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By seeing the light in the dark, W.C. Coleman began his journey back in 1900 in the outdoor industry. When going for a walk after a long day of work as a typewriter salesman, he spotted a new kind of lamplight in a store window.

Noticing its brightness, and how the steady white flame was a huge improvement compared to the unreliable flickering yellow light produced by the kerosene lamps of the time - his vision to create the Coleman Lantern was born.

History built on quality

Over a century later, you can find the Coleman logo on tents, furniture, cooking gear and sleeping bags in just about any campsite across Australia.

With the goal of creating products that play an integral role in helping people create their favourite outdoor experiences, Coleman has been researching and developing gear that helps people camp, sleep, cook and chill better on their adventures for the better part of a hundred years.

As time has gone by, the Coleman name has become synonymous with having fun and crafting lifelong memories while enjoying the great outdoors.

Northstar Darkroom technology

When Coleman launched their Darkroom range, it was a revolutionary moment for the brand, and for campers all across the country.

Restful sleeps at the campsite are not always easy with the full force of a dazzling morning sunrise. This is why the team at Coleman launched their patented Northstar Darkroom fabric treatment which blocks out 95% of sunlight from inside your tent, and keeps it 5 degrees cooler inside than other untreated tents.

Gone are the days of being woken up by light streaming in through the tent fabric, and as a bonus, it helps get kids to bed early when there’s still light outside. 

Camp better with Coleman Instant Up Tents

When it comes to iconic tent designs, the Instant Up from Coleman is one of the most popular and well-known tents in the family camping category.

The Instant Up hub frame design features an integrated steel frame which is pre-attached to the inner. All you do is unroll it, lift and lock, then set up the waterproof fly, and you’re all set to camp! Available in a range of sizes and variations, there’s an Instant Up for every kind of camper.

The Instant Up Series

With three variations of the Instant Up tent range, from the lighter-duty Silver series, the extra bells and whistles Gold series, to the fully-specced and luxurious Northstar Lighted Dark Room models – there is a model for every adventurer.

Silver Series

Providing affordable functionality, and ease of set up, the Silver Series is an excellent choice for entry level outdoorspeople, or occasional campers.

• 4P, 6P and 8P models available

• Fly features 1500mm waterhead rating

• Polyester inner, PU coated 150 denier polyester fly, and polyethylene floor 

• Inexpensive easy-pitch design is perfect for beginners

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Gold Series

The Gold series is manufactured with higher quality fabrics, and provides more livability thanks to its detachable awnings, increased storage, and better ventilation - so it’s ideal for regular camping outings.

• 4P, 6P, 8P and 10P models available

• Fly features 3000mm waterhead rating

• Polyester inner, 75D Ripstop polyester fly and PVC coated polyoxford floor

• Increased ventilation, bonus awning, and more storage options

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Northstar Lighted Dark Room Series

In addition to the Gold Series, with a unique light & heat reducing fly, the Northstar Lighted Dark Room Series is the ultimate design that combines ease of set up, and clever features for more luxurious expeditions.

• 4PV, 6PV and 10P models available

• Fly has a 3000mm waterhead rating

• Polyester inner, 75D Ripstop polyester fly and PVC coated Polyoxford floor

• Fly features a coating on the underside that blocks out 95% of light and reduces the temperature inside the tent by up to 5°C

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