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Camp Kitchen

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Zip Hiking Stove

$ $169.99 $109.90

Stove Knobs

$ $4.95 $3.90

Folding Toaster

$ $25.99 $15.90

Back Country Cuisine
Cooked Breakfast

2 sizes available from
$ $10.99 $9.90

12/240V Vacuum Sealer

$ $249.95 $182.90

Back Country Cuisine
Spaghetti Bolognaise

3 sizes available from
$ $11.49 $9.90

Skillet 30cm

$ $49.95 $34.90

Back Country Cuisine
Beef Stroganoff

2 sizes available from
$ $11.49 $9.90

Back Country Cuisine
Beef & Pasta Hotpot

3 sizes available from
$ $11.49 $9.90

Kettle 2.5L

$ $69.95 $54.90

Fuel Can Stabilizer

$ $14.99 $11.90

Travel Chef
Egg Ring

$ $8.95 $6.90

Fenced Roasting Rack

$ $29.95 $22.90

Camp Kitchen

There’s nothing like tucking into a solid meal after a long day out exploring the landscape. Rustling up a meal in the bush can be as simple as firing up your hiking stove to rehydrate a delicious meal, frying a hot breakfast on your camp stove, or roasting up a storm in your camp oven.

With enough cookware accessories to kit out your whole camp kitchen, dehydrated and freeze-dried food for lightweight travellers, outdoor stoves and ovens for cooking camp meals, portable and lightweight tableware, food storage containers galore, and picnic sets and rugs for al fresco dining – we’ve got a huge range of gear to make camp cooking fun and easy.  

Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
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