very competitive and free delivery is the icing on the cake. So thankyou from a very happy customer who will have no hesitation in recommending your company to people

Jeff - Ganmain, NSW
Jul 06, 2018

Hello,I purchased a torch online from your website yesterday morning. It was delivered this morning. Just to say thank you very much – I've been very impressed as a first-time customer by the ease of use of your website, prompt (and free) delivery and the packaging of my purchase.(As well, the included and personally named feedback card encouraged me to write this email.)

Natasha - North Melbourne, VIC
Jul 06, 2018

HI Snowy’s Just received my Camelbak which was only ordered a day and a half ago. Great service, thank you very much.Makes a huge difference when you offer free shipping. Definitely the way to win return customers.Many thanks

Lynn - Bathurst,
Jul 06, 2018

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your service! It certainly has left a wow factor with me and has confirmed that a lot of local Australian online services are way too expensive and take way too long to deliver!

You gave me free shipping and also delivered the next day!!! Even though my purchase was tiny it sure was the experience that has left me with a smile and no doubt will I be referring your shop to friends and for future shopping!Thank you 

Jodie - Boondall, QLD
Jul 05, 2018
Hi to all the Staff at Snowys,I'm blown away by your amazing efficiency & delivery service!
I ordered my new Coleman camp chair on line early yesterday afternoon. The price was a bargain compared to some other places too & also included free delivery.Almost as soon as I finished ordering it I had a  message to say order was packed & despatched, followed soon after by a tracking email for Toll. I expected delivery in about 5 days to Mackay Qld but would you believe, it was delivered 24 hours later. AMAZING! GREAT WORK SNOWYS!
Carole - Blacks Beach, QLD
Jul 05, 2018

Thank you for the prompt delivery on 2 July of the pop up tent that I had ordered on 29 June. it arrived in good condition, and has been erected successfully. I do wonder why it hasn’t tabs for holding the floor down along the front and back of the tent. It has ones in the middle of the sides.Thank you for an easy shopping experience. 

Nelda - Palm Beach, QLD
Jul 04, 2018

The best place to get camping equipment or supplies .. kind regards

Peter - Corrimal, NSW
Jul 04, 2018

A note of thanks for such excellent, prompt service. I'd ordered online around midday yesterday, and taken the Express Post option. The item arrived today! Just 24 hours turnaround, which is incredible.

Bruce - Wendouree, VIC
Jul 04, 2018

G'day Eü and Team, My order arrived this afternoon and I'm delighted with the flask and the awesome service; thank you.

Steve - Croydon, NSW
Jul 04, 2018

Hi Benny,I have received the new Milenco Grand Aero 3 Towing mirrors and they are brilliant, they fit my Nissan Navara D23 perfect. The product is top quality and I received the package within 4 business days of ordering. The online ordering was simple and the tracking process easy to follow. The item was professionally packaged and was received without damage.

Geoff - Goulburn, NSW
Jul 04, 2018

Hi,My daughter ordered a sleeping bag on a Sunday, received it at our front door on the Tuesday.I would like to say what excellent service you have, your website and ordering was so easy, so good to deal with an amazing was recommended to me by a friend, I am so glad it was.Thank you

Lauren - North Tamworth, NSW
Jul 03, 2018

Thank you my order arrived today. Ordered Sunday night excellent service.

Dale - South Tamworth, NSW
Jul 03, 2018
Good evening I just wanted to say that we are very impressed with your company. I have bought a few items now and the prices were very competitive, excellent service and freight has been the best with very quick posting and delivery with no hassles.
It’s amazing how a company stands out from the crowd just by doing everyday business well.Thanks and definitely a 10/10 from us
Carey - Greenbank, QLD
Jul 02, 2018
Hii Snowys team, I'd like to let you know how happy I've been with your products and service. I don't know how you manage to have lower prices and free quick shipping but I'm a repeat customer and I've always been very happy. 5 stars. Thanks.
Jody - Willetton, WA
Jul 02, 2018
Hi Lisa Just a huge thank you for getting this order delivered so promptly. It took less than 24 hours from order to delivery in Melbourne.
You were recommended to me by a fellow market stall holder and you exceeded my expectations! I shall be back!
Shelagh - Blackburn South, VIC
Jun 29, 2018

Hi Snowys CST, Thank you for sending my parcel. I got it after 2 days or less. Very impressed. And was left in my letter box as requested. Good service.

