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Whether you're a big reader or not everyone has a favourite book. It could be a how-to handbook, a complete guide for an Australian road trip, an inspiring story of another adventurer's travels, or maybe just a flora or fauna guidebook, Snowys has a range of books that will ensure you get the most out of any adventure.

Camping Cookbooks

Cooking up tasty and nutritional food in the campsite can present a few extra challenges when compared to cooking at home. Everything from the type of ingredients you carry and its packaging through to the amount of fridge space you have and the portability of the food you pack needs to be considered. A cookbook written by someone with experience in the art of campsite cooking can make your planning a whole lot easier and makes mealtime even more enjoyable. Whether you're cooking on a gas stove or open campfire, a cookbook written for camp cooking will have you stirring up gourmet delights no matter where you set up your camp kitchen for the night.

How-To Handbooks

From knots to camp craft, vehicle maintenance to first aid, a good how-to guide can help you out of many a sticky situation. Not only that, they can make for a fun knowledge enhancing read in the campsite. Imagine clueing up how to start a campfire with tinder and a flint, only to be able to dazzle your kids with amazing skills in the campsite... they don't have to know you learnt from a book. Or maybe you've got vehicle problems somewhere in a remote location, only to remember you've got a handy vehicle maintenance guide stashed in your car, it may not fix the problem, but it may help in relaying the correct information to someone who can.

Travel & Trekking Guides

These guides usually contain the information you need to plan your trip, from food drop locations, important contacts, safety considerations, climate, culture and everything in-between, a good guide will tell you everything you need to know before you head off on your adventure. From national parks to international destinations, there's a guidebook for just about every location on the globe.

Map Books

These usually have the same information as a single paper touring map, only it collates all a maps in the series into one, usually spiral bound, compendium. If you're planning an extended trip, maybe doing 'the big lap', then these books contain all the navigational information you will need along with some rich information on the area. For long trips, a map book like this can be much easier to manage than multiple folded paper maps.

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