Elizabeth - Kilcunda, VIC
Jun 28, 2018

Hi Benny,I ordered two Exped self-inflating mats yesterday afternoon and they arrived on our doorstep in Coffs Harbour this morning. That's an amazing service. Thanks

Gary - Korora, NSW
Jun 28, 2018
G'day Nick at Snowys    What absolutely awesome service again!!!!!!!!!!  This order arrived in Atherton Far North Queensland at 12:15pm today.  I placed the order at 12:37pm yesterday.  Less than 24 hours delivery time equals great work Snowys and Toll !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kim - Atherton, QLD
Jun 28, 2018

I just wanted to thank you guys for your excellent service and very competitive prices. I ordered a hydration vest and bladder, you emailed to say they were out of stock and that they had just come in. I’m delighted that you sent them express courier and they still arrived on their original day.

Jo - Hoddles Creek, VIC
Jun 28, 2018

Hi Bob,thank you again for great service and great prices on Snowys products.Cheers Carmel.

Peter and Carmel - Ulladulla, NSW
Jun 28, 2018

Hello, thank you very much for my order which came today.  I couldn't believe how fast it was.  Ordered late Tuesday night and arrives early Thursday.  500ml Nalgene drink bottle plus three Nalgene 500ml storage containers.   I realised one of the items I ordered was too small; my fault.  Given how quickly Snowys does things, I immediately ordered another in the  larger 1L bottle size.   As always, quality products and fantastic service.  Thank you!

Sue - ACT, ACT
Jun 28, 2018
Hi  Just emailing to say thanks for the fast dispatch of my order. I ordered midday yesterday and when i left the house this morning my package was already on the doorstep!  I will definitely be recommending Snowys to my friends for a large range of Camelbak bottles at a good price (and with free fast delivery!).
Liz - Spotswood, VIC
Jun 27, 2018

Morning I received my 2x Thermos drinking mug and food mug. Exactly what I was after. The service was quick and I was kept informed as to when delivery day would be. Also price better than anywhere else I researched. Thank you and I hope to shop with you again

Minke - Flinders View, QLD
Jun 27, 2018

Hi, Just wanted to provide some well deserved feedback about my latest purchase. For starters it is clear that you guys genuinely care about a positive customer experience providing both great pricing as well as great customer support and amazing free shipping. Because of this you are my first go to place any time I want to buy camping gear.

My latest purchase was a Caribee Deploy 1300 sleeping bag and Coleman Stratus fleece sleeping bag liner. I ordered it yesterday and was amazed to have it arrive today. Both products appear to be excellent and though I’m sure I won’t need it, I have no doubt if I had any issues you would do all you could to put it right. Not sure how you manage to keep your prices so low and offer free postage but if it’s working for you, please keep going.

Thank you for providing world class service locally. In short.......

I always choose Snowys because I know they offer the best prices, fast free shipping and excellent customer service in the unlikely event of any issues. My latest purchase of a Caribee Deploy sleeping bag and Coleman Stratus sleeping bag liner arrived the day after I ordered it in another state. Awesome service, especially since shipping was free as always. Both products are excellent quality. Can’t recommend Snowys highly enough.

Glen - Watanobbi,
Jun 27, 2018

Hi Josie, Just wanted to thank Snowys for getting our tent and tarpaulins to us so quickly and efficiently. We placed the order online on Thursday evening in WA and it was delivered to our home before lunch on Monday. Excellent service! We did a trial set up today in the back yard and everything is in order and looks great. Can’t wait for our next camping trip to give it a good road test. Best regards

Karen and Peter - Como, WA
Jun 26, 2018
hey guys just want to say thanks for the speedy delivery! really happy with the product!! shoutout to benny appreciate the time you took out of your day to hand write the thank you!

Diana - Villawood, NSW
Jun 26, 2018

Hi! Just received the water bottle- which I ordered yesterday!!- and am so happy with it, not only did it arrive super fast but so well packaged. Can’t thank you enough, will definitely be shopping with you again!

Kris - East Geelong, VIC
Jun 26, 2018

Thanks for your prompt service. I am happy with product and I would recommend your company to family and friends. 

Jun 26, 2018

Good morning Snowys,I purchased a Roman 44ah power supply from your company as the price was far cheaper than I could get in Sydney. This is for a back up and to use on family picnics etc for the fridge and lights, I have a ARK Pak with 130 AGM and 8000 watt inverter for main camping.

I must say what great service so far, orderd late Thursday night estimated delivery the following Wednesday, just got delivered early Tuesday morning....cant ask for better, thank you so much.

 Now to test the unit which I am sure will meet expectations, keep up the great work and Im only sorry I didn’t find your company sooner for previous purchases.Cheers

Jun 25, 2018

Dear Lisa & Team @ Snowys, Thank for such friendly efficient service. My jetboil accessories arrived safe in Melbourne today. It has been near impossible to get anything here, and your site made it simple and easy for me to order. I appreciate the lengths Ben goes to in reviewing the products and the free delivery in Australia, hence why you now have my business. Best wishes to all the team.

Ben - Bayswater North, VIC
Jun 22, 2018

Hi Kenneth Just wanted to say thanks for such great service with the delivery of my thermos today. Totally did not expect this till next week so am thrilled it’s arrived already (a present for a 78) and I only ordered it yesterday. I’m very disappointed in Australia’s lack of customer service these days so I will be singing your praises BIG time....have already posted on Facebook. Thanks again, and keep that great service up.  Cheers

Linda - Boyne Island, QLD
Jun 21, 2018

Once again , Thank you very much for your fast delivery to my door. Your comms where great and I definitely always recommend you and and your products to fellow campers I speak with .

Bernie - Bowen, QLD
Jun 21, 2018

Hello to Tim, Leece, Lisa in-store today and the original gentleman who served me the other day. Awesome customer service to all of you – many thanks and an excellent product also! I’m a very happy customer.  Wasn’t too aware of your business prior to this but will definitely spread the good word of mouth and be back to shop again. Cheers guys, you’re doing a great job.

Matt - Keswick, SA
Jun 21, 2018

Hi Guys Great service and the Keen’s shoes are perfect, just what I wanted. I live on the South Coast of NSW and order many things online because of the lack of shopping choice in my area. Your service is the best providing quality goods at a good price and delivery was the fastest I have ever received. Thanks

Mick - Long Beach, NSW
Jun 21, 2018

Wow, your service is great. Received the kettle in good time, however it should be noted that the tracking does not work? It says has not been scanned? When you do a search on the net many other customers have had this same problem. Maybe talk to Fastway?

Opened the product and the packaging was very good, obviously care was taken. EU needs thanks from me please

This is not my first purchase from Snowys, and will not be my last. Your pricing and service is very good. However can you please open an outlet a bit closer? Springfield has no camping shops and is a very fast growing area, also nearby to Browns plains area where many people live also. Please consider us for your next expansion

David - Camira, QLD
Jun 21, 2018
Thanks Snowys! We are just soo impressed with your speedy delivery, great service and more importantly, quality products! Cheers to you all!
Julie and Bern - Mildura, VIC
Jun 20, 2018
Hello Benny. We have received our camp pantry and are very pleased with the item. It is simplicity itself for erecting and packing away. The bamboo top is particularly good as our present pantry has atop which bends under weight.Looking forward to many seasons of holiday with all the benefits which this product will bring.
John - Bargara, QLD
Jun 20, 2018
Hi, Just like to provide some positive feedback for the service I have received over the past month. The items I've purchased have been promptly dispatched and arrived on my doorstep within three days of ordering.  The quality and price point of the items have been extremely favourable and i will provide feedback as to their suitability after i have had the chance to use them. Keep up the great service and competitive pricing. Cheers :)

Phil - Waikerie, SA
Jun 19, 2018
Purchased an Oztrail Canvas Mega sleeping bag. Terrific bag, big, cosy, and comfortable. Next day delivery. Nothing bad to say. Vehicle transport only though. Its a biggin
Len - Cronulla, NSW
Jun 19, 2018
Thank you very much mirrors arrived today what great fast service You are a very good company to deal with Thank you
John - Ettalong Beach, NSW
Jun 19, 2018

Thanks for the fast postage of our goodies. Received today. My husband Paul and I look forward to eating our meals in 3 weeks when we tackle the light to light walk down in Boyd National Park. Ill let you know how we get on.Thanks again

Francesca - Horningsea Park, NSW
Jun 19, 2018
I ordered a Jetboil fuel can stabilizer.It came in record time.Very happy.Shopping with Snowys was a thumbs up experience!
Will be very happy to shop with Snowys again.Thank you!
Christine - Corio, VIC
Jun 17, 2018

Many thanks for providing the Excellent Service and the very prompt delivery of our fridge-freezer. It all went smoothly and safely.

Alan - Horsham, VIC
Jun 16, 2018

Fantastic service. Happy to give a review. Congrats Snowy’s. Third 
time we have shopped online with Snow’s and always excellent service.

Georgie and Mike - Woodcroft, SA
Jun 15, 2018

Hello Snowy Team. I am very impressed with the quality and variety of top Outdoor and Camping Products you sell. But even more in awe over the speed of delivery from you. I have now been fortunate enough to have two deliveries from you. First one very fast indeed (maybe a fluke?), second one even faster. Definitely no fluke. Thank you Snowys for all your assistance, and not one damaged or forgotten item. You have won me. I am your customer for good. You are all stars.

Mary-Ann - Casino, NSW
Jun 15, 2018

n  An excellent website providing all the product details required

n  An on-line system easy to navigate, which worked perfectly.

n  Favourable price comparison

n  Free delivery within 24 hours

n  A constant effort to satisfy the customer

 ----  That’s a top-class score for Snowys!!!

Griff - Currumbin, QLD
Jun 14, 2018
Hi there, Thank you for the excellent service on my recent purchase. I ordered the flasks in the afternoon and when i came home from the doctors at lunchtime the next day they were waiting for me at the front door.I don’t think i have ever received anything that fast before.
Mike - Tamborine Mountain, QLD
Jun 14, 2018
Two seater camping chair. Very happy with the delivery time, happy with the chair. Was a little concerned at buying it without testing the comfort. But is very comfortable and sturdy for 2 people. Good value for money and great service. Many thanks
Terry - Dianella, WA
Jun 14, 2018
Just a quick email to thank you for your outstanding customer service and super fast delivery. One email sent to your customer service, I got my answer the next day, ordered my item and it was on my front door step 2 days later. You’ve won me, Cheers.
Pez - Wheeler Heights, NSW
Jun 14, 2018
Hi, I'd like to congratulate you guys and girls with the absolutely amazing way you do business. No sooner I order something and it's at the front door. I'm retired now but I have worked in Retail. It can be a very thankless task but you people excel. All I can say is keep up the excellence you are known for.
Kevin - Tura Beach, NSW
Jun 14, 2018

Hi Snowy's team,Ordered bags Friday morning (WA time ) and Toll delivered to front door 1 pm Monday. Bags ( AOS Swag Bags - King Singles ) are good products and delivery great. Couldn't do better than that.Thanks Snowy's team and thanks Toll team.Cheers

Warren - Mount Nasura, WA
Jun 12, 2018

Hi guys I just want to say thanks for the good service and fast delivery of my Waeco Fridge. I think that warrants a good review: Ordered a Waeco fridge and 6 days after the order date it arrived by Toll Freight at my house in WA. Fast delivery, good price and good service. 

Simon - Margaret River, WA
Jun 12, 2018
Hi Item delivered approx 10.00 am Tuesday. Fantastic service and product Thanks heaps
Graham - Mountain Creek, QLD
Jun 09, 2018

Dear Guys, Thank you again for the fantastic service; we are so impressed by your website, competitive pricing, efficiency of transactions & the quality of customer service. Goods arrive very quickly post order & any delays due to stock supplies we are promptly keep informed about. We always look to Snowys as our first port of call for outdoors gear now. Thank you to all the people who make Snowys such a fantastic business & best wishes for the future.

Margy - Murwillumbah, NSW
Jun 08, 2018
Hi there, Just wanted to send a note to thank you very much for a couple of very quick and easy online purchases that I made recently, two resqlink plb units received both very quickly, and it was much appreciated.  they have arrived in time for my next adventure! Cheers
Tenzin - W Tree, VIC
Jun 08, 2018

I have made two purchases from Snowys and each time I have been impressed by the ease of purchase, promptness of delivery and excellence of the product. I would have no hesitation in recommending Snowys.

Glenn - Hazelbrook, NSW
Jun 07, 2018
Hi there,Have just had delivery of another of your fine products and I would like to say that you are the first site I go to if I am looking for camping equipment. Your prices are VERY competitive and delivery is blindingly fast. One happy camper. Thanks guys!Kind Regards,
Geoff - Langwarrin, VIC
Jun 07, 2018

Thanks Benny The shower arrived the next day after placing my order. Good quality materials with plenty of length in hose and 12V cord. 
We are very pleased with the shower and will look up Snowys for any future camping purchase. Also love the post free... it keeps the price down. Cheers

Margaret - West Bathurst, NSW
Jun 07, 2018

Thankyou so very much for your speedy delivery of my wifes new Merrell Moab Hiking Boots. She loves them.Thanks

Shaun - Hamlyn Terrace, NSW
Jun 07, 2018

Hi Team Just a quick note to say I am super impressed with your speedy service!I placed this order yesterday afternoon and it was waiting on my desk when I arrived at work this morning.  And delivery is free! I've sung your praises to all my workmates and will continue to recommend you to my friends as well.Nice one!Cheers

Phoebe - West End, QLD
Jun 07, 2018

Hi,I recently made a purchase at Snowys online and found the process was easy, fast delivery, item as described and all in all a good experience,Thank you,

Paul - Port Hughes, SA
Jun 07, 2018

Hi Bob,You recently sent me a sleeping bag from your store, I knew what I wanted - you were recommended and I didn’t hesitate.I live in Winton Queensland and things tend to take awhile to get here,Your parcel was super fast , efficient and I couldn’t be happier with the service,Thank you again , I’ll be back for more goods, I’m a Helicopter Pilot working remotely hence the warm sleeping bag

Hylton - Winton, QLD
Jun 06, 2018
Hi there, Just received my boots I ordered last Friday. Have to say I was pretty impressed that they actually arrived when you said they would. After dealing with another company 3weeks ago that kept on saying my order was delayed when it was in fact a discontinued item, I didn’t really believe they would come on the date you said. So big thumbs up from me. Thanks.
Michelle - Lucaston, TAS
Jun 06, 2018

Dear Snowys, thanks for the delivery today my order of A Black Wolf Super Deluxe sleeping mat 44 hours after it was ordered. 
This was excellent and commendable, well done Snowys, I understand I'm not the only one to receive such great service, my cousin also sings your praises. Thanks

Leonie - Ocean Shores, NSW
Jun 01, 2018
I ordered 2 mugs yesterday and lo and behold they had been delivered by lunch time today (and we live in the country). I have been looking for this particular mug for a long time and was so pleased when I found them on your site.The service has been wonderful.Thank you so much
Gail - Yangan, QLD
Jun 01, 2018

Thanks. Kettle we purchased arrived at 7am this morning. We only ordered yesterday about lunchtime so we were delighted with your service. Will definitely be shopping with you in the future. It is to replace our old one in the Caravan and we were more than surprised with the quality.

Ern and Kez - Mudjimba, QLD
May 30, 2018

G’day Bob, I received my order of 2 Coleman Stadium Seats this morning. A pretty good innings for an order that was only placed a few days ago. Well done, and thank you. Kindest regards.

Attilio - Fyshwick, ACT
May 30, 2018

Hi Bob, Great news my order has just been delivered today from Snowy. It turned up just in time to use this weekend Fantastic!! Many thanks

Conrad - Bossley Park, NSW
May 29, 2018

Thankyou guys for my Travel Buddy oven. Very happy with your service, it was sent on time without any hassles.

Brent - Merbein, VIC
May 29, 2018

Thanks so much for your service, absolutely extraordinary ordered on Sunday, in my hand Tuesday 12.30pm, not even 48 hours. Would highly recommend you to anyone.Thanks again

Marguerite - Soldiers Point, NSW